1. Alex says

    @ Disgusted American No, shes jsut another career politician. She wont have dinner with them until after the vote, and then she can say “Well its already been voted on, theres nothing I can do.”

  2. Mary says

    What is this woman’ss problem? If they won the auction then she should do the honorable thing and have the dinner with them. There’s no reason why she can’t just politely explain her position on gay marriage. People who disagree politically can still get along with each other.

  3. peterparker says

    I loathe Julia Gillard. At least those opposed to marriage equality here in the U.S. cite their religious convictions (however irrational and wrongheaded they may be). Julia Gillard, on the other hand, has made public her atheism. She has no reason to oppose marriage equality except her own bigotry and political opportunism. She sucks.

  4. James C says

    The sad thing is this woman is supposed to be Australia’s version of a Democrat. Also, the western leader making the most inroads in the current fight for LGBT rights is strangely a conservative (Cameron). I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

  5. Jose S. says

    She is a liberal, an atheist, a pro-Palestinian convert, a pro-evolutionist, but according to the ‘Rules’ this is the correct formula to be ‘pro-gay’ yet she is a homophobe…

    Meanwhile David Cameron is a christian, pro-Israel, has questioned evolution before, and a conservative and this is the formula for the ‘bad guys’ but YET he supports and will legalize gay marriage…

    Ok brandon looks like you have a lot of esplaining tu doo…

  6. Castro Craig says

    I’ve seen politicians that turned out to be weasels, but this is the first time I’ve seen one elected that physically looks like a weasel in addition to being one.

  7. Blade says

    She was foolish to offer this as a prize at any auction, obviously a majority of those bidding would want to have dinner with her to discuss issues and not just for the “honor of meeting her”. Now that she’s made the mistake its time for her to stand up (or rather, Getup) and do it.

  8. jason says

    And to think that so many Austrlian gays – the twits that they are – were fooled into voting for this woman at the last election!

    Memo to Aussie gays: you’re twits – twits, twits, twits.

  9. Stufromoz says

    The problems here are twofold. First, she is obviously a busy person, and timing is always a challenge.

    Secondly, tho she is from the left side of her political party, she is beholden to the right of the Labor Party to stay their leader. THEY do not want Equal Marriage under any circumstances, so she has to speak out against it in public, no matter what, simply to keep her grasp on power, till her popularity improves. The joke is, if she showed some balls on this, her popularity with the general public would actually improve. At the cost of her support within the party room, which she needs to remain PM. Having said that, expect to see the ALP to formally come out in favour of same sex marriage at their national conference, after which she will be freer to make some moves in favour…

  10. Stufromoz says

    Oh, and @ JASON – Yes, Gillard may not be the big friend of the gays, but Abbott was even less of a friend. Most of the ALP candidates in the gay ghetto seats are major friends of the gays in the party room and the house. Tho I am no fan of the ALP these days, they were our best hope at the rep level. At the senate level, the greens were far away the better option, and they did get an increased vote remember…

  11. Dominique says

    Statistically the majority of Australians are in support of gay marriage. One problem is, as with many other issues here..from a political standpoint what concerns our politicians are the marginal seats i.e. those electoral seats barely held onto by the dominant party and those they can win at the next election. As a result a determining factor will be what the majority think in these marginal electoral seats rather than what the majority think nation wide. The right wing of the Labor party are sadly also a strong contributing factor to the Governments agenda at the moment.
    A lot of the policy this government has passed through our Parliament has actually been very progressively left and socially reformist. Sadly this has been accompanied by a pandering to conservative fears at the morally lowest imaginable level.. all for the usual reasons.. power.. power.. power.

  12. ron says

    She reminds me a gay-hating female housemate I had in college. Some women demand equality for themselves, then gleefully attack gay men. They can be the worst enemies of gay men because they know you can’t punch their faces in.

  13. Michael Singh says

    I live in Australia. The politics is awful. Lots of useless good old boys.

    I would never vote for Julia Gillard or Labour. They are no friends of gay people. The Liberal party is worse.

    60% of Australians are supposedly in favour. However there is strong opposition.

    Fortunately we have some good independents like ‘The Greens’.

    Things will change.

  14. Francis says

    What this comes down to is, she’s trying to keep her a** in check, and in her eyes that means essentially going out of her way to be anti-gay. She’s a coward, obviously, has absolutely no backbone, and, like we’re seeing here in the States, she cares more about her job than she does about having principle. She feels if she doesn’t toe Labour party line, and she goes against “traditional marriage”, she’ll be out as PM. Also those pesky lesbian rumors are always there as well. Any connection to anything “gay” taints her image, in the eyes of herself and a large portion of her defenders.

    This is a glaring example of why we as a community need to appreciate those politicians who truly go to bat for us. Because the majority of them are as pathetic as Julia Gillard.

  15. LaQueefa Jackson says

    Everything about this coward is so dissapointing, even regardless of the no gay marriage stuff. she just sucks. such a shame the first female pm is such a dud

  16. Zandi says

    Yes, the headline is quite misleading. The dinner is set to be held in the new year. Conveniently AFTER the ALP national conference.

    Unfortunately, politics in Australia are currently a basket case, since most Australians gave the two major parties the finger at the last election. We ended up with a minority government that was beholden to the Greens and to the Independents. Which wasn’t an ideal situation. Recently we had a defection from Liberal to Labour, which leaves the incumbent government in a lot more stable position. Sadly, this won’t effect the outcome – Marriage Equality will be up for a conscience vote, and that means it’s pretty much going to fail. (The Liberal party will vote as a block to stop it (conscience, what’s that? lets vote on party lines), and the right leaning Labour MPs will also vote to stop it (conscience, I can vote the way I feel is right, damn my constituents), and that’s pretty much the majority right there, without taking into account the conservative independents.)

  17. GlendaSings says

    I think her views on gay marriage are abhorrent. One thing that we should keep in mind, however, is that this government changed 86 pieces of long held legislation that have made gay relationships legally equal in every way except for marriage. We are much, much better off than we were under any previous government.

    That doesn’t make her views on marriage OK, but they’ve certainly taken us much further than we’ve ever been.

  18. Paul says

    Gillard has made a massive political miscalculation thinking she was protecting her right flank. She could’ve said Yes to gay marriage, and Yes to a conscience vote and had it both ways (a conscience vote means it won’t pass into law).

    @Jose S. – for the record, Gillard is pro-Isreal, not pro-Palestine

    @Zandi – the Greens and Independents that the Govt is allegedly “beholden to” are much more progressive and smart than any in the major parties.

    @Jason – if she wasn’t our PM, then Tony Abbott (Catholic, arch-conservative, violent nutjob) would be. I know who I prefer, how imperfect.

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