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Rick Santorum Lies, Says Obama Ordering Military to Marry Gays: VIDEO


Rick Santorum lied today at the Values Voter Summit about the Pentagon's recent directive allowing military chaplains to marry same-sex partners, Think Progress reports.

Said Santorum: "...he has instructed his military chaplains to marry people in direct contravention — marry gays and lesbians — in direct contravention to the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage in federal law as between a man and a woman. So not only did the President not defend the law, he has now instructed people in the military to break the law."

In fact, the Pentagon's directive clearly states that "a chaplain is not required to participate in or officiate a private ceremony if doing so would be in variance with the tenets of his or her religion or personal beliefs."

Santorum also vowed to protect opposite sex marriage in every state.

Watch both clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

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