1. jason says

    They shouldn’t be displaying porn in the bar. It’s a clear breach of the law. So is having more people in the bar than stipulated by your license. These laws are applied to all bars and clubs, and are thus not discriminatory.

    I wouldn’t want to walk into an ordinary bar and see porn on their TV sets and neither would many women, I suspect.

    Gay club owners need to stop reinforcing people’s impressions of us as sex-mad.

  2. says

    Totally fine with porn shown in bars. But if it is it is illegal in that locality, then all bets are off and the owner is taking the risk of getting busted. Same goes for the capacity issues.

  3. MrJ says

    I live in Las Vegas and Palm Springs is a frequent weekend destination for us because it’s. Everybody goes to the Barracks on Sundays and it’s always a parking nightmare followed by being beyond capacity inside. There is always porn on, though that is the theme of the place. There are the dance bars and lounges on Arenas, and then Barracks for leather and bears. Being gay we usually pride ourselves on being past all the victorian views on sex that a lot of people have. I don’t clutch my pearls like the first commenter when I see porn. The overcrowding has always been a big problem, but most likely @Danny is right and the owners are just late on their cop protection payments.

  4. Pete n SFO says

    For those outside the area… there’s NOTHING much going on in Cat City. These guys just have too much time on their hands.

    It’s a Leather Bar; it’s supposed to be crowded & show porn on the walls. It’s not Tavern on the F’n Green, & that’s not what people are showing up for!

    Why shouldn’t we do EXACTLY what we want whether people like it or not? Do you think if given the choice, they would ONLY regulate what we show on video screens??

    It’s total bullshiz; they ought to be happy for the revenue stream in an area that’s been decimated by the economic woes.

    The overcrowding, as much as I love it, they’ll have to figure that one out. Maybe a temp extension corral at the side lot.

    But don’t kid yourselves; it ain’t about porn or overcrowding… it’s same-old, same old, homophobia.

  5. NE Rich says

    Managers please remember to pre pay your local police force prior to your next big bash.
    As for the one drunk shouting Act-UP… how sad .. that was about government and corporate greed and indifference regarding our deaths and suffering, not about capacity issues at Tea. Please cease and desist queen and go get some food.

  6. sparks says

    “These laws are applied to all bars and clubs, and are thus not discriminatory.”

    The LAWS themselves might not be discriminatory, but ENFORCEMENT of those laws can certainly be — and when it comes to gay bars, very often is. I would be interested to know how many busy straight bars in that area have been repeatedly questioned about their capacity numbers and how many have been visited, fined, or shut down.

  7. anon says

    I dunno. I’d think their capacity for beer would be nearly unlimited.

    As for the porn, there is alas, a confusing mix of first amendment and local zoning ordinance issues that could swing it both ways in court if they wish to fight it. Essentially, in general, the stuff you see inside a bar (a public space) should be comparable to what you could see outside the bar, though the courts haven’t always seen it that way because some venues have restricted access. However, it would be long fight through the appeals courts, and I doubt they’re too keen to do that.

  8. Andrew says


    It’s a leather bar not a regular bar. Porn on the walls is not out of line. If you don’t want to see that in the bar don’t go there.

    The solution to a venue being over capacity is to remove the excess people not shut down the venue.

    Gay club owners aren’t re-enfocing anyone’s opinion of us. They are business owners and are providing a clientle what they want. Straight club owners do the same.

    Just because you don’t agree with the leather gay club scene doesn’t mean it should be shut down. We should be standing up for one another. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

  9. Hank M says

    This place is a hole. Good, I back the police. Hate establishments that promote bad stereotypes and this one continuously does!

  10. JWL says

    Well Hank, if you think its a hole, then dont go. I dont know what stereotype you are tired of. The one where guys go to a bar with real mean who they find sexually attractive instead of doing some meth and twatting around in some dance club? Is that the one that bothers you? Then please dont go to those kinds of bars and dont worry about where the rest of us are going.

