1. CFOX says

    I personally blame Ronald Reagan for the Tea Party and evangelical hyper-nuts, Reagan closed the mental institutions that used to protect the public from these people. Since when did ignorance become valued ?

  2. mike/ says

    what amazes me is the idiocy of these people – they are too stupid to know that they are ignorant – that they can actually believe that a creature like a penguin can actually think in terms of male/female or gay/straight.

    well, maybe not! the Bachmann’s, Robertson’s, Fisher’s, Gallagher’s, et al might not really have the ability of doing higher order thinking where they can discern differences themselves; maybe the penguins actually are smarter than them…

  3. testington says

    On the one hand the species is endangered and I kinda want to say, “who cares they’re animals, animal companions get split up all the time for all sorts of reasons”. But at the same time the actual likelihood that the separation will result in either of them mating with a female is pretty low.

    Can penguins be artificially inseminated? Why not let the boys hang out together and every once in a while have somebody take one of them to the little room with the porno mags to jizz in a cup LOL

  4. Anon E. Mouse says

    @Testington: No they can’t be artificially inseminated. From the National Post:
    “As zoo animals go, penguins are particularly difficult to breed. If Pedro and Buddy were wood bison, zookeepers could simply extract their sperm and use it to artificially inseminate an eligible female. But among penguins, the labour-intensive process of incubating and hatching an egg is next to impossible for one parent.”

    The curator of Birds and Invertebrates at the Toronto Zoo, Tom Mason, said “if [Pedro and Buddy] weren’t genetically important, then we’d let them do their thing.”

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