1. Rin says

    Not to be Debby Downer but…isn’t this just America?

    How many kids go without healthcare, school lunches, heat, etc?

    We aren’t exactly the most loving warm-hearted nation on the planet. This is just more of the same old “every man for himself” attitude that Reagan brought in with him.

  2. says

    RICH is an obvious member of N.O.M. which is, btw, the right arm of the Catholic Church and everything evil about America. N.O.M. – supported by Rick Perry. Michele Bachman (and her ridiculous husband) will do and say anything to destroy gay marriage. N.O.M. is “doing it” to line their pockets and keep religion in control of America. Happily for the gay community the American people see right through their phony schtick.

  3. J says

    selfish gay people who choose to have children knowing that problems like these will happen.

    I know life is unfair to us,so why do we choose to let kids suffer too?

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