1. ajjanthony says

    Video=good. The blogging=not good at all. Why do you have to introduce the video by saying: “in which (the rather good looking)Australian ex-hockey star…” Does it have to be qualified as a video of a good looking guy to make it seem worth watching? Can’t the guy have comments worth listening to even if he is unattractive or average looking? That qualifier ruined the whole story for me and amkes me slowly begin to disrespect this blog.

  2. Von Lmo says

    On this site looks are everything. Witness the drooling over the career of Brandon Flowers, despite his rabid Mormon lifestyle & contributions to many homophobic causes sponsored by his Mormon Church.

  3. Chris says

    Oh come on…be honest…wouldn’t you rather read/watch something with a hot guy in it?

    I certainly would, and I very much like what I feel is a good balance of posts on this blog.

    Towleroad informs & entertains. If it were just one or the other, I probably wouldn’t read it.

  4. Rob says

    Very moving stuff, and I’m glad to have it all distilled for me in one place.

    I do love this blog, although it seems to have taken a recent step down in elegance. The writing used to be a little more formal with fewer cutesy comments. Now they’re more conversational and a little sloppy.

  5. Ronny says

    I agree that comments on the person’s looks have nothing to do with this story. Especially since physical appeal is so relative and inconsistent. Let’s leave shallow assessments to those commenting.

  6. says

    I personally don’t think he’s that attractive, but I wouldn’t beat towleroad over the head for mentioning, in passing, that he appeared to be “rather good-looking.” What’s wrong with complimenting someone?
    The post was about his achievements and his journey, not his looks. I’m fine with that.

  7. Miles says

    I’ve been reading towleroad for nearly eight years. Andy’s writing style is clean and clear – familiar and comfortable. I appreciate the different styles of his guest and weekend bloggers, too. This weekend I’ve been particularly pleased. Brandon, in my opinion, is an excellent writer. Good work!

  8. EJ says

    This was not an easy statement to make, give him great credit for what seemed to be a very difficult for him. We should all wish him well and allow his life move forward in a very positive way.

    One thing I did wonder has he had any contact with the former team mates and is there friendship between them at this time.

  9. Gus Johnston says

    @EJ I certainly have had contact with my former team mates. In fact 24 hours before I posted this video on youtube the entire team met with me, where I spoke to them in person and then showed them the film. Out of respect it was so important for me to share it with them personally.

    The immediate response was varied, but in the following hours, days and weeks it has been resoundingly positive. I’ve never felt so much love.

    The whole process has profoundly effected us all I think and our friendships are immeasurably better for it.

    Thanks for everyone’s interest in my story, it’s very touching. (Whether you think i’m good looking or not! I’m looking at you ENZOINOMAHA :-p ) Lot’s of love!

  10. Chuck Mielke says

    Let’s again recognize that the LGBTQI community is a microcosm of the many, many minorities or types who struggle daily with prejudice and disfavor: people who are obese, or not “obviously” good looking, or shy, or scholastically slow, uninterested in sport, etc., etc. While it’s normal and acceptable for individuals to want to elevate themselves in some way, there are more and less acceptable ways to do so. Any way to do it that degrades or injures another is simply unacceptable. The belief, among some, that status is a zero sum game (i.e., that one can’t acquire status without another losing it) is a myth that we must combat if we are to learn to live in a productive and open society.

  11. Bryan says

    @VON LMO: So true, and I’ve been saying it for a while now. Take the gay soldier that came out when DADT was repealed for example. If he didn’t look like he’d be attractive(the muscles), before he showed his face, he probably wouldn’t have gotten any attention.

    And now for my comment on this, I applaud his bravery, but I do wish someone MAJORLY active in Sport would come out

  12. says

    I think it’s smart for sports people to wait for retirement before coming out. If not, they could be badly injured by homophobes on the field, ending their careers. It’s not fair to expect that of them.

  13. Ted says

    Very moving video, thanks for sharing. However, the author omitted a prominent Australian athlete who is LGBT. Rennae Stubbs, a Grand Slam champion in doubles tennis, is openly lesbian.

  14. GAS66 says

    Don’t forget sports great, Dawn Fraser, came out, even though years after her career and marriage.

    Good on this guy. Yes he’s cute and yes, more should come out, cute, ugly, famous, or less famous

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