1. Joey says

    Please stop making this irrelevant person relevant. We really need to focus on those that make a difference, not those whose only aim is to feed their own egos and make a buck by raising our blood pressures.

  2. Mike says

    Now that she’s okayed punching interviewers, could someone please take her up on this. please.

    She is more hate-inspiring than any video game could ever be.

  3. Mark says

    Lots of ignorant and/or stupid people have opinions. Just because these people appear articulate or are somewhat attractive doesn’t mean they have validity. Too bad many Americans haven’t figured that out yet.

    Wasn’t the same argument made about women being allowed to serve in the military?

  4. jason says

    I wonder if Ann would be opposed to women in the military. Having women surely sexualizes it. After all, there are tons of horny straight guys in there.

    It would be fascinating if an interviewer asked her about women in the military. Put her on the spot, expose her.

  5. Ernest says

    Man! IF its ONE THING that I CANT STAND!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is when they talk about GAYS and make a comparison to the Black Minority!
    1st of all Blacks are the MAJORITY! 2nd GAYS are in all races!
    So STOP comparing them to BLACKS u mofo’s!
    If u want compare them to a movement base on their sexual orientation, then compare them to the Womens Movement not the Civil Rights for Blacks which is a struggle that has been going on for over 400 years!

  6. Brian says

    Sorry Ernest but your comment made zero sense. Blacks aren’t the majority, not in the US, not in the world, so that’s just wrong. Women, on the other hand, are a (very slight) majority. Your second point is gays are in all races, which is true, but they’re also in all sexes. And personally I think the position of gays is more akin to blacks than women. Women were denied rights of course, but weren’t scorned or looked down upon. They were “protected” by misguided husbands from the rigors of participating fully in society, but still respected. Blacks and gays have long been scorned by society, made to be second class citizens and kept down just out of spite. So I just think you’re totally off base. If you’re angry because you think blacks suffered much more than gays, that’s a totally different point than what you’re struggling to say here, and I’m much more sympathetic to that argument.

  7. Matt26 says

    Important words: You can’t see someone is gay. So stay in the closet and no problem? Or is it that many gays are just like straight when walking in the street. Oh boy!
    Majority of people have no problem seeing gays out and about, but this small group of homophobes are getting too much attention.

  8. LiamB says

    “If u want compare them to a movement base on their sexual orientation, then compare them to the Womens Movement not the Civil Rights for Blacks which is a struggle that has been going on for over 400 years!”

    And gays have been persecuted for longer than that, or have you forgotten just why the term “Faggot” is used to refer to gays? While racism does persist in this country, legally blacks are considered equal. Gays still aren’t. Don’t go acting as if somehow gays haven’t paid their dues in suffering.

  9. jamal49 says

    @JASON To answer your question: Yes, Ann would be against women in the military. Ann has declared that the woman she most admires is Phyllis Schafly, the dowager empress of the modern-day conservative movement and a person who has adamantly stated that woman should not serve in the military, precisely because it “sexualizes” the military (according to her).

  10. Ian says

    “Ernest” the struggle for civil rights between blacks and gays is indeed the same. The quality that folks used as a base of discrimination is obviously different (innate skin color vs. innate sexual orientation) Gays have been discriminated against for as long as blacks. Gays and blacks are both minorities. Gays and blacks both desire nothing more then equal rights and equal and fair treatment. It’s as simple as that and if that offends you, honestly nobody cares.

  11. Toto says

    Hiya Ernest, there is this thing called “the internet”, you might be on it right now. It helps you find neato things like, facts and history.

    African Americans at 12% doesnt really seem like a majority, sorry


    Im not sure you knew this but long, long long ago in many places in the United States it was illegal for my dad to marry and to sleep with my mother because she was African American. You might say to yourself “Hey, that sounds a lot like laws that make sex between 2 people of the same sex a crime or laws that deny a same sex couple the right to marry legally.” Or maybe you don’t cause your an idiot.

