1. Cam says

    Easy, She needed a wedding for the show. The got it done, the show has now broadcast it, now they can have another special about the divorce.

    Glad that hetros take their marriages so seriously.

  2. One of the CA 36,000 says

    So let me see.

    I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for three YEARS; I’m destroying the institution of marriage.

    This no-talent whore with a fat ass and a sex tape has been married TWICE, once to goose up the ratings of her “reality” TV show. And her second marriage doesn’t survive three MONTHS. But she’s defending the “sanctity” of the “holy sacrament of marriage”.

    Why aren’t NOM’s spokescattle, Maggie “Jabba the Hater” Gallagher Srivastav and Brian “Bitter Tears” Brown condemning these losers’ cavalier attitude toward marriage?!

  3. Bart says

    I was so sad over this news someone had to spray glycerine in my eyes so I could look like I had cried.

    When you give up reality for money, reality has a way of biting you in your very big behind.

  4. Jerry says

    What are the etiquette rules on returning the wedding gifts in this type of situation ? are there any ? I checked and couldn’t find anything. Would they also have to refund any product endorsement payments from the wedding and/or reception ?

  5. Niel M says

    I think most guests will see Kimmy K’s wedding for the grifting sham it is. It’s doubtful at best Kimmy K or any Kardashian would take the ethical high ground and offer to return gifts. After all, they have zero philanthropic participation; they only show up if they get paid to. I’m guessing the “marriage” lasted just long enough to fulfill the multi-million dollar media contracts…

  6. Niel M says

    From There are many things that you must deal with during divorce proceedings, and the return or division of wedding gifts may not be high on your list of priorities. However, when little time has passed between the wedding and divorce, it is necessary to decide what to do with the wedding gifts you received. Whom the gifts came from and their value are particular considerations that will determine what happens to the gifts.

    According to Merriam-Webster, a gift is “something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation.” Etiquette decrees that offering to return gifts is honorable and appropriate under certain circumstances, such as a short lived marriage. However, etiquette is not definitive, and your own moral standards may not lead you to think returning the gifts is necessary.
    If the marriage has been short in length, for example, less than one year, it would be appropriate etiquette to offer the gifts back to the people who gave them. A brief but sincere note stating that the marriage has ended and that you understand that the giver may want their gift returned will suffice. The giver can then contact you to arrange a return if she wants to.

  7. TANK says

    Well, I must say, what a bunch of jealous, grumpy, middle-aged queens decided to post their snarky views this morning! I think all this bashing of my Kim K is just because some of the bitches around here wish they had that big, sexy hubby themselves. Yeah, he’s about as bright as a 15 watt bulb, but with that muscular body and that man-sized love muscle, he won’t be lonely for companionship, that’s for sure! Now everyone, please back off and show a little respect for a lovely young lady who’s going through a tough time right now!

  8. luminum says

    SAY WHAT: A few? She reportedly brought in $18 million dollars.

    I get that Kim Kardashian is pro-marriage equality, but it’s not really so much about her personally as it is with a society that accepts any heterosexual being able to marry anyone, even a perfect stranger, make an $18 million dollar profit off of their wedding, use it as a piece of publicity media, then get divorced in less than 3 months and start all over again, and then turn around and tell same-sex couples that marriage is “too sacred” an institution for them to access.

    Anyone who thinks that same-sex marriage is just not right to being aggressively anti-marriage equality who barely batted an eye at this is a hypocrite and a moron.

  9. says

    People who don’t take marriage seriously really tick off the folks that don’t have the right. Ms. K is a fame whore, pure and simple, and her marriage was nothing but a “story arch” in the series that she calls life. Shame on all of them. Maybe this will put a stop to the Kardashian foolishness and, at the very least, Ryan Seacrest will see the light.

  10. BOB says

    Ha Ha.

    KK filing for divorce and pocketing nearly $8 million for 72 days of a sham marriage. Unfortunately, in today’s America that results in KK. 1. All others. 0.

  11. M. Scott Hernandez says

    A publicity stunt that paid millions? She’s NOT as stupid as she looks, asks or speaks. Next week-A new reality show that covers the divorce.

  12. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Pre-Nup or not, I wonder if Mr. Humphries can still sue her for fraud?

    Or get the Pre-Nup annulled based on fraudulent-contract if the Pre-Nup conditions aren’t favorable to him?

  13. says

    There you have it: Kim Kardashian can marry–in a lavish fairy-tale wedding, of course–and divorce her husband after 72 days of marriage and get married again as soon as those divorce papers are dry, as long as it is to another man, whereas a gay or lesbian couple that has been together for, say, 20 or 30 years cannot marry at all in the US, or if they can marry, their decades of commitment, unlike Kim’s 72 days of “commitment,” is not recognized by the federal government as long as DOMA is in place. Trick or treat?!

    Another perfect illustration of the stupendous ludicrousness of saying heterosexuals deserve the right to get married and we don’t.

  14. Matt says

    This is bothersome to me because she earned $17.2 million from the wedding and is probably earning millions more from the divorce.

    It’s a sad commentary on America that this sort of thing is rewarded at all.

  15. anthony says

    If she can get married on a whim for the second is wrong that we can’t get married after we have been with our partners after decades….in my case 15 years. Equal rights for all….really ??? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  16. kit says

    Given that she has been up front about her support of marriage equality, I’m wondering if she hasn’t just made a big pro-equality point for us all. Instead of bashing her, maybe we should be thanking her for showing the absurdity of anti-marriage-equality laws so clearly and concisely. She just handed us all a huge talking point on a silver platter.

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