1. say what says

    the rick perry link goes to the lesbians not perry

    From other sources of the event perry comes off more cocaine addled than drunk

  2. Bobby Fontaine says

    BREAKING NEWS – a gruesome tale of how Steven Tyler’s assistant Ray Tabano tried to kill Tyler’s teenage girlfriend to get rid of Tyler’s unborn child. When she survived the fire, Tyler forced her to abort their baby boy while surrounded by doctors and lawyers as he snorted cocaine. His aborted son (later named Mike by Julia) however survived the horrifying late term procedure. He was left to suffocate as his father watched him gasp his first and last breaths of life – Julia Holcomb Interview Part 1 –

  3. Max says

    “Barack Obama overwhelmingly popular in Latin America.”

    They can have him.

    “The United States can’t handle bioterror.”

    Or healthcare, education, borders, job creation, sensible tax policy, etc.

  4. jamal49 says

    “our batsh*t crazy”? Um, start using spell-check. This blog has gotten waaaaaaay too sloppy as of late in its presentation.

    Oh, by the way, Perry was drunk. And he’s a major d*ck.