1. dk says

    His coming out was clearly something he needed to do for himself since it wasn’t exactly breaking news, so for that I’m glad for him. Also kudos for doing it in a matter of fact manner instead of the cover of a magazine. The less it is sensationalized, the less of a sensation it becomes for the next person.

  2. Thomasina says

    @MrJ and jcrew0813: Are you both suggesting that Stanley Tucci is secretly gay? Because he was married for about 15 years to a woman, and when he had a very high-profile, reputation-damaging affair during that marriage, it was with another woman (Edie Falco, his costar in the play “Frankie and Johnnie in the Clair de Lune”). Apparently, Tucci’s wife was able to forgive him once his fling with Falco was done, because they were still married until she died about two years ago. Stanley Tucci has *played* gay characters a few times, but it’s not reasonable to assume that he is gay just because of that. Also, I disagree that Tucci looked uncomfortable in that clip while Quinto was talking; I think you’re just projecting your own interpretation onto what is really a very neutral facial expression.

  3. says

    And, ironically, no comments about the presence of Penn Badgley? Whether he is or not, there certainly has been a lot of Blind Items about Mr. Badgley and Shawn Pyfrom…

    This might be the most ambiguous cast in the history of film…or, at least the one currently soon to be released.

  4. T. Hayes says

    @ Michael Strangeways: Quinto is an ordinal Spanish number, which in English is “fifth.” If the etymology of his name is Spanish, then the original pronunciation would be keen-toe. His family may have Anglicized the pronunciation however.

    By-the-way, Spanish ordinal numbers are usually limited to use with a person’s name. For example, King Ferdinand V = Rey Ferdinand el Quinto.

  5. vann says

    yeah, no need to hate on stanley tucci for being FABULOUS despite the fact that he’s (mostly? who knows…) into women. and good for zach. proud of you!!

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