Religious Leaders Demand Honduran Government Bar Entry to Ricky Martin Because He’s a Gay Dad


Catholic and Evangelical leaders in Honduras say that they have asked the governement to bar entry to Ricky Martin because he's a gay dad, FOX News Latino reports:

The pop star, who is set to perform in the country on Oct. 16 in the Chochi Sosa stadium in Tegucigalpa, Honduras as part of his Música + Alma + Sexo (MAS) tour, has church leaders scrambling to halt his entrance, reports the Honduran daily El Heraldo.

The Minister of Interior of Honduras, Áfrico Madrid, claims that Evangelical and Catholic leaders have solicited that he deny a visa to Martin in order to “protect the moral and ethical principles of our society.”

Madrid claims that the religious leaders particularly object to Martin's non-traditional family. “His nuclear family is not the type of family that Honduran society, and laws, approve of."

The Honduran Secretary of State tells daily newspaper El Heraldo that it has not received an official petition from religious leaders.


  1. says

    right. because Honduras is a bastion of peace and freedom with no crime and introducing a Gay Father into their country could really disrupt things.

    sorta like how Jamaica is justified in their violent anti-gay culture because, you know, Jamaica doesn’t have any issues with poverty or crime to deal with….just gays.

  2. Mona says

    What a wonderful use of the Church’s time and energy! As soon as they take care of banning gays, maybe they can devote a little effort to poverty and corruption. But only if it’s no trouble…

  3. Randy says

    It’s increasingly clear that christians have taken Christ out of christianity and are also increasingly taking on terrorist tactics to fight their moral agenda. I’m sick of it and ready to fight back.

  4. Mark says

    I think somewhere along the way ‘morals’ have become a chess piece in the political game so people can get what they want, hate want they want, etc.

    You can’t legislate morals. They differ from person to person, race to race, class to class.

    And the fact that people think you can, or want to, is laughable.

  5. Hue-Man says

    If they weren’t serious, this would be hilarious. Is this conversion automatic, i.e. go to concert straight, come home gay? Do straight women who attend the concert turn into lesbians? Is it only people who attend the concert who are converted or is there a “Ricky’s in Honduras so I’m going to become gay” effect? Groucho Marx question: If you attend only half the concert, do you convert to bisexuality? This really is La Vida Loca!

  6. Steve says

    Who will be hurt by this? The many businesses who benefit from Ricky Martin’s concert appearance, not the church. This is criminal. I hope Ricky stands up to them and threatens to cancel his concert. That will have ramifications.

  7. Mr.Bates says

    Living here (Honduras) I was very surprised to see that Ricky was a) actually going to perform here, and b) that they were promoting his concert at all.

    These “religious” leaders asking for the ban isn’t so surprising, even though their IS some progress being made with how open they are to whores, mistresses, having so many kids out of wedlock and then not supporting them. It’s progress. They’re even open to looking the other way when people are murdered for being lgbt (particularly Transgender).

  8. SFShawn says

    Obviously the church has a lot of free time and endless amounts of ‘tax free’ money to play politics. I hope Ricky Martin cancels and tells the KKKatholic Church to F’off.

  9. Francis says

    Just another example of how so many “religious” folk really are just hiding behind a book to justify a hate crusade against LGBT citizens.

    As has been said, with all the problems in countries such as Honduras or Jamaica, in African countries like Uganda, to devote so much time discriminating against gay people is just so incredibly backwards. But not surprising since these people consider us the scourge of humanity and at fault for all of the worlds’ problems.

  10. Bobby says

    As a dad whose kids are older now, I look at that pic above and see two really cute little boys, and a daddy whose look of complete joy and adoration is as authentic as you can get in this life. Looks like a legitimate family to me. So the problem is . . . ?

  11. Redebbm says

    That is just cruel. I can’t think of anyone more loving, and the perfect figure of a father than Ricky, he should hold a family event in Honduras to show that families don’t have to be as religious leaders deem them to be.

  12. Katie says

    What insane people! Ricky Martin is not only a popstar; he’s a humanitarian who has done a lot to bring attention to the horrors of human trafficking( which is a big problem in Honduras, by the way). Maybe if these “religious” leaders spent more time helping Ricky fight the good fight against the sex trade and less time worrying about his sex life, they might actually approach acting like decent human beings. I think I know which one Jesus would be more concerned with.

  13. castaway says

    There are outspoken religious “leaders” in every country. Just look at this blog and it seems that most of them are in the US.

    Let’s not start judging small, poor countries that have been left behind 20 years or more from the rest of the world.

    The idea of refusing to send aid for disaster relief because of a few bigots is a bit wacked I would say.

  14. Pao says

    Im honduran and this is a joke. Every morning we wake up to dozens of bodies found i. The streets because of narco money, kids are killing each other because of soccer team “gangs”, over 80 percent of the population lives i. Poverty and are illeterate but lets take time to worry about ricky martin coming to honduras! The tragedy!

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