1. Jeff Atwood says

    So what is the U.S. Attorney’s office in Portland, Oregon doing about gay civil rights, my right to marry, my right to serve, my right to work, my right to a family, my right to housing, etc.? Isn’t is disingenuous to reassure adolescents about the future when they can still face discrimination as adults, reinforced by Federal laws (e.g., DOMA)?

  2. says

    More evidence that the IGB Project is a Gay-friendly face mask for hetero-bigotry to hide behind: Oregon has a ban on same-gender marriage in its Constitution. Politicians: Two faces, one head, forked tongue!

  3. Correctomundo says

    If Oregon has a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, that has nothing to do with the office of the US Attorney, which is federal.

    The US Attorney’s office has no power to force a state to change any law that is not in conflict with the US Constitution or a federal law.

  4. Nathan says

    Comparing oranges and apples..these guys are at the federal level and not at the state this is an anti-bullying campaign..not a marriage equality campaign..they have no control over the state constitution..however..I give them props for the fact that they are based in a state with with such an amendment and yet they are speaking primarily to the LGBT community in this video.