News: Namibia, Orly Taitz, LGBT Books, God Particle, Illinois

RoadBirther Orly Taitz isn't giving up.

RoadIowa House Speaker: Gay marriage and abortion "largely off the table" in next session.

GrantwoodRoad92 authors pick their favorite LGBT books of the year.

RoadVIDEO: Man tries to swallow his virgin bride's face.

RoadMickey Rourke training with gay rugby team for Gareth Thomas biopic: "The 59-year-old has since been training with an amateur gay rugby team in Los Angeles for the past six months. Meanwhile, speculation remains on whether Rourke will be able to play a convincing Thomas. The actor – who is 22 years older than Thomas – says he finds it 'depressing' to think that he’s lost his looks."

RoadNY Magazine: Will Occupy Wall Street consume Obama?

RoadNathaniel Rogers has details on who was nominated for the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and the Spirit Awards.

RoadFormer MLS player David Testo talks about coming out: "It’s almost 2012. It’s not normal that all these guys are playing and not one person is out. I think it speaks volumes for someone to say, 'I’m a person who lived it and suffered through it, and it sucks.' But it shouldn’t have to be like that."

RoadTwo non-blondes: Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry an item?

NamibiaRoadMr. Gay Namibia crowned. Norman Tjombe, a local human rights lawyer, said: “The recent Mr Gay event in Namibia is testimony to the fact that people of different sexual orientations can live alongside each other in complete harmony and be tolerated in the differences. People of different sexual orientations other than what is considered the mainstream are increasingly being tolerated to express themselves in a manner they choose.”

RoadUFOs – "unidentified falling objects" inhibiting discovery of "God particle": "However, since last year, something has been fluttering in the way of the proton beams and dampening the force of their blows, the physicists say. These "UFOs" aren't from outer space — they're probably microscopic dust particles of unknown origin — but they're still mysterious, and while they're around, the prize goodies will likely remain stashed."

RoadPHOTOS: HRC launches Americans for Marriage Equality campaign at Calvin Klein store in NYC.

RoadI Am Steven Michael wraps up Palm Springs Leather Pride 2011.

RoadMatt Bomer fuels DILF fantasies.

Vf_gagaRoadLady Gaga covers Vanity Fair.

RoadResearchers: HP printers vulnerable to hackers who can set them on fire remotely. " Once compromised, the access can be used to steal personal information, attack networks, and even set printers on fire by feeding them a continuous stream of instructions designed to heat them up."

RoadIllinois to allow gays and lesbians in civil unions to file joint tax returns: "This victory is not about financial gain for same-sex civil union couples, but it's about making sure that they get all the benefits, protections, rights, and responsibilities that married couples get," said Bernard Cherkasov, CEO of Equality Illinois.

RoadScottish government same-sex marriage consultation underway.

RoadGuy Ritchie says he's glad he made money divorcing Madonna.

RoadFocus on the Family asks applicants to youth-focused program to sign anti-gay pledge: "The Focus on the Family recruitment plan asks gays to halt their truths, straights to frown on constitution fairness, and religion to exalt anti-discrimination at the expense of goodwill. And groups like Focus are asking America's children to go with that flow or hurt their minds, their bodies, their values, and their country. That is recruitment. That is indoctrination."


  1. BobC562 says

    I think Rourke cast himself. He never had looks, he’s too old (and this from a 53-year old but truth is truth). What are they going to do? Soft focus or smear Vaseline over the lens?

  2. jaragon says

    Rourke was a good looking guy before bad plastic surgery ruined his face just look at him in “Diner”- this gay rugby movie sounds like a vanity project- he is simply too old for the part.

  3. says

    and yet, RICK, the guys who love those women that you hate are Out. And Proud. And don’t hide.

    what use has hating gaga, barbra, liza, madonna and bette done for you? you’re still living with one foot and both balls in The Closet.

    their fans? Out. Empowered. You? Still closeted.

    but hey, prove me wrong. post the URL to your own page. maybe a youtube video you’ve made where you show everyone that one can be a Great Big Masculine Man whilst also Gay.

    for real. prove me wrong. Post the URL.

    hating Gaga and the folks who love her won’t change your closeted life, wimp.

  4. Douglas says

    GO IOWA! Let love reign. Been married 3 years now. The devasting flood we had, in Cedar Rapids 2008, put things into perspective for me.

    I married my boyfriend shortly after the law was passed.

    Seeing your city under 8-10 foot of water, destroying most of the city’s fuctiions, really hit hard. I knew I could never be with my man. He’s my hero, my breathe, my reason.

    The flood of Cedar Rapids 2008

  5. Paul R says

    @Redball: Jason and Rick are definitely the same “person.” Might also be Tank, though his rants tend to be more intellectual, at least by his account. All should be ignored.

  6. Kenneth H. says

    I would rather see Rourke play the role than not have the film done at all. We saw in the Wrestler that he is capable of pulling off a physically demanding role. Perhaps he can do it again – give him a chance. If Gareth was a pretty boy, it would be different, but his gorgeousness derives from a ruggedly masculine look.

  7. Anna Carpenter says

    Great news about the Higgs particle – we really live in exciting times! I’ve just finished reading the book about the Higgs Boson ( and am very curious to know if they have really found this God particle.

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