1. says

    Of course the only freedom that will be curtailed by equality will be the freedom to bully, harrass, fire, discriminate, kill, maim, torture, and oppress. May he and everyone who applauded him rot for eternity in the very hell that their diseased imaginations and deeply violent natures have dreamed up.

  2. DVDINORL says

    “less than zero credit” – really?

    Would he have some gotten credit if he called him names or screamed at him?

    I think the best way to root out these wackos (like Fischer) is through consistent and mature reason, not hyperbole. I’m not Romney’s biggest fan, but let’s give credit where credit’s due.

  3. RJ says

    @DVDINORL … Really? You think Romney has provided “consistent and mature reason”?

    Romney should have used the term “wackos” – or would that have been considered hyperbole and not mature?

  4. dave02657 says

    “Oh, Penn, stop it with this over the top rhetoric. Just give me the facts. This is a news site, not some amateur opinion blog.”

    … says yet another bitter, jealous “amateur” with yet another what?

    Oh yeah. An “opinion.”

    Please: all you Professional Penn Haters that constantly pollute this blog every weekend, just go away, or at least shut up. You are all becoming ever-so tiring. Indeed.

  5. LiamB says

    I’m sorry, I thought this a blog, not a news service. Don’t like commentary, ignore it. If you are so mentally incapacitated that you are unable to discern facts from color, that is your own issue.

  6. NY2.0 says

    Any person including all the candidates for president that attends an event like this has tarnished and in fact zero creditability. It’s a hate rally, plain and simple. No self-respecting person would attend something like that. Mitt Romney is a shameless panderer!

  7. ratbastard says

    Speaking of totalitarianism, where do the following fall under:

    1) Concerted efforts to micro-manage and control speech and thought, i.e. Political Correctness.

    2) Concerted efforts to demonize others, i.e. white males [and males in general, including black, Hispanic, Asian,etc.], Jews, Christians [ALL Christians], ANYONE who doesn’t kowtow the party line, etc.

    3) Excessive government intrusions into a citizens life, i.e. where, when, if you can smoke [or buy tobacco products, even though they’re perfectly legal], where, when, if you can buy alcohol [even though it’s a perfectly legal product for adults], what food is and isn’t permissible [is it ‘fattening’, too much salt, etc., The banning of plastic bags, plastic water bottles,etc.

    The above is a VERY partial list.

    Just asking.

  8. shaun says

    I do come here for the news AND for commentary, and have for over 5 years, but when the commentary is so over the top that it sensationalizes the entire story and distorts what was actually said… it’s not useful. Please stick to what was said—this isn’t dlisted for a reason.

  9. LincolnLounger says

    I can’t stand these kooks either, but less of the Nazi references, please. It’s lazy, predictable, and disrespectful to what the world endured with the real thing.

  10. JC says

    I miss tank. Ratbastard just doesnt troll it for me as well as he did. Now don’t get me wrong, tank was an ass but he had that “who hurt you baby, i wanna fix you” vibe going on. Ratbastard is just shrill. And ignorant. And shrill.

  11. sad to say says

    That mild statement by Romney will probably make waves on other political commentary shows. “What a renegade, how daring!” they will exclaim, “putting his candidacy on the line!”

    Yeah, coming out publicly against someone who makes no sense is a big Republican primary no-no.

  12. Kenster999 says

    I’ll note that Romney isn’t necessarily referring to Fischer’s beliefs on homosexuality. He could just as easily be referring to Fischer’s beliefs on the Mormon church. Fischer has said that Mormons are not Christians and that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to them.

  13. walter says

    when did the christian right become the law of the land and the voice of who can or can’t live in this country or what people can and can’t do. the framers of the constitution prevented establishing a nation religion and this includes the christian right.

  14. anon says

    The “voice of reason” in the Republican primary season so far has been the other Mormon: Huntsman. But he’s polling just above 0%. Why? He doesn’t tell people what they want to hear and Romney does (or fakes it, or whatever). We can blame Nixon for the rise of the Baptist right wing of the Republican party, who didn’t want another Wallace coming at him from the right in 1972, for Bush II getting all these groups federal funding. How many of these church groups now get a majority of their funding from the feds now? It immediately goes back into politics, despite what the law says.

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