NJ Governor Chris Christie Calls Teacher Viki Knox’s Anti-Gay Facebook Remarks ‘Disturbing’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked about  the furor set off by Union High School teacher Viki Knox and her remarks on Facebook calling homosexuality a "perverted" sin that "breeds like cancer", the Star-Ledger reports:

Christie"I think that kind of example is not a positive one at all to be setting for folks who have such an important and influential position in our society," Christie said this morning on 770 WABC Radio. "I'm really concerned about those kinds of statements being made."

Christie said he finds the comments "disturbing."

Hundreds protested yesterday outside a school district board meeting.

Added Christie: "I would like to see an examination of how that teacher conducts herself in the classroom."


  1. Hollywood, CA says

    Smart move, smart move… a soft run for the Presidency after Obama’s second term… all he has to do is clean up NJ and stay out of “trouble.” =)

  2. Mike C says

    and get gastric bypass surgery.

    I’m heartened to see Christie’s remarks, and to be from a state where even our Republicans can make level-headed sense on social issues. His initial comments are good, but it’s his last comment, essentially challenging the school board to investigate Knox and numbering her days as a teacher, that is down right great to hear.

  3. ohplease says

    “and get gastric bypass surgery.”

    And this was necessary why? Because being fat is evil? Being fat is a death sentence? Because whatever you are is so much better? (Hint: the answer to all three questions is “no”.)

    Christie’s a weird Republican, seeing as how he sometimes gets things right. But why ask why? Good for him.

  4. Mike C says

    It wasn’t a crack. I respect Christie and out of the republican field, I think he’d be the best nominee. But, if he is to seriously run for president, he will also have to lose weight; he couldn’t survive the health records release, his image couldn’t take the constant taunting, and he’d struggle to win over an aspirational electorate obsessed with looks. Hell, we’ve never even elected a bald guy or someone in glasses. I think losing weight through gastric bypass or some other means between now and 2016 would be a strategic move and I hope he does.

  5. say what says



    I thought the same + he endorsed Romney so he plans to never ever run

    christie sucks in a lot of ways but I will give him kudos for saying what he did about the viki knox stuff

  6. booka says

    Wow…some people get so touchy about weight. since when is it acceptable to be that fat? It’s a problem for Christie both politically and personally, and if it’s so wrong to point out the obvious I’d much rather be totally inappropriate. Obesity is a real issue in this country, and the sooner we stop patting ‘Fatty fat fat’ on the head and telling him “it’s ok, have a doughnut”, the better off , and healthier our country will be. It’s a wild guess, but I suspect these comments of outrage were left by someone that weights well over 200lb.s

  7. ewe says

    Don’t even trust a word out of this homophobe. He uses religion as his excuse to deny marriage equality. Christie is absolutely the exact same as this woman. It is not his opinion that is stopping us from enjoying the same rights as the governor. It is his words and lack of representing all citizens and purposeful stand against us that enables him to be doing the same thing this woman is. No wonder she thinks she is immune.

  8. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Now that the pressure on him to be a “Republican primary candidate” (aka, nutcase) – has been removed, he can at least react with semi-sanity.

  9. Bob R says

    Granted, Christie may not be running for POTUS, but he may be positioning himself for a VP nod. As a VP candidate, he doesn’t have to undergo the lunacy of Tea Party debates and primaries monopolized by the extremists.

    A chance at VP is a win win for Christie. If he’s on the losing team, he has gained national exposure and can run as his own man in 2016 when there would be no incumbent. He’s still young and if his team did win, he’s in position to run on his own after one or two terms as VP.

    He’s also right to go after this teacher. Her apparent problems with basic literacy and her over all demeanor, plus the fact that she’s pulling down around $76,000 plus benefits in taxpayer funds with her lousy qualifications/abilities plays into Christie’s criticism of NJ teachers and teacher’s unions protecting the incompetent educator. Again, a win win for Christie.

    The school board would be wise to cut this “teacher” loose as soon as possible. Her continued employment brings unneeded attention and public ire and is not good for the children, the school, teachers in general, the school board or the union. Ms. Viki needs to be jettisoned as fast as possible before the right turns her into a martyr.

  10. Mike says

    We have elected at least one bald guy (Eisenhower) and at least two guys with glasses (Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson) that I can think of. Maybe voters were less concerned with a candidate’s look years ago …

  11. Ryan Hague says

    Don’t think for a second that this has anything to do with what she said – my governor will do ANYTHING to make teachers look evil (which is true in this case).

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