1. David says


    Anderson Cooper, Kevin Spacey; Queen Latifahl and Matt Bomer should all be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Zlick says

    Concise and well-done. The physical movement and camera work lent immediacy to his very eloquently-stated message. Bravo!

  3. ohplease says

    “Anderson Cooper, Kevin Spacey; Queen Latifahl and Matt Bomer should all be ashamed of themselves.”

    If you’re saying they’re all gay and not “out”, then how do you even know they’re gay? You can’t have it both ways.

  4. luminum says

    There’s a bigger solution here that isn’t “celebrities need to be out and visible”. At the end of the day, when a bullying incident happens, a bully knowing that Anderson Cooper is gay or Lady Gaga is pro-gay isn’t going to make them think twice about punching a gay kid. It’s about bullies knowing someone close to them who is gay, knowing someone and caring about that someone. If not, it’s got to be education that teaches about gay acceptance of their peers, not gay acceptance through admiration of celebrities. The good that celebrities do is bringing awareness to causes, donating their money, and providing a sense of identification to gay kids. But it doesn’t do much to stop a bully.

    And on top of that, it’s got to be something that includes intervention when these events happen. Teachers, principals, parents, staff etc. The police have some kind of fear-hold, but what is calling in the police really going to accomplish? You want bullies sent to jail? The most the court can do for a bullying event that doesn’t end in critical physical harm or death is just about the same thing that a school with a solid policy on bullying can accomplish.

    This isn’t going to get fixed by external authority like the police or celebs beaming through the TV. It’s got to be change on the levels closest to gay kids and bullies.

  5. Will in Canada says

    @TJ That is what I found most interesting. Rick basic called out John Baird when he added cabinet ministers in his list of people that need to come out.

  6. Zlick says

    I don’t think the thrust of the piece was to get potential role models to be just that, but for the schools to be more proactive – the fine example was getting the entire student body together for an intimidating assembly if their was vandalism – to have the vandals ratted out.

    Schools seem pretty loathe to do much tho. Perhaps parents need to insist on more and better action – as they seem to the only motivated people with any kind of power in these situations.

    (I suppose what I did to protect my daughter from bullying would not go over well today – i.e., climbing aboard the school bus and threatening bodily harm to the bully in question whilst holding him by the scruff of the neck … but perhaps similarly motivated parents can come up with something more creative and more p.c.)

  7. Wendy says

    So I guess bullying and outing adults is okay? Guessing who is gay and perpetuating it on the internet is also a form of bullying, unless you have personal knowledge…and are you out?
    People regardless of whether they are gay or not have to step up and step in so that this stops. Words hurt too! Quit pointing the finger at people you think are gay and step up and do something. Rick just did…now it’s up to the rest of us.

  8. Mike says

    We need to reframe this argument. Drop the word “bullying” and replace it with what we would call it for adults: harassment, assault, and battery.

    Violent and abusive behavior towards children doesn’t sound as bad when we “tone it down” with other words for the same actions.

  9. ben says

    This rant would work for me a bit better if Rick had actually mentioned in it that he himself is gay and if he weren’t so quiet about it. He’s been one of our most famous and popular homegrown stars in Canada for many, many years. He waited a LONG time into his successful career to come out. He came out quietly, very rarely discusses it in interview, and I’ve never seen him mention it on one of his own shows. Canadians recognize Rick and like him, but if I mention he’s gay to other Canadians they are really shocked and skeptical.

    I don’t think it’s clear how much bullying played a part in this new death anyway.

  10. jj says

    Jamie Hubley’s suicide note indicated that he had been watching the It Gets Better videos which include lots of gay public figures but had decided to kill himself anyway. Graduation was too long of a wait in his opinion, so he was taking the quicker, easier escape from his troubles by suicide. Celebrity endorsement failed, and there’s no reason to think adding more celebrity endorsements would have made a difference. Celebrity endorsement isn’t all powerful, if it was Americans would all be progressives and Bush never would have been elected.

  11. walter says

    @ david a.c. and matt boomer may not wear pride lags on their sleeves but do live fairly open about who they are. the real problem is a bunch of “a” listers who have made tons of money while living in the closet . these are the people the kids have to see take ownership of who their are. the real big stars who hide deep in the closet.

  12. Gus says

    The very last time I was bullied in high school is when I threatened to call a cop. The very last time I was harassed by a Christianist in the work place is when I threatened to go to HR. Until there are real consequences, not kids are just being kids and first amendment excuses, this crap will continue.

  13. Steve says

    I do enjoy Rick’s Rants. I want to go get my pics taken in the alley he does them in outside the CBC Buildings. And rants like this are why he is my hero. Go to his youtube channel and watch. He was talking about “It gets Better” YEARS before the campaign started.

  14. Alan Arthur Chiras says

    I like when he says that saying “It get’s better” doesn’t cut it any more. Call the cops EVERY time a harassment happens. And if the cops don’t respond, hold THEIR feet to the fire until they do!!!

  15. Jazz Central says

    @David – conveniently forgetting your girl Lily Tomlin? The only thing a star owes us is a good performance, nothing more. Live your own life and let them live theirs. It’s laughable to think a star coming out will prevent bullying, suicide, etc. I never got the gene whereby a star coming out validated my orientation thankfully!

  16. jason says

    Good question. Where are all the gay public figures? Hiding in cyberspace, no doubt. Dispensing their “it gets better” projects from the comfort of their bedrooms, quite possibly.

    You never see them out and about in activism. The only thing they’re physically active at is attending gay bars for smoking and drinking on a Saturday night.

  17. says

    In the U.S., the entire REPUBLICAN Party is made up of right wing bigots, bullies, etc., yet only gays call them on it…the media for the most part turns a blind eye, with the exception of a few voices. Not once during the Republican debates, so far, has any of the moderators asked why the candidates hate gays.

  18. TF says

    Yeah, Matt Bomer’s lack of active support for gay causes is noticeable. (To ensure the sarcasm of that comment doesn’t pass you by, please see link.)

  19. Debra McCallum says

    Rick Mercer is great! I’m so ready to end our failed politically-correct bullsh*t. Grief counselling is fine but it’s time to get back to common sense. Where is the law? Where is the punishment? The world is upside down.

  20. CBT says

    A Canadian comedian needs a bit more skin in the game before he makes demands of real celebrities. On Bomer, no ‘out’ celeb does more publicly for our causes than he does includng arriving at red carpets with his husband, running/attending gay related charity events, and having millions of fan girls accepting him in straight roles knowing full well his orientation.

  21. Darrell says

    Hopefully this will get the Ottawa Police Department to follow up and actually find out who bullied Jamie and charge them with hate crimes. This is Canada in the 21st Century! Gay Marraige has been LEGAL for years HOMOPHOBIC ABUSE should be ILLEGAL as well. But Prime Sinister Harper is a evil religous zealot like a certain dead dictator in Libya.

  22. CJ says

    CBT – You’re right about Bomer. His husband was just with him at the In Time premier last week. (Note that Matt had purple shoelaces to note GLBT recognition day.) He was at GLSEN the next night. He just did the “8” play in New York, and made numerous press appearances related to that. He supported the NYC AIDS walk, among many other causes. Good grief, an “announcement” isn’t required – he has every right to keep his family life private.

  23. says

    Rick Mercer is out. How many times can he come out? Here he is on National TV a few years ago – The Strombo Show. Seems pretty out to me

  24. Steve says

    @Ben Rick Mercer HAS come out on Television. Nov 2010 he was on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos discussing it and all that. Just cause he didn’t say it in THIS video doesn’t mean he hasn’t in the past.