1. bandanajack says

    this kind of sticks in my craw. it wasn’t all that long ago the the extremely homophobic athletic director, with the support of the relevant deans and alumni association changed the teams’ designation from the very Hawaiian RAINBOW WARRIORS to the the neutered WARRIORS, eliminating that pesky rainbow-“gay” association.

    when they take their proper name back i will begin to believe them…

  2. Lancer808 says

    Many support the return of “Rainbows” as the team name. Interestingly I believe it is still the name of the basketball and baseball teams. It was the insecurities of the football (June Jones) and volleyball (Mike Wilton) the brought about the generic “Warriors”. Sadly, if you view the six PSA’s only one even mentions “sexual orientation”. The others are so general as to be meaningless. GET WITH IT UH ATHLETICS!