1. E. Thor Carlson says

    So, let me get this straight; it’s OK to rub your dripping genitals and sweaty ass on my flag, but it’s not OK for someone to burn the same flag? What is wrong with people?

  2. say what says

    ok, they are goobers

    Its obvious from their tan lines this is a joke and probably the first time any of them wore speedos let alone flag speedos

    LOL its cute and goofy fun

  3. Paul R says

    Hmm. I only find one of them attractive.

    Barefootin’ using that approach isn’t hard. There’s a lot of stability. Try it using a rope. But my main question is, what was the reason for this video?

  4. jhr459 says

    Absolutely right Paul. I used to barefoot in my younger days, but we used a rope. I did cheat a bit, unlike my cousin who would just lie on his back to start – I used a ski under my butt to get up. I never really like barefootin though – much preferred the slalom.

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