1. Max says

    Blur out the socialists, communists, hippies, anti-Semites, union thugs, class warfare instigators, cop-bashers, and hipster trust-fund babies, and there aren’t many people left, are there? Nice try, though.

  2. Joey says

    I find it funny that people are so afraid of this movement that they act like typical bullies and call people names. Haven’t we had enough of that childishness?

  3. enough already says

    I liked it.
    What a pleasant change from the usual too-sleak, over target audience tested plastic blah-blah-blah.
    Genuine looking people, genuine American concerns.

  4. says

    Waving signs and talking in platitudes are not going to do the job.
    They need to refine the message, imo. It needs to be limited to the most important issues, for example, restore the mixed economy, regulate the banks, tax the rich, protect u.s. manufacturing, subsidize clean energy.
    Once that’s done, they should work on a media strategy.

  5. tranquilo says


    Technically a representative democracy. I reality, an oligarchy. What is the percentage of millionaires in Congress compared to the percentage of normal Americans? Who gets access?

  6. Dev says

    Not really sure how I feel about OWS, but one thing is for sure. They don’t give me that feeling when I watch Tea Party rallies, you know that feeling when your skin feels like it wants to crawl inside of you and your internal organs are trying to crawl out through every orifice?

  7. Gigi says

    Was there a special invitation to the members of GoProud to pre-screen this video? I had to check that I hadn’t somehow stumbled onto the FOX NEWS website. These comments just go to show that we ARE just like everyone else. Bigoted, biased, judgmental and elitist.

    ENDO watched it and couldn’t get past the “bunch of crap pierced in their lips!!!”

    ME gave the typical TeaBagger response: if you don’t like it here…move.

    MAX re-tells the lie that many of the protesters are just “hipster trust-fund babies”

    WILBERFORCE believes as does Fox News, that they need to “refine the message” – what do those dirty, smelly hippies want?

    ALLAN points out which guy he finds cute (lol!)

    You get the picture. It started off small and has now moved around the world. At first they were ignored and now they can be ignored no more. I went down to Wall Street and talked to people for many hours and found most to be tired of the status quo and desperate for change. Now that the movement is growing every day, hopefully they see some.

  8. Zlick says

    I love how people want a unified, simply-stated message from a movement arising out of tons of injustice and consisting of people acting in actual, messy, hard-to-wrangle democracy while living in a park in lower Manhattan. In fact, I’m wondering how they managed to get the ad produced – but I’m guessing it was one of their working groups which was granted authority by – well, by whichever few hundred people were in Zuccotti Park that day.

    Bravo to them. It’s not OWS’s job to hone their demands to a sound bite. It’s their job to AGITATE for change. And they are doing it more successfully than anything we’ve seen on the progressive side of politics since the Vietnam War.

    Compare them to the Tea Party, if you will, as as the media is now happily doing, and as polls favoring OWS wildly over the Tea Party are doing. As one commentor above said, and I paraphrase, they don’t make your skin crawl. And they’ve successfully changed the conversation in the media and in much of the nation away from the absurd deficit-reduction-uber-alis to much more fitting economic justice.

    Kudos to everyone involved. I hope they can get lots of air time for their ad. (and yes, that one guy is really cute)

  9. D.R.H. says

    ZLICK, people don’t want a unified, simply-stated message. That’s a Fox talking point that simpletons have latched onto in an attempt to discredit OWS as disorganized and ineffectual. But you’re exactly right, how could a movement that represents the many hardships and frustrations of millions of people worldwide be simplified into on message? It can’t and it shouldn’t be.

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