1. Fruit-for-Peace says

    Wow, that’s one brave, strong girl. My heart goes out to her in her sorrow, and my thanks go out to her for her compassion and message to others.

  2. Barbara says

    Such a beautiful girl. Very brave & so bright.
    Her Mom must have been an exceptional woman to have raised such a lovely & thoughtful daughter. Thanks for the message Sweetie and take care of you.

  3. Rob P. says

    WOW…..Imagine the amazing woman this teenager will become. Her inspiration is wonderful. I love her positivity despite what life has shown her up until now. Very emotional video but very positive and filled with genuine love!!! THANK YOU!

  4. Jason says

    I can’t articulate what I’m feeling eloquently enough to do my emotions justice, but let’s just say I am so proud of this girl and in awe of her strength. I wish her nothing but the best in everything she does.

  5. Robbie says

    Dear Kait,
    Thank you for making this little personal ‘secrets’ video. Your story made me cry because it broke my heart but at the same time it filled me up so much I feel like bursting with love & joy. You are the type of person this world needs more of. Although you don’t see it, you deserve the title of “strongest girl”. You deserve it because of your strength in a time of great personal sorrow. It is never easy to lose a loved one and it is tragic that you had to be the one to find your mother as you did. This ranks way up there with someone battling an aggressive illness or someone serving their country. Each one is filled with adversity but it is how we deal with it in the end that truly matters. Because you are able to smile as your mother would’ve wanted you to that is what makes you strong and worthy of the title your friends have given you. I would’ve gone a bit further and accorded you with a title that included various adjectives such as Amazing, Inspirational, Brave, Courageous, and so much more as you are all of that and more. You have your mother’s beauty and a spirit that shines.
    Thank you for being you and s thank you to your mother for bringing you into this world!
    Thank you for your love. We love you!

  6. Barry Kemp says

    Wow , lady , you know how to speak loudly . I love your very simple message , and I hope many can see what you are saying . Or , in better English , hear .

  7. Rory says

    Very brave and very humbling. While I do not know the pain and suffering that contributed to her mother’s death, it is sad that she could not reach out to her daughter in time to help. But help sometimes doesn’t come for all of us. No matter how loudly we cry out.

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