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NEWS: Dodgeball Ninjas, Bach, And Bad Astronomy

Road This kid is a dodgeball ninja.

Road Corporations vs. DOMA: Microsoft, Google, Aetna, Nike, Levi Strauss, Starbucks, CBS, Time Warner Cable, and others speak out.

Road Michelle Bachmann on the creation of the capital:

You see, there’s a reason our Founding Fathers decided to establish our political capital in a different city than our financial capital. It’s time for us to reaffirm the wisdom of that decision by getting Washington D.C. out of free markets. I’m running for president because I understand the difference between free markets and Bernie Madoff style government.

Road Liz Jones on the theft of her boyfriend's sperm:

Because he wouldn’t give me what I wanted, I decided to steal it from him. I resolved to steal his sperm from him in the middle of the night. I thought it was my right, given that he was living with me and I had bought him many, many M&S ready meals.

Road Interact with the beauty of Bach.

Road "If you're a bigot when you're angry, you're a bigot all the time." Also, a moron.

Road Why do you lie so much?

Road Australian PM stands alone against marriage equality.

Road Standing On Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Play in over 40 theaters.

Road Bierberisme.

Road And more, bitchier Bierberisme.

Road Just Jared recaps Patrick Schwarzenegger profile from Interview.

NASAReentry Road A whole mess of Phil Plait's awesome science blogging:

An iceberg is born.

October's solar blast, seen from the side.

Progress 42 re-entering the Earth's atmosphere, AFTER THE JUMP! (Explanation for what you're seeing here.)


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  1. Hey, can you fix the dodgeball link? It goes to the sperm-stealer article.

    Posted by: Scot Colford | Nov 5, 2011 7:55:24 PM

  2. The Schwarzenegger link is wrong in addition to the dodgeball link.

    Posted by: Stephen | Nov 5, 2011 8:36:01 PM

  3. Here is the correct dodgeball video link:


    Posted by: Stephen | Nov 5, 2011 8:44:04 PM

  4. Hi! Sorry about that. I fixed both links, which took a little longer than it shouldve. (Ive got no modem at my house just now, and Im working from a phone via 3G. Hard to wrangle with HTML that way.) Thanks for looking out ...

    - BKT

    Typos courtesy of iPhone and Autocorrect.

    Posted by: Brandon K. Thorp | Nov 5, 2011 9:31:21 PM

  5. The Tami Said article on bigotry and Kelly Osbourne worked, so thanks for that. Definitely some food for thought . . . and probably some controversy. While I think that people can say some ugly things about people who have broken their hearts and not mean them, one has to wonder if the person says/thinks those things in a non-heartbroken situation.

    If a guy broke up with me to date a woman (if I hadn't known he was a bisexual), I don't know how I'd verbally react. I'd like to think I wouldn't react this way. But then again, if I were a celebrity (full disclosure: I'm not), I'd like to think I'd be more careful of what I'd say in public, not that that would excuse what I'd say in private.

    It's a conundrum of sorts. But I'm mostly with the author of the piece.

    Posted by: finkles2000 | Nov 5, 2011 9:34:25 PM

  6. Michele Bachmann, "I'm running for President because I love to suck down a glass or two (or more) of sacramental wine every night. The visions I have while toasted are gonna rock the world."

    Posted by: bkmn | Nov 5, 2011 10:01:10 PM

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  9. HISTORICAL CORRECTNESS: The United States capital is located where it is due to a compromise among the 13 colonies. It was purely a geographical decision. In fact, I believe Richmond, Virginia was the financial center when the capital was built.

    Posted by: Jeff | Nov 6, 2011 9:10:40 AM

  10. Would someone please tell Michele Bachmann that our nation's first capital city was, wait for it, New York City. Boy, she is stupid.

    Posted by: Correcting Michele | Nov 6, 2011 9:35:14 AM

  11. The tranny's behavior is despicable. A sell-out whore who ruined Kelly's relationship. Who cares if it is a tranny, a man or a woman? The behavior is worse than anything Kelly did. Kelly is a bigot? The tranny is a scumbag, selling a sleazy story for cash. Let's see how long the tranny's new love lasts...before she does something else equally base?

    Posted by: aloha | Nov 6, 2011 9:37:57 AM

  12. Oops. Should have written "capitol city." How embarrassing. Don't tell Michele.

    Posted by: Correcting Michele | Nov 6, 2011 10:01:51 AM

  13. As Correcting Michele said, NYC was the first capital. Maybe someone should tell MB what Federal Hall is. The political capital only moved to DC because Thomas Jefferson wanted it there because he had a more agrarian vision of the new country and he thought the capital should better situated to reflect that.

    Posted by: MT | Nov 7, 2011 9:04:15 AM

  14. @Correcting Michele. You were right the first time. The Capital is the city. The Capitol is the building. :-)

    Posted by: MT | Nov 7, 2011 9:05:51 AM

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