David Norris, Other Irish Candidates Graceful In Defeat

MichaelDHigginsMichael D. Higgins, of Ireland's Labour Party, won yesterday's presidential election. The race's much-publicized gay candidate, the independent David Norris, was the first to call Mr. Higgins with his concession.

Norris, a one-time front runner whose campaign was undone by a series of minor scandals, was gracious in defeat. According to Independent.ie:

"When you have such a concentration of power in the hands of the Coalition I think it's good to have somebody who will be in a position morally and intellectually to speak out on behalf of the marginalised," [Norris] said. "I know that Michael D. will do that. So I'll be very happy to be an Irishman under the presidency of Michael D. Higgins."

Mr. Norris's good cheer and fellow-feeling was echoed by the other candidates. Note: In the Independent's video reportage, the defeated candidates manage to refrain from calling the victorious Mr. Higgins a Marxist, socialist, Nazi, or tyrant.


  1. VSo says

    Check last line: I think you mean to say “the victorious Mr. Higgins”, not “the victorious Mr. Norris”.

  2. Keith says

    I don’t think of trying to bribe someone to reduce or excuse charges of illegal sex between a minor and his partner at the time is a “minor” scandal. If this were a heterosexual who had conducted himself this way, would we be as “gracious” in our phrasing? While I applaud Mr. Norris for running, and being a viable candidate, I don’t believe the scandal that brought his candidacy to a halt should be sugar-coated.

  3. RJ says

    @Keith… Agreed. Nor should the scandal be embellished to make it sound worse either. There was no bribing involved and it was a former partner. Norris abused his parliamentary position to seek clemency for his former partner. It’s something friends and family members might do for each other even when serious crimes are involved. However, it represents a serious impropriety and lack of judgment for an elected official who is supposed to serve and safeguard the people.

  4. Jake says

    Norris’ support for a pro-pedophile organization in the 1980s called the Paedophile Information Exchange is not a minor scandal. Nor is it a minor scandal that he supported a motion that called for the abolition of the age of consent, and another motion that called for an international solidarity campaign on behalf of the Paedophile Information Exchange. Sick stuff.

    Read more: http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Further-revelations-over-David-Norris-views-on-underage-sex-127263293.html#ixzz1cEdFEx00

  5. Nat says

    Norris repeatedly offered tacit support for child molestation; I don’t really care how ‘gracious’ he was in defeat, I’m glad he was defeated. Good riddance.

  6. Paul says

    Norris has been entirely consistent in his denunciation of child molestation. The above comments are ill-informed and disgraceful. The man foolishly wrote some letters asking for help for a former partner in the belief that that man was on the verge of killing himself. His response was human. What he did was ill-advised but it was not an abuse of power – the practice of writing such letters is rife among Oireachtas members in Ireland so anyone who claims differently is being a hypocrite. Ireland is not America – we don’t lynch someone because they make one mistake. His campaign floundered because it was poorly organised and his support was soft. People wanted to see him on the ballot but they weren’t necessarily going to vote for him.

  7. Paschal says

    Paul, you are entirely correct. Also, Norris never supported any paedophile groups as was suggested by a commentator on this site. I’m Irish and did not support him in the election, but these lies are outrageous.