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Jurors Say Brandon McInerney Deserves Leniency Because Larry King was the Bully

More jurors from the Brandon McInerney trial are speaking out with one saying McInerney got "a raw deal".

Kingmcinerney The L.A. Times adds:

One juror, identified only as Lisa S. because she did not want her whole name used, said many jurors came to believe that King was bullying McInerney by making unwanted sexual advances.

"This wasn't about him being gay,'' she said. "This was about bullying. There was a ton of evidence that Larry was acting inappropriately with other kids at school, and they didn't do anything to stop him."

As for the new case, she added: "It was overcharged and an abuse of power, and I don't think a new jury will see it any different."

I'd say getting shot in the head point-blank and killed by your classmate is a "raw deal" but that's just mho.

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  1. I'm not Perry Mason or anything, but...

    Did anyone else read the transcripts way back when they had them online?

    Brandon and Lawrence had A LOT in common. Both of them were documented as abused children. Brandon had even gone so far as to mention prior to school officials that he had been sexually abused by a male member of his family. His father quite often beat him...why?

    Why did the oldest boy go into the military?

    Why was the father so hard on Brandon?

    Why out of ALL the bullies would Lawrence King target the one whose situation was similar to taunt and gain revenge on?

    What if they knew each other outside of school?

    What if Brandon is gay and his father is a homophobe?

    What if Brandon didn't want other students knowing/believing he was gay?

    Not that this changes anything because murder is murder is murder...even if it was a lover's quarrel it's still murder, but...something is NOT right here.

    Why did the school official give Lawrence a dress and the idea to put it on?

    Why didn't they look at Brandon's history and statements and see a volcano waiting to erupt?

    I think someone knows something that they are not telling.

    Regardless of the reason, it's still murder... but I'd like some closure on what was really going on because that could help schools figure out what to do in similar situations.

    I just have a feeling they "knew" each other and this was more than is being presented.

    Posted by: Rin | Oct 7, 2011 11:40:47 AM

  2. Harry Britt was quoted after the Dan White "Twinkie Defense" verdict that if Dan White had just murdered Mayor Moscone he would be sent to prison for life for life but because he also murdered a gay man(Harvey Milk)he had somehow(?)done society a favor"??????
    Dan White was charged with manslaughter,served 5 years without any psychiatric evaluation and released from prison to walk the street. Fortunately the murderer committed suicide and took his own life but it just reinforces how incredibly flawed our 'jurdicial system" really is.

    Posted by: SFShawn | Oct 7, 2011 12:03:56 PM

  3. when our children are killed in cold blood and the killer becomes the "victim" we fail in making "it better" for them.

    Words fail me further.

    Posted by: mcNnyc | Oct 7, 2011 12:24:22 PM

  4. Maybe Brandon's father was molesting him, or had been molesting him for years, and Brandon was using King as a conduit for his anger/humiliation/fear against his father. Too afraid to face his molesting father he took out all his pain on King. Something he had wanted to do to his father, but couldn't. And now, under the spotlight, he doesn't want to admit he'd been raped by his father. His brother may have been in the same situation, causing him to escape into the military, and then come back and defend his brother who he knew was going through the same abuse he had gone through.

    This is all a guess, but it seems like the logical answer. It's hard to believe that because of some "defensive" flirting by a kid, you would bring a gun to school and execute him in a classroom full of other children... right? I hope the truth surfaces some day.

    Posted by: Hollywood, CA | Oct 7, 2011 12:46:44 PM

  5. Hmmm.....

    Gay people or the left never frigging learn. You guys are sitting here complaining on your laptops but I bet youre all the first to say you won't vote for Obama.

    And really, could the "gay community" not had paid for a good lawyer? Still? Are we that inept at strategy that more gay kids have to die? Seriously?

    But hey, isn't Ann Coulter great? Better still, didn't Towleroad give a glowing interview for GOproud who are campaigning with every dime they have to make the government right wing again?

