1. Karl says

    I count 6. Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan make 5 and nebulous adventure spanning border regions of several East African states makes 6.

  2. walter says

    rush limbaugh is nothing but a drug addicted bigot who says things to inflame the radical right wing and make himself tons of money. he really doesn’t care if children get hurt as look as he can make a buck.

  3. NHbrooklyn says

    They forget that we’re not a christian country, we have no national religion. We have unfortunately made ourselves the world’s police force and that means stopping people and groups from harming others even if they are “Christians”

  4. says

    Rush Limbaugh comes to the defense of a mass-murdering, child-raping spirit-channeler who has an army 400-strong, mostly made up of children whose parents he killed.

    Rush comes to his defense because he’s a Christian and in the bible, it’s OK to kill children’s parents, sell the girls into sexual slavery and force the boys to become soldiers in your holy war.

    Or something.

  5. anon says

    He seems grossly misinformed. The LRR really isn’t christian more than in name only. It’s more of a cult of personality.

  6. Bill_HB says

    Anyone have, or know where I can find, a list of this lying egomaniac’s sponsers?
    I think emails to all of them are in order to point out that they are sponsoring someone who supports child rape and slavery.

  7. Bobby says

    This just makes me absolutely sick. Only Rush Limbaugh could come up with a way to support the bastard.

  8. scollingsworth says

    Iranians used a lot of the same propaganda in overthrowing the Shah of Iran back in ’79. Wonder what Rush thinks of the outcome of that? I’m sure he thinks it’s a different set of rules for Christians than Muslims.

  9. Max says

    Let me summarize this OpEd: President Obama sending people to war is good. Rush Limbaugh is bad.

    Good thing Obama’s doing it and not Bush.

  10. Gregv says

    Bill HB: I don’t have a list, but I do remember that Limbaugh used to take a sponsored moment out of every program to sip and praise Snapple iced tea. I used to buy that stuff, and I haven’t had a sip of Snapple ever since I saw that sponsorship.

  11. jason says

    Why is Obama making a deal with the devil to fight the demon? As far as I’m concerned, both the LRA and the Ugandan government are vile specimens.

  12. Rowan says


    You thick piece of …..

    One os the president if the most backward war hungry right wing country in the world and the other is a radio show host who….why?

    Let’s think who has the pressure here…?


    Personally,I think Obama is stupid as hell for wanting to lead America. A bunch of odious, mean and nasty right wingers. I wouldn’t know about the left because they are so sanctimonious and reactionary to do anything progressive.

  13. Max says

    “I wouldn’t know about the left because they are so sanctimonious and reactionary to do anything progressive.”

    Well, Rowan, at least we agree on that.

    You are obviously superior to all of us in America. But guess which country’s gonna get stuck bailing you morally righteous Europeans out after your little EU monetary adventure falls apart? (Hint: It’s that same fascist, imperial empire that saved you from the Nazis.)