News: Steven Tyler, Super Broccoli, Virginia, Sea World

Road'Super Broccoli' on the way.

RoadFreedom to Work: New group forms to push for passage of ENDA.

WilliamsburgRoadTumblr: Halloween or Williamsburg?

RoadPhoto: Steven Tyler's newly busted face.

RoadGay activist Peter Tatchell defends Christian housing worker who was demoted over remarks about same-sex marriage: "In a democratic society, he has a right to express his point of view, even if it is misguided and wrong. Freedom of speech should only be limited or penalised in extreme circumstances, such as when a person incites violence against others. Mr Smith's words did not cross this threshold."

RoadJonathan Groff returning to Glee as coach.

RoadWill any straight actors win the Oscar for playing gay this year?

RoadVirginia's Board of Social Services puts off consideration of anti-discrimination adoption regulations.

RoadSame-sex civil unions in Queensland? Queensland MP Fiona Simpson under fire for 2002 speech supportive of "ex-gay" therapy. "Community Services Minister Karen Struthers branded Ms Simpson’s past comments as 'way out of touch and patronising', saying the promotion of Exodus was disturbing.

RoadDennis Quaid, looking good at 57.

RoadThe Hobbit boys from The Lord of the Rings have a 10-year reunion.

PicOftheDayRoadMormon Church flier warns against cross-gender dressing for Halloween.

RoadFlorida Baptist retreat cuts off 28-year relationship with church after it discovers it is gay-affirming.

RoadShirley Maclaine offers a WTF explanation for homosexuality: "One of the explanations for homosexuality and transgenderism could, I believe, be a profound identification with a recent incarnation as a member of the opposite sex. I believe each one of us has had both male and female lifetimes."

RoadDiller von Furstenberg Family Foundation gives $20 million to help complete NYC's High Line park.

RoadCarrot Top describes kissing Elton John: "I invited Elton John and he said, 'Oh, yeah, we would love to come to your show.' He hasn't. And he gave me a big, wet kiss. Haven't washed my face since. And then he shook my girlfriend's hand. And she said, 'What was that about?' and I said, 'It's Elton John!' It was a little weird, though. But I went in for it. There was tongue, a little bit. It was like 'Rocket Man.'"

NphRoadNeil Patrick Harris puts the gloves on for HIMYM.

RoadPolice investigate threatening note left under door of LGBT Center at Montclair State University: 'The white paper said: "You will feel the wrath of Allah/ Your thoughts are immoral/ homosexuality is sin/ Allah says you must pay.'"

RoadPETA sues Sea World on behalf of whales: "A lawsuit filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in federal court in San Diego names five killer whales as plaintiffs against SeaWorld. The whales argue they have been illegally enslaved in violation of the Constitution’s 13th Amendment and should be freed."

RoadShayne Ward shows off his new hair.

RoadYale School of Medicine targets LGBT applicants: "Last month, the medical school released a LGBTQ-specific admissions brochure and plans to release this material in the official informational packets starting with next year’s entering class. Joseph Rojas MED ’11, who designed the pamphlets, said LGBTQ applicants often go to schools in major metropolitan areas rather than Ivy League institutions like Yale, and these brochures will attempt to combat this trend."


  1. Bobby Fontaine says

    BREAKING NEWS – a gruesome tale of how Steven Tyler’s assistant Ray Tabano tried to kill Tyler’s teenage girlfriend to get rid of Tyler’s unborn child. When she survived the fire, Tyler forced her to abort their baby boy while surrounded by doctors and lawyers as he snorted cocaine. His aborted son (later named Mike by Julia) however survived the horrifying late term procedure. He was left to suffocate as his father watched him gasp his first and last breaths of life – Julia Holcomb Interview Part 1 –

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Go on, Shirley. You tell that damn Rick on Towleroad what homosexuality is all about :-)

    I love Shirley Maclaine. She’s crazy as she wants to be and proud of it.

    ….I am woman hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore….

    Come on, Rick, sing along with me. According to Miss Shirley you got it in you, doll.

  3. luminum says

    Oh PETA. It’s like you WANT people to tell you you’re wrong, even if your idea is right. You’re so stupid. Here’s a carrot. Go off and play, dear.

  4. sleepy bear says

    shirley’s good people. that limb she’s been out on over the years may be a bit warped, but she’s good to us. we certainly have much worse to worry about.

  5. says

    RE: Yale’s “LBGTQ-specific” admissions: Any doctor who’s dumb enough to identify himself as “Q” (queer) is a doctor I don’t want treating me. I have been tolerant of the alphabet soup method of labeling gender-neutral people, but I’m becoming less tolerant all the time. I am GAY! There’s only so much community spirit I’m willing to put up with, especially when the “community” doesn’t really exist.

  6. ohplease says

    Stuffed Animal, have you considered that the reason some people don’t identify as gay is because of gay people like you?

    I’m glad there’s a label that’s inclusive but still repels those who aren’t. Nobody cares what you tolerate. Other peoples’ right to identify themselves isn’t about you and your limitations.

  7. Denise says

    Gee, I can’t imagine why McLean so casually confuses homosexuality with transgenderism. Maybe it is because by using the false and deceptive “LGBT” term, we are helping to confuse and mislead the world.

    There is no such thing as LGBT. Gay is fundamentally different from transgender. Lumping the two concepts together is a lie.

  8. Max says

    With a name like Queensland, I’m surprised same-sex marriage isn’t already man-dated. Ba dam dam.

    I’m siding with PETA on this one. Free all the willies.

    I call BS on the threatening letter. Muslims don’t say “wrath of Allah.”

    Lol @ Halloween or Williamsburg. Just go down the stairs at Union Square to the L train platform, and you’re already in a different world.

  9. DeeperStill says


    There’s a G in there for you as well. You claim that, and let others claim what they like. Is that too hard for you? Or did I miss the vote on you being our new mind police?

    You really should realize by now, that practically no one cares about your twisted opinions. How long have you been running your sad, lil “blog”? And how many people follow it?

    Still just the two…?

  10. B-rod says

    BOBBY FONTAIN – Please spam other comment boards with you anti-abortion screed. Not here.

    And for what its worth – “breaking news” isn’t stuff that happened 35 years ago (and has been well documented elsewhere. It’s just the anti-abortion freaks seizing on it for publicity.


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