    Talk about bing hypocrites. At least JMG is consistent and you know he cares when he talks about stuff happening in the gay community.

    Posted by: Rowan | Oct 7, 2011 1:11:08 PM

  6. This juror - and all the other jurors on the case, since one holdout would have hung the jury - are complicit in the murder of Larry King. I hope she spends many many sleepless nights wondering if her idea of god will punish her for this failure. Sure hope she doesn't have kids, and one of them isn't senselessly murdered, in light of the fact that she approves and condones such murder.

    Posted by: antb | Oct 7, 2011 1:34:30 PM

  7. The killer got off because the young prosecutor running this case thought like the people on this blog. If you want a conviction, you need to work with the jury and not against them. They hold all the power. Remember OJ Simpson's trial? That's what you get. You can rant and rave all you want, but at the end of the day you don't get a vote.

    Posted by: anon | Oct 7, 2011 1:57:06 PM

  8. "It wasn't about being gay"

    Yeah, that's why boys and girls are constantly shooting each other in schools, what with all the flirting...

    Posted by: BobN | Oct 7, 2011 2:08:04 PM

  9. @Hollywood,

    that's what I'm saying. Kids generally don't go and "shoot" the gay kids for taunting them. That's extreme and "weak" for the stereotypical homophobic teen. Lawrence would have normally gotten a knuckle sandwich or swirlie in the toilet.

    I have this feeling that maybe they were both gay and Lawrence was a "threat" to others knowing that Brandon was...or maybe you're right and he put all of his anger he had for his father on Lawrence.

    Both kids were abused and I could see that if they were both gay somehow they would have ended up maybe talking or bonding...or whatever and then the panic of people finding out might have been too much for Brandon with his father being so abusive and the rage went right to Lawrence.

    This entire case is strange. From the actions of the school officials to Lawrence's estranged parents who abandoned him showing back up, to the brother's comments.

    Well, whatever Brandon could have become had things gone down differently no longer matters. They did not. He is a killer with a dead heart.

    This is why parents who have crazy kids should do time with them. They are the Dr. Frankensteins who created the monster. If more parents had to do jail time with their children they would probably parent a helluva lot better.

    Posted by: Rin | Oct 7, 2011 2:26:23 PM

  10. Justice was not blind here. It was filtered through the clear lens of unadulterated, homophobia. In this case, the perpetrator of the crime is the "victim" and the real victim is the "perpetrator". The defense counsel sure knew how to pick the jurors. Those jurors have obviously not judged the case based on the evidence. They judged it based on their own petty, ignorant biases. Sad. And another wake-up call for LGBT Americans to the continuing prevalence of anti-LGBT bigotry in America. Again, very sad.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Oct 7, 2011 2:53:16 PM

  11. yup. the crimes of being gay, brown and a gender-nonconformist trump the crime of premeditated murder.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Oct 7, 2011 2:56:52 PM

  12. remember in the early 1980s when an all-white jury found three white Klansmen "not guilty" of lynching a black man?

    yeah. exactly.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Oct 7, 2011 3:02:58 PM

  13. I don't know about religion or karma, but I hope the serious injustice that these despicable, heartless monsters on the jury have committed against Larry King comes back at them tenfold. What an atrocity!

    Posted by: Mk_Ultra_Again | Oct 7, 2011 5:15:32 PM

  14. I once served on a Jury and the majority verdict came in for the Lawyer who had a European accent! The rest of the jury felt that a European lawyer had to be smarter than an American one. At the time...I was disgusted by their comments. But now I see that it was true, Europeans ARE smarter than Americans!

    Posted by: chuck | Oct 7, 2011 7:47:50 PM

  15. have him tried as an adult, as the old saying goes he did the crime he should do the time. no excuses for killing someone cause you don't like them for being gay or for teasing remarks. how sad can these jurors be so one side track and arrogant. this kid plan this Retaliation by picking up the gun and shooting someone dead for being teased. for being teased and bang the kid is dead now its not a hate crime. hello did IQs drop below human standards in the jury section or weren't they listening.