    At one point in time African Americans COULD serve in the military but with an exception… that they were segregated from the the white majority of the armed forces. Until recently gays and lesbians could serve in the military but with an exception… that they did not disclose their sexual orientation.

    See these are called variables and they all fall under the blanket we call Civil Rights. The race, gender, religion etc. may change but the same ignorant and misguided arguments against each group keep on popping up. When people equate Black Civil Rights with LGBT Rights they dont mean that LGBT people are born with pink triangles on their heads and are oppressed socioeconomically resulting in generations denigrated to ghettos, low wage jobs and inferior education. They mean that the SAME types of organizations, individuals, laws and dialogue are discriminating against LGBT people and therefor the same type of work must be done to stop such discrimination.

  12. Alex Parrish says

    Coulter is a pathetic creature desperately seeking attention. It would be best if the media simply ignored her until she goes away and gets the psychological help she so desperately needs. I doubt (sigh) that this will happen, so I’m going to strive to cultivate an automatic reaction of hitting the ‘Delete’ key whenever I see an article about her.

  13. Robert in NYC says

    Ernest, you should look closer at the history of the African continent. Long before the white man set foot there, regional tribes were exploiting other tribes into slavery and in some parts of the continent to this day, it’s still going on. Look at the oppression going on in the Sudan by it’s black leaders.

    Daya…Coulter isn’t a natural blonde, most aren’t on Fox, all out of a bottle, not that it does anything to improve her appearance, quite an ugly woman under that phony veneer. She’s the darling of the GOProud self loathers.

  14. C.J. says

    When I hear her speak, all I hear is the teacher from Charlie Brown….but a very smug, self-righteous “wah-wah” coming out of her mouth. She approaches questions the SAME way every time someone asks her something, whether it be “The View” or Fox News….she starts laughing half-way through the question and then “wah-wah’s” for a few minutes. Just when I thought she had crawled back down to hang out with her husband (Satan) – here she is again, fueled off of tourtured souls in hell, she is ready to rock Decision 2012 with her “opinions”.

  15. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Whenever Coulter says these things, she’s always beaming that big smile of hers. I’ve never seen someone so obviously delight in dumping on other people.

  16. Artie says

    I suppose these rants on Fox News by Coulter and others are still newsworthy for a gay news blog. Andy wants readers to be well informed. However, if we have gotten to the point where Ann Coulter isn’t welcome on any media outlet *other* than Fox News, Andy could make note of that. It would help to keep things in perspective. Fox News is unique in that it isn’t really a news organization, but rather more of a right-wing/Christianist advocacy organization.

    Regarding Coulter’s suggestion that someone should punch Chris Wallace, it’s out of line for female commentators (Coulter or whoever) to suggest that someone punch a man who disagrees with her, while at the same time expecting a prohibition on such physical threats against themselves because they’re women. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, n’est-ce pas? I’m a little weary of right-wing women suggesting violence against men who disagree with them politically, but feeling that American culture should create a double standard and keep them immune from violence by people who disagree with them politically. I don’t think such an argument would hold up in any court of law. Is there anyone out there who feels that this argument actually *would* hold up in court? No, really. Anyone at all?

  17. Steve says

    Annie fanny bo banny, fi, fy, bo Bannie – dear, sweet, Annie – a woman of such elegant fear. Can she spell, “grifter”. Try it, Annie: G-R-I-F-T-E-R. Oh, you are bright enough to know the meaning of this word. In fact, in another of your lifetimes, you invented the word. If woman is powerful through her nuturing, whether it be in politics, business, or any other place considered a place of power, then Annie Banny must not be a woman. Annie is pouty (might be misspelled, but who cares), angry, a bully, and perhaps even a misshapen hermaphrodite… so, let’s stop listening to her. Stop giving her the time of day. Stop giving her any further of your energy. Stop giving her air time. Stop giving her anything until she rehabilitates herself into a loving human being.

  18. Rich says

    And GOProud has her as their mascot.
    You expect this kind of BS from this attention whore, but for any allegedly “gay” group to embrace her is disgusting.

