1. TANK says

    I’ve never watched this stupid show, so I have no idea what it’s about, but why is the director making Zachary Quinto act so over the top, flaming, and queenish? Okay, so he’s gay in real life. But that doesn’t mean he should have to play the same type of role all the time now. Not all gay guys are interior decorators or homebodies… some of us are actually pretty rugged and manly! Now I know some of the catty bitches here won’t like me saying that, but I just have to keep it real; otherwise, I wouldn’t be Tank!

  2. stevenelliot says

    I know this scene is out of context. so Im not sure what zach’s character is so pissy about, but does he have to act so…..”bitter queen, party of one”? I agree with Tank. Blatantly prima-donna, merely for the hetero audience to differentiate him from the straights.

  3. Dean says

    In the context of the scene, combined with the other scene that EW posted, I think his character is putting up an act for the straight couples because…



    They are both pretending to be decorators (which is obvious not their actual profession by the look the give Vivienne when she says she loves what they do for living), helping the couple fix the house so it can be sold, so they don’t discover they are indeed not alive. You can see it when he mentions his partner is an EMT. That’s my take.

  4. Brian says

    Y’all need to get over yourselves. 1. If the actors weren’t comfortable with the scene, they wouldn’t have done it. 2. If you’d ever seen the show, then you would know exactly who these two men are. 3. Do you honestly think str8 people don’t know what a fluffer is? 4. How can you criticize something you’ve never seen? 5. Relax, people. No one is forcing you to watch it. If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t drink it. Jeez!

  5. Paul R says

    Like kids are going to do anything to the murder house on Halloween besides dare each other to ring the doorbell, then run away. Then the drunken teens will vandalize it.

    Seeing Quinto in several roles does make one wonder about the timing of his coming out. Was it intended as promo, or are the people behind his projects pissed off? Or was it truly just coincidence?

    Though I must say, his performance here didn’t seem like a huge caricature to me. I’ve met my share of gay guys who act exactly like that after a couple drinks, which is why I don’t hang out with all that many gay guys. And they’ve often had sober, nicer partners who have suffered through it. I’m not really concerned about whitewashing our community for straight people, since they can be plenty annoying too.

  6. Larry says

    If you have not been watching the show, you don’t get it! They are probably dead, ghosts or something. I don’t think any of this looked over the top! No one on this show is lovable or sweet.
    This ain’t “Will & Grace”!

  7. Rob West says

    The show is extraordinary, didn’t think it could possibly work as a series, there is no one to turn to as they are all potential psycho’s.
    Jessica Lang as the crazy neighbor is wonderful.
    Glad to see some from “Sixth Feet Under”. one more thing they borrow music from many film’s “Psycho”, Coppola’s “Dracula”. It’s great for Halloween.

  8. Randy* says

    First, Zachary said that his coming out was prompted by the recent suicide of gay teen Jamey Rodemeyer, who had made an “It Gets Better” video and that he realized he had to live openly, if he were to make any “contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality.” He has always been a big supporter of gay issues and has played gay characters before now.

    Second, I think this character may even be darker than Sylar was.

    Third, I wouldn’t mind a younger husband with a dark side.

  9. Jose Aguilar says

    Some people are never satisfied. You are screwed if you do and screwed if you don’t. Sad thing when someone places judgement on wether someone is too gay or too effeminate, really shame on you. As if being butch is better than not being butch. As for Mr. Quinto coming out. It is all good. Why place negative comments on this.

  10. Seamonster says

    Great show… if you haven’t seen any of the episodes, this looks totally bitchy and bazaar but makes perfect sense if you know what’s going on.

  11. Scott says

    Just watched the first two episodes last night and have to say I am intrigued! Jessica Lange is amazing in it – and I agree with another post, none of the people here are very likable. It’s twisted & Disturbing. Definitely watching more!

  12. Roman says

    Ugh, get over it, it’s a work of fiction. And as everyone mentioned, this fits right in with the nastiness level of all the other characters. If you’re looking for another side of gay, go watch weekend. If you’re looking for good, clean fun, go fly a kite.

  13. Nicole says

    They’ve got to be the couple that lived their before and were found dead by the maid. She did mention that they fought a lot, so I’m intrigued to see if they reenact the escalation of their fights getting worse. So far FX has done a great job of keeping this show, and hopefully the ratings aren’t affected by the sour negotiations going on between them and Directv. Next month Direct subscribers could have blank screens instead of FOX, National Geographic and some other channels. I’m glad I’ve got the DISH Network programming I get as an employee, so I don’t have to worry about missing American Horror Story or the new episodes of Archer.

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