    Posted by: albertam | Oct 7, 2011 8:00:17 PM

  16. A kid gets shot in the head twice in the middle of a classroom full of witnesses and the murdering bastard who killed him is going to get off. This makes me so sad. We, as a society, should look at this case and be ashamed.

    Posted by: Ryan | Oct 7, 2011 9:47:50 PM

  17. Letting this boy off easy would send the wrong message across this country. The true reason they want to let this boy off so lenient is because he is White and the vicitm was Gay or even possibly Trans and a person of color. Talk about character assasination. They're re-victimizing Larry King all over again. Truly sad in deed. :(

    Posted by: Nena Vidal | Oct 7, 2011 9:52:55 PM

  18. The killer should have been charged as a juvenile. Charging a 14 year old as an adult makes no sense. Doing so is about adult anger and vengeance not justice. A 14 year old does not have the mental capacity to make adult decisions. A 14 year old's brain is different from an adults and lacks the wiring to make truly rational decisions.

    The killer is a killer. He deserves punishment and rehabilitation. If at the end of his sentence, the court could impose civil commitment to a mental institution if he is deemed a danger to the community.

    That said, had the killer been a biracial kid who murdered a white kid, he would have been convicted. Race played a role in the jury's decision. This is America. Brown, half-black/half-white Larry King's life as a queer youth meant less to the jury.

    Posted by: Dunn | Oct 7, 2011 10:49:51 PM

  19. I'm with Ryan (two posts back) on this one. Allowing the killer to walk tells every student in every school that killing someone they don't like isn't criminally actionable.

    Any person who takes another person's life, with the pre-meditated intentions of doing so, is a murderer. If you take the gayness, the blackness or the whiteness out of the equation, you still have a planned murder.

    If you take the alleged childhood abuse, the school district, the teacher, the principal and anyone else that Brandon came into contact with since the day he took his first breath out of the picture, you still have a planned murder.

    I just love the childhood abuse defenses that are raised when a youngster gets charged with a capital crime. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that our justice system will feel sorry for the murderer and give him another chance. After all, according to the jury, he made a mistake and we should all give him the opportunity to make amends. After all, the civil case has been settled, so Larry's parents now have money and all of this should now silently go away.

    I don't care if Larry was gay. I don't care if Brandon was a homophobe. I don't care about anything except for the undisputed fact that in a place where all students are supposed to be safe, a murderer somehow got a gun, brought it to a school campus undetected, and then murdered another student.

    Shame to the defense counsel, who tried to make it look as though McInerney was the victim. I personally have been a victim of many unjust and unfair things in my lifetime, but I have never even fantasized about killing someone for it. Maybe that is my failure in life. Maybe I should have whacked anyone who crossed me in my younger years, knowing full well that the justice system would give me my own second chance to "make amends."

    My work as a paralegal brings me to the Chatsworth Courthouse regularly. As this trial progressed, there were many instances of seeing people congregate in groups on the courthouse steps and in the parking lot, talking about the case. Not once did I ever hear anyone say that McInerney was a victim or that Larry King deserved what he got.

    Yet, some shameless defense lawyer found a way to turn the entire case around 180 degrees and point the finger of blame squarely on Larry King. He was able to successfully assert his position because we are no longer a society that is held accountable. Everyone around us is responsible for the way we act and what we do. Our parents and bad parenting are to blame for each and every wrongdoing we commit as adults. "He had a bad childhood, so therefore, let's let him off the hook this time and see if he can straighten his life out."

    This post isn't intended to seek an eye for an eye. It is to give an accurate portrayal of what happens when everyone else is to blame for McInerney's wrongdoing.