  19. OP says

    Andy, seriously, please — just stop covering her. She’ll wither and die if people stop paying attention. She’s not really a threat because she doesn’t actually believe what she says. She’s only trying to be controversial because, like so many in her position (i.e., a tenuous grasp on celebrity as a talking head), she needs to make headlines to stay relevant. She will continue to get more outlandish, more offensive. Stop. Just stop.

  20. Thomasina says

    “What broke my heart, you know–I’m watching the news, and there were, you know, like, a lot of the black churches got together, and they were rallying, you know, they were FOR Prop 8; I’m like, come on–it’s discrimination! I mean, discrimination is discrimination. And of all people, black people should know discrimination and you’re going to vote and get discrimination in the Constitution? I mean, that’s . . . I know African Americans, they get upset. They’re like, ‘Black and gay, that’s totally different things. We had it hard.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I get it. I’m black. I know. I get it.’ You know. But there’s things that gay people have to go through that black people didn’t have to go through. I never had to come out black. Never had to sit my family down and tell them about my blackness. Have a little talk with my employer, let him know about my ‘black lifestyle.’ ‘Mom, dad, I gotta tell you something. Hope you still love me. I’m black.’ You know, and my mother: ‘Not black, Lord! Anything but black, Jesus! Anything but black! What did I do, what did I do? It was “Soul Train” wasn’t it? I shouldn’t have let you watch “Soul Train.”‘. ‘No, ma, that’s just me–I mean, I just feel like I was born black.’ ‘No, you weren’t born black. The bible says Adam and Eve; it doesn’t say Adam and Mary J. Blige!'” –Wanda Sykes

  21. walter says

    and this what logo choses to have on a gay tv show on a gay tv network all in the name of ratings. logo’s content is crap and makes the LGBT community look shallow self absorbed twits. until logo improves the content of it shows i for one won’t tuning in. they were better off running old movies.

  22. SearchCz says

    My dearest Ann Coulter,

    Are you painfully ignorant, or are you intentionally trying to mislead people with your claim that repealing DADT “sexualizes” the military?

    As you seem to be unaware, please allow me to inform you of a longstanding military tradition. Young soldiers, particularly those who are far from home and/or in harms way, are known to have sexual adventures & conquests. One might even say they are unofficially encouraged to do so. The military has even produced training videos so that soldiers know how to avoid STDs (and espionage) during these adventures. There is a tacit expectation for these young men to go out & get laid … and then to brag about it back in the barracks.

    You see, the military understands that people have sex. And while there have always been efforts to keep soldiers (and secrets) safe, military policy has always made accommodation for this simple fact of life.

    To claim that repealing DADT “sexualizes” the military implies that adopting DADT in 1993 somehow “de-sexualized” the military. But DADT was never a policy that prohibited sex. Rather, it required SOME soldiers to keep their sex lives or preferences a secret. Even MONOGOMOUS or ABSTINENT gay soldiers were required to make sure their sexuality remained a secret … while accommodations (and subtle encouragement?) of the promiscuity of straight soldiers remained in place, as always.

  23. SearchCz says

    … furthermore …

    Whilst being gay is (obviously) not the same as being black, they share the common thread of having to deal with overcoming the inequities imposed by majority bigotry.

  24. anon says

    The posting was clearly there to make us angry. Are conservatives actually fuming about DADT? Probably not. They could lose the support of the military over this.

  25. Abel says

    Remember, this woman, like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, is an entertainer. These people are not serious thinkers – they’re blowhards, earning a living by being outrageous and demagoguery. Her opinion really deserves no weight in an argument. Besides, she’s a dumb c*nt.

  26. Tom in long Beach says

    The repeal of don’t ask don’t tell is not about gays announcing their sexuality. It is about them being able to live their lives without getting thrown out of the military if someone sees them in a non hetero activity or place, when off duty. OH and not having to lie about that 24/7.

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