1. gabriel says

    I find it weird that there wasn’t one “gay” moment in that video. I guess I live in a different New York, because I see it everywhere I go.

  2. Jack says

    Agreed. No gay marriage celebrations, no drag queens, no gay pride parade – must have been too busy putting 45 freaking Rangers game scenes in there.

    Beautifully shot, but should be retitled “A Year In White, Straight New York City.”

  3. Steve Krotz says

    When Mr Clancy gave it the title of “A Year In New York City” it’s reasonable to expect, at the very least, shots of the Gay Pride Parade. But he chose not to include anything at all that would represent the LGBT community. I can’t believe that was just an oversight and not an outright homophobic act on his part. I’m also a little upset that Towleroad chose to publish it on this website which, up until now, I’ve had great respect for and have followed closely for several years.

  4. Alfonso Matias Jr says

    It’s a very pretty video. I too was looking for some kind of a gay moment but in reality, NYC is a big place. Lots of other cultures weren’t included. So I took it as it is, a very pretty video. And S. Krotz, lose respect for Towleroad for posting a pretty video? Come on, there are more important things to worry about.

  5. Dan says

    I’m sure there were plenty of Gay people in there. Just because they weren’t waiving rainbow flags doesn’t mean they were not in there. There was a cool butt shot of one cop, that was pretty Gay!