1. LincolnLounger says

    Gee, I hope he had time to also tell us what a “hero” that brutal dictator, Hugo Chavez is. Oh, that’s right, he was “elected”.

  2. Alex says

    I mean….I agree. Sorry if that makes me a radical liberal nutjob, but in this case I just think it’s the reality.

  3. booka says

    He might be a hothead, but, at least he SAYS something…too many out there think the same but don’t bother to even try to bring the real issues to light. I could forgive his miss-step on other issues, but, I can’t forgive the crime of silence in the face of so much wrong.

  4. NoSleep4Sam says

    I don’t think Sean Penn is the best representative to convince our brothers of the error of their ways.

  5. Brett M. says

    He is exactly right. The Tea Party is a knee-jerk reaction to a Black president. Anyone who says anything contrary is either in denial, naive or a liar. Boom.

  6. Red says

    The ONLY reason the Tea Party formed was because they despised the idea of a black president. Bush ran up the deficit to record levels while he was in office and they said nothing. Obama comes in and they all start yelling about taking their country back. Sean Penn is right. They hate the changing demographics in this country and the President is a huge symbol of that.

  7. lewlew says

    Sean Penn is one of the ones who speak the truth despite anything else. Cheers, Mr. Penn, keep it up!

  8. Diogenes says

    Brett M., have you stopped being a racist?

    The charge of racism is a knee jerk reaction in and of itself. It is meant to stifle debate by giving the accused no viable answer.

  9. say what says

    yes and No

    is the tea party stocked full of racists? Yes

    Is it based on racism? No…it is based on the koch Brothers $ & agenda along with others of the 1% who started the tea party, finance the tea party, and set the policies of the tea party. The racists that make up the foot soldiers are just that….foot soldiers to be used/ the southern strategy for the 21st century

  10. graphicjack says

    It’s the ‘black’ elephant that’s in the room. We all know the only reason this nut-job party started was because America voted for a black president. Why no one else is saying this I can only attribute to cowardice. Call these mo-fo’ racists out.

  11. dvdinorl says

    In the absence of real facts, just say the worst possible thing imaginable about a group of people in general. If you say it often and repeat it with passion, other people will begin to begin to believe you.

  12. Max says

    Wolf! Wolf! Wooooolf! But no one cared because they’d heard it all too often, when, in fact, there was no wolf at all.

    I wonder if Sean Penn has something to say about OWS anti-Semitism?

  13. Red says

    So because there are some who are sick and tired of hearing about racism within the Tea Party and elsewhere we’re now supposed to doubt its existence? Because denial’s not going to end it.

  14. Boone says

    There’s no other explanation for the vitriol that’s been coming from the Republicans from the day Obama was elected. What else is a reasonable person to think when the leader of the fat, white, rich, southern Republicans (Mitch McConnell) states that their NUMBER ONE priority is to make sure that Obama is a one term president, BEFORE the man has even set foot in the White House, much less introduced any policy objectives?!?! A person can spend less than a minute reading the comments on right wing blogs to see that racism is not only present in modern day American, but it’s still ugly and still violent in it’s intent.

  15. says

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The Tea Party has nothing to do with taxes and everything to do with, ‘Get the black guy out of the Oval Office’.