1. David says

    ‘This has been declared an illegal assembly!’

    Seriously? By whom?

    I thought the US was still at least pretending to be a democracy?


    This is a sign of things to come. We cannot allow the plutocracy ruling this country to destroy our rights.

  2. David says

    Has a single banking CEO been arrested for his crimes yet?

    Is any legislation being drafted requiring the top 1% earners to pay more tax?

    If not then why not?

  3. tranquilo says

    Unlike the Tea Party, OWS is actually pointing the finger at the roots of our problem (capitalism gone haywire). Of course they’ll be attacked by police and discredited by the media.

  4. Mike says

    The police in the United States, for the most part, love to use violence and weaponry whenever possible, even when non-violent methods are available. I’ve heard police overseas joke about this. They call them Rambos.

    We pumped billions of dollars from Homeland Security into those police departments after 9/11, and now it is being used against the very people it was meant to protect. Just like the rest of the machinery that we put in place to “protect us”.

    Meanwhile, our infrastructure is crumbling because no one dares to mention cutting the defense budget. The United States is like the man that spent many times his income on installing a security system on a house that is falling apart and he can’t make payments on any longer.

    This system is being turned against us. Take a look at this infographic:

  5. justinw says

    Cities are losing patience with the protesters? How ’bout protesters have been holding back so far, but if you start kicking the crap out of ’em, they’re going to raise the stakes big time. You think there’s civil unrest now? Just wait.

  6. David says

    Has the mayor of Oakland or any policemen or police chiefs involved in this disruption of a legal protest been arrested for on our constitution yet.

    These fuckers need to realise that if they behave like Arab dictators then the people will respond in a manner similar to what happened in Libya.

    These protestors are true patriots. They are exposing our sham democracy.

    Too bad our media is ignoring it.

    Perhaps it’s time to Occupy Fox News!

  7. duane says

    Re: “Has a single banking CEO been arrested for his crimes yet?”

    They don’t have time to prosecute the fraudsters that wrecked the economy. They’re too busy prosecuting the medical marijuana growers.

  8. say what says

    Oakland and Atlanta at the moment are the rarities. Most other cities in fact have been accommodating of OWs

    With some areas even finding the police telling the mayors that they will not disband OWs as long as they protest peacefully and that they themselves the police are part of/support the 99%

    The 1% better smell what is on the wind

    Yesterday a woman confronted the “super-comitee” and stated “end the wars and tax the rich, We are the 99%”

    It was as if a peasant had knocked on the gates of Versailles and gave a warning of what was on the wind if the nobility didn’t wise up.

  9. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Police have roughed up and arrested protesters in Seattle, Boston and NYC, without cause or on set-ups. Too bad the “liberal media” is on the side of the 1%. The US might hear more about such things.

  10. David says

    They are occupying the financial districts of these cities. There are residents in those areas for sure, but mainly the offices of the 1%. Who cares if THOSE assholes are inconvenienced. When they start paying their fair share to fix the economy; and when the banking CEO’s have been arrested and jailed for their massive crimes, then these protests will end. Until that happens then these occupations are absolutely essential. These corporations need to know they are being monitored by the citizenry they have stolen from (even if the political classes are still obeying them.)

  11. says

    These protesters are among the bravest people I know. I’m sickened by what has happened in Oakland and other places. I was in a vigil outside of Kerry’s office last night (John Kerry is on the Super Committee) after a meeting with him asking him not to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. All of us are peaceful protesters. But right after 9/11 John Ashcroft did a tour of the nation, using town and city hall for illegally closed door sessions with the local police. I can’t help wondering if that was part of indoctrinating them to see protesters as the enemy within. We have to have courage in the face of adversity.

    Yours in Spirit,


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