NY Pro-Equality GOP Senators to Get $1.25 Million in Gay Money


At the beginning of September I posted about a gay fundraiser for the Republican senators in New York who supported marriage equality. Looks like they're going to make some bank:

This week, the four Republican state senators who provided the decisive votes to pass the marriage bill are to get a big financial boost from those donors, including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. A fund-raiser planned for Thursday night in Manhattan is expected to raise about $1.25 million to help finance their re-election bids next year.

The senators have come under heavy criticism from conservatives since they cast their votes in June. A national group that opposes same-sex marriage has purchased billboards in each of their districts, vowing to unseat the lawmakers, and the senators have been eagerly raising money in an effort to defend themselves against possible challengers.

The fundraiser is also being hosted by gay philanthropist Tim Gill, and prominent GOP donor Paul Singer, who is throwing his money behind Romney in the GOP primary.


  1. Artie says

    Brilliant move to support the pro-gay GOP state senators. The people in NOM will cry like babies when these state senators are reelected. The poor fundamentalist Xtian scumbags…boo hoo.

    However, I think it’s rather self-loathing of gay philanthopist Tim Gill to put his money behind Mitt Romney, who says that he wants to keep DOMA in place, and who will appoint Supreme Court justices to ensure that result, not to mention threatening an executive order to undo DADT repeal.

    Why are some gay men like Tim Gill so afraid of DOMA being thrown out by Obama-appointed Supreme Court justices? Do they think that the gay men in the military and gay middle-school students will get too uppity? Are Tim Gill and other gay Romney supporters afraid of a society in which gay and bisexual men in general are too uppity? It all sounds rather self-loathing to me. Oh, come on, don’t be coy.

  2. Artie says

    Pardon my typo: I didn’t mean Tim Gill when I mentioned the Romeny supporter, I meant Paul Singer.

  3. Rick says

    @Artie I don’t know who Paul Singer and Tim Gill are, but, in general, I think some gay men sometimes support candidates with less-than-inspiring gay rights positions because they are not single-issue voters and they often just don’t see issues like same-sex marriage or ENDA as being relevant to their own lives.

    I mean, if someone who is gay has conservative economic and foreign policy views and even conservative social views in some instances, and if, in addition, they don’t see themselves ever wanting to get married and either don’t expect to be discriminated against at work or are self-employed or don’t think that having ENDA in place would prevent them from being victimized…….then it would be a stretch for them to vote for a candidate who is pro gay rights but with whom they disagree on every other issue and vote against one whom they agree with on everything except some gay rights issues.

    I don’t think that automatically makes them “self-loathing”, especially if they use their support for such candidates as Romney as leverage to either change their views on gay rights or make sure that they don’t puruse negative policies once in office.

    And the likelihood of a social moderate like Romney doing any serious damage to gay rights if he were to become President is minimal.

    Not defending such actions, just explaining them…..

  4. Jonathan says

    I don’t believe you can call Mitt Romney a “social moderate” with a straight face. He is whatever he needs to be to get elected. He was a social moderate (or a liberal) in Massachusetts. He is running on a right of right platform right now. He could do extremely serious damage, especially in his first term if he catastrophically gets elected. Besides, your reasoning really sounds like saying that a black maid in the deep South in the 1960s would vote for George Wallace because she never really saw herself being anything but a maid.

    Gay people who put their own civil rights down on their list of priorities are self-hating and are in denial plain and simple.

  5. Artie says

    @ Rick,

    That’s a fair answer, like many of your answers on other threads have been. When I mentioned that some gay voters were “self loathing”, I worded my sentence in a way that was too general. I meant that only some gay voters supported Romney for that reason. Others, as you note, vote for Romney because they are:

    (1) not soldiers, so they don’t have to worry about Romney bringing back DADT.

    (2) not middle-school or high-school students, so they don’t have to worry about the atmosphere at their school getting worse because Romney is pushing for an ant-same-sex-marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    (3) do not live in a state or county that isn’t covered by a local version of ENDA, or they are self-employed.

    These are reasons why some conservative gay voters might not have any practical reason for supporting a presidential candidate whose justice department will fight DOMA and prevent any form of DADT from returning. I wouldn’t call this group of “practical” conservative gay voters self loathing.

    What I was referring to are other gay voters who believe that gay soldiers and gay students in middle school and high school who want an equal place in society are too uppity. That seems kind of weird to me. What do you think, Rick?

  6. Mary says

    I understand liberals in general wanting to support GOP Senators who voted for marriage equality, and it makes sense for REPUBLICAN social liberals to support them. But for gays or gay sympathizers who usually vote Democratic, contributing to the re-election of these 4 Senators can’t be done without going against the Senators’s 4 Democratic opponents, most of whom are even MORE pro-gay in their policies (I’m assuming this to be the case). This is the problem with politics – it’s a zero-sum game.

    Incidentally, the fundraiser tonight features Jimmy LaSalvia of GOProud. GOProud has no official position on marriage equality, saying that it is a state issue and that they only deal with federal issues. But LaSalvia’a attendance here shows what his true goals are. All his schmoozing with Ann Coulter and attempts to reach Michele Bachmann are aimed to get respect for gays among social conservatives who are supposed to think “Well, GOProud is not like Log Cabin. They’re not pushy and asking for gay marriage and the right to adopt children and all those other scary things. All they want to do is show that gay people can be as right-wing and conservative as the rest of us. And LaSalvia has even dissed Fred Karger, so clearly he’s conservative first and gay second.” So few people seem to understand that GOProud is aiming for long-term change and is not the pack of Uncle Toms it seems to be. But there really is no other reason for the group to exist. It’s simply Log Cabin with a more effective strategy.

  7. ohplease says

    “That’s a fair answer, like many of your answers on other threads have been.”

    Rick/Artie, you’re going to wear out your keyboard typing back and forth to yourself like that.

  8. Artie says

    @ OhPlease,

    LOL. If you look back at past threads, I’m sure you’ll conclude that Rick and I are two different people. We don’t always agree on absolutely everything. But your comment is a hoot anyway.

  9. booka says

    There is just something SO wrong about all of this. To expect a whore to not act like a whore, because she says she won’t…well not until the next trick comes around. All these little mind games, bait and switch. I stand for this, but not for that, well maybe a little of that. I know lets pay them, if we pay them then they will like us, sorta, and not work against in a every other way…why not take your ill gotten gains and spend it where it WILL make a difference, or buy art, or anything other than this political masturbatory game with people that don’t like or want us, yet are just really good at demagoguery? Desperate to be liked and with too much money….

  10. Chance says

    “Gay people who put their own civil rights down on their list of priorities are self-hating and are in denial plain and simple.”

    You are absolutely correct!

  11. Rick says

    @Artie I haven’t really encountered that kind of individual much; in fact, even the gay Republicans I know don’t think like that. I guess you might find that among some very old individuals still, but I just haven’t seen much of it.