1. TPOWW says

    Yeah, here’s the deal, you f**king hick: If Obama was Hitler, you’d be on your way to a concentration camp for that remark.

    Nice that the Tea Drinkers have such eloquent, relevant spokesman for their “organization.”

  2. says

    While I totally disagree with Hank Williams Jr., Ed Shultz and Mike Papantonio are not any better than their FOX counterparts in the propaganda department. ESPN pulled the song which is good, but let’s face it, the left also used the Hitler comparison’s with Bush, and country singer Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks did diss Bush on stage which got the conservatives in an uproar. This is just more political caterwauling. Ed Shultz in this clip becomes a mockery on his own by referring to Hank Williams Jr. as “Frank” when reading the ESPN statement and somewhat stumbles through this whole interview, that is not going to help. The ‘right’ is going to pick up on that! Let’s face it, we, the left, look like hypocrits. This really is a non-issue and just mentioned only, not a whole interview.

  3. princely54 says

    Should ANY of us be surprised by this? Morons like this hick just ooze hate and stupidity. The stink coming off of him is unbearable. The next some bloody tea bagger jerk off tries to deny there is any racist element in their ‘party’ this is the example that should pop up.

    The ONLY reason I am looking forward to Obama eventually being out of office is so this ‘party’ will disappear — if you think they are in existence for any other reason except to hate on Obama and minorities in general you are more naive than Pollyanna ever was.

  4. Rowan says


    What is the difference between Bush and Obama?

    Are you seriously comparing a 4 year president who has inherited the biggest corruption in the world with Bush who created it?

    Are you certifiable?

  5. says

    @Rowan, NO!!!

    Can’t you see it….I am just pointing out the hypocrisy. Bush, during his years, including his first term was compared to Hitler by the left. Now the right is comparing Obama to Hitler. “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. If the left is going to make an issue of this, it will come back to bite them in the ass, just as FOX and conservatives have been bitten so many times by their statements. It’s a celebrity non-issue and we need to move on…we already have ‘the right’ for booing a soldier, wanting people to die without healthcare and celebrating over 500 deaths carried out by the penal system in Texas!!

  6. Donald says

    I didn’t watch the whole clip, I stopped at the 3 min. mark, but what was the racist statement Williams made? Was it that he criticized Obama? Or are all southerners and or Tea Party members automatically racist?

  7. HadenoughBS says

    Hank Williams, Jr. has been a loud mouth ignorant redneck for longer than I can remember. Nothing surprising about his Teahadist rhetoric. In fact, he was Teahadist long before Teahadism was cool with the GOPers.

  8. Jason says

    He did not compare Obama to Hitler; he compared Obama’s supposedly social golf game between Obama and Boehner to a hypothetical friendly meeting between a Jewish leader and Hitler. He could very well be alluding to Boehner as Hitler.

    The poorly made analogy is that both are equally unbelievable. He might be guilty of constructing a poor analogy but he isn’t guilty of comparing Obama to Hitler.

  9. says

    @Dastius Krazitauc most likely. Although I think it was more of the occupation, not the invasion. While I don’t understand the reasoning behind the Obama/Hitler, I can see it with Bush/Hitler because of Bush’s actions. I am not defending Williams, but I do see some hypocrisy on the left. Politically, I look at the wider picture… many have tunnel vision, depending on their party of favor.

  10. HadenoughBS says

    @ Jason

    HA! You may recall that Hitler is the evil character in this redneck’s analogy – poor though it may be. Surely you don’t think a Teahadist would portray Obama as the good character in his attack? That’s too much to believe.

  11. says

    Yes, the man has a right to his opinion, and the right to express that opinion. It’s just that some things are better kept to ones self. This might have been one of those times.

    Ignorant people sure seem proud of their ignorance. They can’t wait to share it with the world, and will jump at any oportunity to do so.

  12. Jack says

    Yes, what a stupid “hick” and “redneck”.

    There are as many casual bigots on this site as there are at Fox News. Don’t kid yourselves about how enlightened you are just because all the bigots around you are prejudiced against the same things you are.

  13. ggreen says

    The Dixie Chicks said they were embarrassed that Bush was from Texas. Then country radio stations organized a boycott/ban and CD burning of all Dixie Chicks music. They didn’t compare Bush to Hitler.

  14. jamal49 says

    About the only thing true in this “Ed Show” piece is that Hank Williams, Jr. will never be the talent his father, the late Hank Williams, Sr., was. Otherwise, this whole “controversy” is pretty lame. I watched the interview when it aired live and I didn’t think Williams was comparing Obama to Hitler or Boehner to Hitler. In his inelegant and illiterate way, Williams was trying to make an analogy about how hypocritical it was (in Williams opinion) for two men who are diametrically opposed to each other to fluff it up on the links. Williams did make a better point in his response to this “controversy”. Americans are hurting and nothing is being done, by either side.

  15. Donald says

    I guess I’m one of the casual bigots referred to, but still, what was racist about what he said? Was it stupid, yes, should anyone care what Hank Jr. thinks, no. But what was racist? Or is this just Andy Towle juicing up the story so it’ll get more hits?

  16. Glen says

    I appreciate the anaology actually – Can we get Obama to start rounding up all the redneck ignorant self important assholes and gas them? That would be swell.

  17. Rick says

    I am a conservative and do not agree with what Hank Williams said about Obama by comparing him to Hitler…. and I think most conservative and republicans disagree with the comparison. After listening to the video link I “think” Williams was trying to compare Hitler talking the guy he mentioned to Obama visiting with GOP. I think he was trying to draw the contrast between the two and not necessarly saying the Obama is Hitler, at least I didn’t take it that way… BUT the fully thing is that the LEFT and DEMS do this kind of stuff ALL the time. Chris Mathews accused republicans of being racists. Ed Schulz called Laura Ingraham a B____ on this radio show within the last year. He was suspended for about a week, I think… OK now Williams song is not be used for at least a week on Monday night football. My question to Mr. Schulz is how is what Hank Williams said any different than the stuff you say about the GOP and Tea Partiers all day long on MSNBC (aka the democrat’s news station). I really would like Mr. Schulz to “TRY” to explain that.

  18. Attmay says

    He was too generous. At least with Hitler you knew where you stood.

    This is an ill-thought out comment, but how is it racist? And I have seen more bigotry on this board than in that particular comment.

    “I appreciate the anaology actually – Can we get Obama to start rounding up all the redneck ignorant self important assholes and gas them? That would be swell.”

    Do you even read your comments before you post them?

  19. mcNnyc says

    The Hitler line is just IGNORANT.
    My problem is that this drunk doubles down and calls the President and VP the ENEMY.
    And is smug about it. Now a whole lot of our military hear this drunk calling their Commander “the ENEMY” and rock to his Monday Night Football ditty…
    CAN THIS FOOL and end his NFL contract now.

  20. ratbastard says

    Oh please, what a BS ‘scandal’. He just criticized POTUS. Big f’ing deal. Bush [DISCLAIMER: I was not and am not a GW fan] was crucified by the ‘progressives’…they even got a Canadian to make a film about his assassination [!].

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