1. MikeH says

    Here we go… I tend to believe they will say the Prop8 crowd has standing. What the 9th Circuit will do with this info is anyone’s guess, since the CA Supremes can only rule on a state issue, and what is before the 9th Circuit of course is purely Federal.

  2. Brains says

    This is going to be very interesting, to say the least!

    If they support the position that the Prop8 crowd has standing: it will set legal precedent in California and open the door to a future flood of cases on every initiative or ballot case where the “Agents of the State” refuse to take action.

    Hopefully they have taken their time in review, and understand the consequences of such an action.

    Once the dam is breached it will be a free for all!

    Will this not also mute the authority of the Attorney General, as legal agent of the state?

  3. One of the CA 36,000 says

    My problem with this question is simple: A state constitutionial amendment is found to violate the US Constitution, which supercedes the state constitution. Agents of the state, who would normally defend it, decide to abandon the cause because they feel they would ultimately lose.

    Why should ANYONE be given standing in such a case? They will probably lose the case down the road.

    Then again, if the haters waste all their money fighting and losing this little battle, especially when public sentiment is running against them more and more every day, it’s a good thing.

    I’m so conflicted on this…!

  4. Brains says

    ONE OF THE CA, 36,000,

    I agree with you in principle; but if this case ends up on the doorstep of the current Supreme Court……..

    It will be a 5-4 against us!

    With two corrupt judges: Scalia and Thomas; and a politically minded Chief Justice lost in a closet…..we simply do not stand a chance for justice.

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