1. Jamian says

    Rick, you’re the poster child of self hate on here, and with out even knowing so…you perefectly illustrate to other gays who have moments and thoughts of internalized homophobia…just how vile internalized homophobia is. I was one of them. I never realized how much my thoughts mirrored yours and it took commentators on here calling you and your issues out (in logical and matter of fact manners) for me to see my own flaws. In society, it’s those who are most flawed (mentally) that enable us to see right from wrong. You are so wrong on so many different levels…..but are flawless at showcasing what NOT to be.

  2. Fan of festive says

    @ Jamian. FANTASTIC post. Articulate and sooo true. Let the self haters die in their own misery, but let it be a reminder of what not to be.

    On a sidnote, Chris Armstrong really is a confident, fearless and well rounded hero for MANY gays and lesbians. This kid really needs to go into politics as he would be of such great value.

  3. FunMe says

    What a cutie pie. Now I see why the close queen Shirvell was going after him. He can’t face the fact that the objection of his obsession is a well-adjusted, smart, happy and content man.

    Love how Chris is taking a negative and making it a really big positive. I wish his family the best – I’m sure they will succeed in helping others. Good job!