Vandal Sprays ‘Fags Burn’ and ‘Die’ Graffiti on North Carolina State University GLBT Center


The GLBT Center in Harrelson Hall at North Carolina State University in Raleigh was vandalized Monday night with graffiti painted over its doors and showcase reading "fags burn" and "die", the Technician Online reports:

Sergeant Jeff Sutton of Campus Police said the vandalism occurred in a span of about 25 minutes, some time between 8:30 and 9 p.m. "We do not have any suspects at this time. We're going to try to look at some camera footage going into Harrelson Hall during that time frame," Sutton said.

Adam Ward, a graduate student in comparative biomedical sciences, is a graduate adviser for the GLBT Center. "No one was able to see who sprayed-painted this, but believe me, there will be a University response. We will continue working with University Police, and I thank all of our community members and allies for standing up for equality and what's right," Ward said in a Facebook post.

The graffiti is being investigated as a "hate incident".


  1. Francis says

    A sad example that bullying and bigotry does not end, even when one goes to college. Of course, outside of the Chapel Hill/Durham and Asheville areas, North Carolina is a cesspool, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully the vandals are caught.

  2. gaylib says

    I live in Durham, and I would consider it part of the “cesspool” that is the rest of NC. We currently have both a city council candidate and mayoral candidate (Victoria Peterson and Sylvester Williams) who were selected in the Democratic primaries to be in a runnoff who are avowed homobigots and who plan to dismantle this city’s domestic partner benefits. They also have vociferously supported the hateful amendment 1 which would be the most draconian anti-gay measure in the country. And like I said, these are Democrats. Personally I have been harassed and threatened on several occasions. Chapel Hill may be the only glimmer of hope in this state, but it isn’t worth it. Don’t visit here, don’t move here, and tell all of your friends that NC is the last place any gay person wants to be. My partner and I are already actively seeking employment in NY or MA.

  3. Pete n SFO says

    At least they used purple spray paint…

    That can’t be very difficult to track… that is, if anyone seriously had the inclination to catch the culprit.

  4. Javier says

    Durham’s same-sex benefits and registry will be illegal soon when voters approve Amendment 1, so it will be a moot point. Nevertheless, Mayor Bell is likely to win reelection.

  5. Francis says

    I’m sorry to hear what you have had to go through, Gaylib. Other than Chapel Hill, Asheville is pretty cool based on everything I’ve read and heard, too, but I have heard some bad things about Durham (I live in Richmond so it’s pretty close and you hear the gossip). But, sadly, North Carolina overall is fly-over state if you’re gay. It’s really demoralizing that in fall 2011 there are entire communities and states that are virtually unlivable for LGBT citizens. Shows just how much work we have to stem the tide of anti-gay bigotry.

  6. Gay American says

    well I’ve never been to NC, and basically never had plans to go there, beins’ I avoid all anti-lgbt states….so basically I go barely anywhere int his country….and when we do spend our vakay money – its in affirming states. I have No doubt the Hate ammendment will pass in NC….none what-so-ever.

  7. Reality says

    Yes, there’s good and bad in NC, but being surrounded by VA, SC and TN doesn’t help. Chapel Hill and Asheville are the two metro areas that have permitted DP benefits. Durham has been regularly ranked as the most liberal city in the state, but some of the commentors appear to be overlooking its (persisent) crime problem. RTP has attracted several private companies and research groups, many of which offer comprehensive DP benefits and protections, and is somewhat of a core for the RDU area, one of the best locations in the *country* for job opportunities. I’m speaking as a native of the state, but I’m not making excuses for it, though sadly, those of you that commented that these and all other private and public programs will be eliminated with the marriage bill are correct.

    As a side-note, BofA advisor Martin Eakes was quoted as saying, “If you want to figure out a way to push BofA to move its headquarters from Charlotte to New York, pass this amendment.” LGBT support exists here, albeit not enough.

  8. says

    I went to high school in North Raleigh and college in Greenville, NC. From personal experience, GAYLIB has it right. The people there are mostly thoughtless, back-paddling & double-speaking fools. This has to be the work of some drunk frat boys. They travel in swaying droves with their oversized blue button downs and khaki pants and dirty baseball caps. The school does nothing to check THE “GOOD ‘OLE BOYS.”

    Raleigh’s only defense to me was that it was an okay place to grow up (as long as you have a strong backbone). Obviously the move to NYC was the right decision.

  9. luminum says

    I hope they leave the vandalism up for a time. I believe they did that in a California university a while back, because it served as a visual reminder to the community that anti-gay hate is real and that it happens.

  10. ynot says

    Due to several past hoaxes at college campuses in the recent past, I will reserve judgement until the facts are known. It is interesting to note, however, that purple spray paint was used.

  11. James B says

    The same sort of stuff happened to us at Appalachian state! Homophobia sucks! I’m a native Charlottean, and have lived in Blowing Rock and Asheville. NC is a beautiful state and with mountains and beaches and warm weather. I can’t speak for Raleigh, but Charlotte is a progressive cosmopolitan city. It’s not Atlanta, but my partner and I hold hands and kiss in public. Our Episcopal church and community are extremely affirming. Also a shout out to Dan Mauney for Takeover Charlotte, and our mayor Anthony Foxx!

  12. Rin says


    I didn’t know you also live in Richmond. I have a question, do you feel that Richmond is becoming more progressive about GLBT issues? I feel that it is. People’s attitudes seem far more gay and lesbian friendly than before and I don’t just mean Carytown or the West End.

    At least from an “outsiders” perspective what people say about gays behind their backs (which is usually how they truly feel) is far kinder than I would have expected. It feels like in the past 3-4 years people have sort of given over on the marriage issue. I think if the referendum were to have happened this year it would have gone down differently.

  13. Walt says

    I am a native North Carolinian (from Charlotte) and I live in NYC now. My family still lives in Charlotte, so I go there to visit occasionally. While Charlotte is progressively head and shoulders above the rest of the cities in NC, I always dread the trip and cannot wait to get back to NYC. James B, I graduated from Appalachian State. I agree, NC is a beautiful place. Too bad a lot of the people make it so unpleasantly ugly.

  14. WillnDurhamNC says

    @Gaylib. I honestly hope that you and your partner find something very soon in NY or MA.

    First, this egregious incident happened in Raleigh, not Durham.

    Secondly, Durham does have our share of horrible people who would like to hold office in this town but who are also clearly on the margins and very unelectable. You say “who plan to dismantle this city’s domestic partner benefits.” but you completely skip over the fact that our city HAS domestic partner benefits!!!! And also that our city council has supported a resolution for same-sex marriage in the state. It’s also the home of our state’s gay pride celebrations.

    Durham (and NC in general) can be an awesome or a horrible experience depending on your outlook. I’m sorry that your experience wasn’t better but I have tons of gay friends in this town that will vociferously defend it for a million great reasons.

    You strike me as the type of person in your posts here and on other local blogs that tend to go out of your way to look for negatives.

    Don’t let the Durham Bull hit you in the @$$ on the way out.

  15. John says

    Weren’t 2 gay college students beaten this week on a Minnesota campus by 15 thugs? I wonder if that story is getting the stereotypical treatment that the “holier than thou” gays are pasting on North Carolina? This crap happens EVERYWHERE….even in precious CA and NY and MA. For those North Carolinians complaining about your own state, stop your bithcing and get out there and work to defeat your marriage amendment. You really don’t have it any worse than most every other state in the nation.

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