    Shame to defense counsel and shame to the jury. May all of YOUR children go to a safe place to study, and may you NEVER have to worry for their safety when they go to THEIR school. May you NEVER experience the horror of losing one of your OWN children because a classmate had bad parenting or uses some other flimsy excuse for whacking YOUR kid to death in a classroom.

    But if you ever did, and if your OWN child's murderer got off, you would be the first ones to yell and scream that the justice system is unfair and biased.

    To the jury members who got their 15 Minutes of Fame on 20/20 last night: Congratulations. Larry King is still dead and Brandon McInerney is still a murderer.

    Posted by: Chats Worth | Oct 8, 2011 12:40:26 PM

  20. Lawrence King was anti-social. Among the things Lawrence King did was harass other boys in the bathroom & masturbate in front of others.

    The defense should ask the judge to dismiss 1st Degree charge & have the jury decide between 2nd Degree or Manslaughter. With random violence-those cases are odd & strange that they make it in the news. Even with crimes perpetrated against ethnic groups. The vast majority of crimes against Blacks are committed by other Blacks just as the vast majority of crimes against Whites are committed by other Whites which gets some news coverage. But random violence such as the Jame Byrd killing by White supremacists are the 1s which get major news coverage because it’s strange & odd. The news about things which are odd & strange.Most rape & sex abuse trials won’t be reported in the press unless the rape victim is killed or if a famous man is accused of rape. There are so many rape cases-mostly he says she says cases (esp. marital & acquaintance rape cases) where the woman says the man forced her while the man says that he did the acts she agreed to while not doing what she said no to with a jury deciding which story is believable-that isn’t interesting for news.

    The same with gay bashings. You know 2 months ago, I wrote about a case I knew where a man bashed a gay with 2 friends after the gay (who was much bigger than the man) grabbed the man’s butt against will after which the man told his 2 friends what the gay did & they grabbed him after which the man bashed him. Yes, that was probably excessive force but again, the man overreacted to a crime the gay did which is assault&battery. Box Turtle Bulletin, etc. would condemn the man for ‘gay bashing’ yet they have no problem with the crime the gay did to cause the violent reaction. But these cases probably won’t be in the press unless the victim is killed & if a defense lawyer were to bring up the criminal abuse the gay did to cause the reaction, gay groups would decry it as ‘gay panic’ when I call it gay abused me reaction. If a man grabbed a woman’s butt or boobs against will after which the woman or the woman’s husband or boyfriend bashed or killed the man, then yes, the reaction is probably excessive. But many would say that the man committed a crime (assault&battery) which caused the violent reaction & they wouldn’t sympathise with the man nor would they do vigils. There are more men who have been bashed or killed after they grabbed a woman’s butt or boobs against will. There have even been cases where innocent men have been killed after a woman told a friend that the man raped her & the friend bashed or killed the man, only that the man was innocent. Yet when a gay is killed after he harassed or abused a man by grabbing his butt or groin against will after which man reacts violently, then the vigils are held for the gay & it sometimes gets nationwide coverage, sometimes with comments by the President. Judy Shepard (Matthew Wayne Shepard’s mom) has commented on Lawrence King & while I don’t know what is in her mind, Judy Shepard doesn’t seem to care about Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct which caused him to be killed but just goes on about ‘hate crimes’ against gays. Yes, with self-defend, you may only use just force & juries will decide in murder cases if it’s 1st, 2nd or Manslaughter. But if a gay is going to adopt anti-social conduct after which he is bashed or killed, then to repeat, while it maybe excessive force, I don’t sympathise with the gay & he isn’t worthy of being given vigils.

    Posted by: funinsnow | Oct 25, 2011 1:47:46 PM

  21. Lawrence King Cobra is what he should be called. Matthew or Methew Wayne Shepard is another 1. Honestly, you homos are evil to make excuses for Lawrence King masturbating in front of others & proposing to others in the bathroom. I don't want gays committing sexual harassment & assault&battery. Ok, getting shot & killed is excessive but it's an overreaction to abuse that Lawrence King had no right to do. It's predictable that Towlerroad makes excuses for Lawrence King's anti-social conduct.

