1. Feral says

    @Jerry, “tutor” is the term at Harvard for someone who is basically an academic or social advisor. They advise everyone in a given residential house, for example.

  2. Jerry says

    This is great, those guys are terrific. What’s more you know at given times they have been cruised or hit on by other guys, and they are not freaked out, homophobic or obsessing about showers. They are really great guys.

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    @ T and Sam: Good heavens! Why on earth should appreciation for a person’s good looks label one as a predator? By the same token, why on earth should support for gay athletes suggest that those expressing the sentiment are on the DL? Can’t you folks say or think something original? Truly, you’re both exposing your own demons in such claims. The appreciation of beauty doesn’t necessarily imply the desire to have sex, any more than support for an ideal confesses one’s complicity in that behavior. Should we presume the same patterns for both of you?

  4. human bein' says

    This is awesome.

    (This is in great contrast to the widespread hate I experienced when I went to college in the ’80s. I’m lucky I wasn’t a suicide, myself.)

    Ivy League schools generate many future leaders, of course.

    This is likely to shake and disturb Peter LaBarbera down to his alleged soul. Maybe it’s best for him that he not know about it.

  5. Contrarian says

    Who even knew Harvard men engaged in such a downmarket blue-collar sport? Crew(rowing) and swimming and tennis, yes, but sweaty grappling? OK, that was pure sarcasm. Seriously, the Ivies get it but don’t expect highly rated college wrestling teams (like Nebraska which had two wrestlers kicked out for doing gay internet erotica) to hold similar views.

  6. Tom Crisp says


    The great fear of the anti-gay forces is that people will, as the chant goes, “get used to it.” This is another vital sign that this is exactly what is happening in our country.

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