1. uffda says

    Once again lame and irrelevant sex charges stumble the man when they have no business doing so (if they have). I am certainly no Republican but claims of sexual harassement are an immature and absurd reason to ruin anyone’s career.

  2. Luke says

    @Uffda: Sexual harassment is lame and irrelevant to you? I’m not so sure his victims and every other victim of sexual harassment and abuse would agree with your assessment of the situation. And while I could not care less what any politician does in bed or elsewhere with however many people, I would at least expect the actions to be consensual.

  3. Robert in NYC says

    The question nobody is asking is, if the two women were ordered not to discuss the “settlement” they received, why not? What is Cain hiding that he doesn’t want the public to know if as he claims, there was NO sexual harrassment?

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “I am certainly no Republican but claims of sexual harassement are an immature and absurd reason to ruin anyone’s career”

    Not if the Republican is a lying, right-wing religious hypocrite who can’t control his ding ding.

    Next time he sings “Amazing Grace” somebody ought to throw a pizza at him.

  5. George says

    The GOP assumes that Cain made advances to black woman so his poll numbers are in tact. If it gets discovered that he hit on white women he will drop in the polls, thats how the conservatives are.

  6. say what says


    The poll on whereCain ranks amongst repubs is meaningless

    They need to do a new poll on a head to head between cain and Obama

    The repub field sucks so much this time around that Im not surprised at all there is no movment

    Now, i would bet a new head to head poll of cain vs Obama would show tremendous movement with cains loss to Obama going from lower double digits (all previous head to head polls) to high double digits

  7. Pete n SFO says

    “high tech lynching” hmmm…. where have I heard THAT before? Oh, right, Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court hearings.

    I guess the use of the loaded word “lynching” is supposed to make everyone back-off or be accused of racism. Not buyin’ it, bud.

    At the time these payouts occurred, the man was well aware of what is appropriate professional behavior, especially for the head of an organization. It is extremely relevant issue in deciding whether this is an appropriate person to consider for Presidency.

    There is a difference in a consensual act & harassment, & his inability to understand that, among other reasons, ABSOLUTELY precludes him from higher office.

    It’s not a lynching. It’s people calling, BullshiZ!

  8. Howard says

    It’s not going to happen, but wouldn’t it be wonderful it Cain were the Republican nominee. I’d love to see him try an take on President Obama in a debate.

  9. mike/ says

    i think Cain may be keeping this going himself to hide a real problem he has – an ‘anonymous’ campaign donation of some $40,000! that one is well documented and totally against both federal and state campaign contribution laws.

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