    Posted by: funinsnow | Oct 25, 2011 2:54:24 PM


    Is /b/ getting too boring for you and you really just need to troll?

    If Lawrence "touched" Brandon and Brandon stood up and punched him...there wouldn't be a vigil. Had Brandon reported him for sexual vigil.

    Killing someone is beyond excessive for any reason--other than the harming of children. If someone hurt my kids I'd willingly go to jail for shooting them.

    As a female who has been sexually assaulted in a most violent way--more than Lawrence did to Brandon...I cannot justify Brandon killing him or even doing anything more than maybe a sock on the nose.

    Whatever happened to a good old sock on the nose? Why is everyone so hell bent on the permanent destruction of another soul OR the litigation through the courts?

    That said...I also don't think children should be tried as adults so I'm torn. If he were tried for murder in the 1st in a juvie court as a juvenile I would be fine with it.

    BTW as for your "homos" comment...piss off troll.

    Posted by: Rin | Oct 25, 2011 3:08:31 PM

  23. Rin, it's possible you made up the story about being sexually abused. If you're menopausal, then you're too old for most men to want to do it with you.

    Yes, what happened to Lawrence King (cobra) was excessive force, but what they should've done was try to cure his homosexuality. You want to put blame on Lawrence King's death, blame Lawrence King's anti-social conduct which the lesbian Vice Principal didn't punish when complaints were made about him exposing himself & masturbating in front of others.

    I'm not a Judeo-Christian & I see something wrong with homo&lesbian activities-sex changes are worse. Homo&lesbian activities are caused either by sex abuse in childhood or due to a birth defect if it's inborn. Homosexuality & GID goes against the idea of eugenics. I don't want gays committing sex abuse & if a gay gets bashed or killed after the homo has grabbed another man's butt or groin against will, yes it's probably excessive, but the homo got an overreaction to abuse. You need to stop making excuses for sex abuse when it's homo. Sure straight sex abuse is bad, but homosexuality whether it's consent or forced are bad in & of themselves.

    Posted by: funinsnow | Oct 27, 2011 1:06:59 PM

  24. BTW Rin, the fact is that complaints were made about Lawrence King (Cobras) masturbating (touching himself) in front of others & Lawrence King cobra doing Larry Craig type abuse in the bathroom. Several students complained to teacher Jill Ekman about Lawrence King harassing them in the bathroom. When teacher Jill Ekman talked to Lawrence King about this abuse, Lawrence King laughed & said he liked to make the boys squirm because he knew that the lesbian Vice Principal Joy Epstein would override the teacher.

    Lawrence King may still be alive today had he been suspended or expelled from school when students complained about Lawrence King's anti-social conduct. Of course people who take part in gay & lesbian sexual activities are anti-social. American Indians tend to have higher anti-social rates but Injuns are another topic. Homosexuality is caused by birth defect if it is inborn or the result of sex abuse.

    Posted by: funinsnow | Oct 27, 2011 1:13:34 PM

  25. If a girl is continuously harassed, no one in a school does anything to help or stop it. Eventually she has enough, and goes off the deep end. Would this be the same case? It should be. If you look at it any differently then you have SOME type of bias towards gays vs straights. If you are completely unbiased then you judge all cases as if they are all genderless. That is what most posters seem to forget.

    Remember that kid that continuously got bullied then finally body slammed the kid in defense? Everyone rooted for him?

    Lets not have two standards. The kid murdered someone. Hence the plea for second degree murder, which is a murder of passion. It is horrible when a child dies, and another is in jail no matter the orientation. However, if one kid continues to harass someone and expects nothing to happen they are naive. Now they should never get shot, but doesnt mean their hands are completely clean.

    Harassment is harassment, murder is murder.

    Posted by: dkjester | May 29, 2012 7:40:02 PM

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