1. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Will he have to go to a physical rehab facility to get over his glitter bomb?

  2. gomez says

    juvenile, pointless, backfiring and they can’t even do it right. congratulations, tools.

  3. says

    The “bombers” are lucky they haven’t been arrested for assault yet. Which is what this is. As well as juvenile, publicity-seeking antics.

  4. ynot says

    Either use indelible ink or just stop. And what are they saying about gay people? That we’re a just a bunch of silly fairies who use glitter of all things as a weapon, that’s what. Cringe.

  5. Pete n SFO says

    Operationally, they all seem to suck.

    We’re “The Gays”; if we can’t do it well, we ought not to be doing it at all.

    We got standards, after all. 😉

    But seriously, they are glitter-bombs, in action & in result. Make it more effective & I might be on-board.

  6. stevenelliot says

    I think karl rove is so slimey with dirty pac money he wouldnt glitter if you dunked him in it.

  7. zeddy says

    It seems the bombers get all caught up in the moment and too excited/nervous and loose control, thus unable to properly execute the glitering. It appears clumsy and as stated above, do little for our cause.

  8. will says

    These “activist” are pathetic. And their little glitter throwing looks petty and vindictive and gives gays a bad name. I wish I had a bb gun to shoot them with and tell THEM to stop the hateful glitterbombing and act like adults instead of overindulged superficial children.

  9. Jexer says

    Glitterbombers need to stop before getting glitterbombed becomes a right-of-passage / badge-of-honor for the anti-gay ring leaders that get dusted with sparklies.

    Throwing glitter just makes us look pathetic and ineffectual. Stop it.

  10. says

    For all you glitter bitters, tell me your ideas on effective direct action? We often complain here that we need to “go to the barricades”—that’s what he’s actually DOING (though I agree the execution could be a bit better). What are you?

  11. peterparker says

    It’s pathetic. If you can’t hit the target by putting a pie in their face, then just don’t bother.

  12. Mary says

    Jexer, I believe you’re right. Being glitter-bombed could beomea a rite-of-pasage for socially conservative leaders. But even more than that, they could nullify the effects of these “attacks” if they glitter-bombed THEMSELVES. Why not? The glitter is harmless and it might be the perfect “in your face” statement to the gay community. The only alternative for gay activists then would be to do something more extreme to get attention – and this would border on dangerous or illegal activities. This more extreme action (throwing food, vulgar displays, etc..) would play right into the hands of social conservatives, who would then benefit from the inevitable backlash against a return to 1960’s style activism.

    I have been a social conservative for over 30 years and can tell you that there is nothing socons love more than seeing liberals engage in this kind of confrontational behavior. The question is do either of us, socons OR liberals really need a repeat of the 1960’s? Personally I’d rather win on the basis of ideas than because liberals scared people away with extreme behavior.

  13. Joey says

    Oh give it a rest. So what if they want to glitter bomb a few bigots. Big deal. Are we all so conservative now we can’t be a little outrageous. What are we fighting for? The right to be ourselves or to be just like them. Karl Rove has done far, far, far worse than glitter bomb.

  14. dougfan says

    amen joey. i can’t believe the hate. when was the last time any of you commenters engaged in public activism? not writing a check to charity, but physically putting yourself out their to voice your anger and dissatisfaction in a public way – perhaps making enemies, perhaps messing up, perhaps humiliating yourself? these people are attempting, in a self-consciously limited way, to stand up for our rights. it may not be your style, but they’re going to bat for us nonetheless. the notion that glitter bombing tarnishes your own respectability is a pathetically ego-centric response to these events, and puts a lot more stock in social status than it does in the politics at hand. it’s glitter folks. get over it!!!

    the tea party has proven again – and the GOP knows this full well – the fringe in any movement is generally responsible for pushing everyone, even the center, in a particular direction. these folks are our allies in the fight against small-minded fundamentalism. like i said, they may not do battle as you would, but they’re our brothers out there. what they’re doing takes courage. support them! and save your ire for our common enemies.

  15. anon says

    Karl should have learned the hard way during the years at the WH that he’s only good a funding campaigns. He was completely ineffectual when in office and ultimately ignored by Bush and Cheney. His reputation as a campaigner is intact, but he’s not a inside the beltway player. Just like anyone else who sold their soul to politics he’s gotten nothing out of the bargain either. Gay issues are the least of his problems.