  11. kodiak says

    licensed establishments have a capacity limit as to how many people can be in the bar. it’s usually determined by square footage and the number and size of means of egress. i.e, entrances and exits. these limits are done so in case of fire, etc., the people inside would be able to exit quickly and safely. i don’t know the particulars in this case, but the bar owners would do well to keep a count of people in the bar, so as not to exceed capacity. regarding the porn on the screens, it also should be delineated on the license what is allowed in terms of nudity, etc. that being said, the police probably will be
    getting some nice revenue from the fines for tickets they issued the bar. on the other hand, how many people have been stampeded to death at leather bars in the last few years, versus day after thanksgiving xmas sales at wal mart?

  12. kodiak says

    ps-the police have lead crackdowns against the Eagle here in nyc for complaints allegedly from citizens calling 311. turns out there were no 311 complaints as the police dept said, the real culprit is the luxury housing complex getting ready to be built across the street from the bar. The powers that be think that the Eagle will be a hindrance to the newcomers to the neighborhood, hence they must be driven out by false pretense. The police department acting on behalf of the interests of real estate developers/speculators, defending property rights before all others.

  13. Curtis says

    “It’s a clear breach of the law”,

    Jason you may be technically correct, but let’s not forget that there was a time when simply serving alcohol to Gay men was technically a violation of the law. That didn’t stop us as a community from gathering, or stop bar owners from giving us a place to buy a cocktail and for us as a community to fight against those laws, and all the other laws that have held us back and prevented us from living the lives we want that have no impact on others.

    The capacity issue is one that every bar has to grapple with on a busy night (if they’re lucky). The porn law however is stupid. It doesn’t take into account that a Leather Bar has a naturally filtered “community standard” of it’s own, distinct from the cocktail lounge where you might take your Aunt for a cosmo when she’s in town, or the bar area of a Chili’s.

    I know everyone wants to just be a Gay accountant, marry legally and co-parent with a lesbian couple in the suburbs, but there are still a few of us who do care about the ways in which our sexuality intersect with our interactions as members of the LGBT community, and actually find great value in the bonding aspects of open expressions of sexuality free from narrow moralistic anti-sex and anti-porn attitudes.

    What actually matters most here is whether the Cathedral City Police raided that bar in the spirit of equal enforcement of those regulations or whether (more likely I’m guessing) there is something else going on here that is about seeing the mere presence and existence of a Leather Bar as a problem because it offends some pearl clutching Republicans delicate sensibilities. We should always resist conforming to what will make them comfortable because only our complete silence and invisibility is the only thing that will hit the mark.

  14. Casey says

    I was there. There was no one monitoring the door into the bar or the gate to the patio at the front or few guys coming and going through the outside door to the leather fair in back. It was very crowded but that’s not unprecedented. The PD wasn’t rude but they weren’t all smiles either. I can’t remember going into any other venue on one of their busiest nights without some crowd control at the door. Last night, there was none visible when I went in except for the 2 men sitting inside the gate to the patio demanding a $5 “donation”.

  15. Frank says

    You guys kill me with your faux outrage about porn playing on tv screens in Leather bars. If something like that shocks you I suggest you never come to a place like Germany, lest you head explode.

  16. dms says

    During spring breaks of yesteryear, straight bars were closed down for overcrowding all the time.

    The porn thing, is not gay specific. I’m sure if a straight club showed porn, they’d have the same problem.

    The screaming drunks are embarrassing. Gays have no rights? A bit of a hyperbole perhaps? Maybe their rights are limited regarding marriage, but that is slowly changing. But I don’t think they are singled out for overcrowded bars.

    Just because rules are enforced doesn’t mean the police force is anti-gay. If they want to show porn or increase the guest limit, get the community to change the rules.

  17. Joe Nava says

    I believe that this is just a regular gay bar..Oh gosh,,I believe that you never been in mexico or either Germany or Spain,,Please..Porn in a gay bar…Is something normal…The real problem here was the over capacity of the place,,But Yeah,,it was a special place ofr teh Leather gay comunity..I feel shame about you people cuz This Pride means MONEY for our comunity for OUR city…And after this WONDERFUL pride..I Think people is gonna think about it twice or mavbe three times before to come back…being gay is not a CRIME..God bless you people.

  18. tomwood says

    this bar is always packed on sundays. One must wonder if someone called the police and complained. Competition is vicious. In fact two bar owners in long beach are notorious for calling in phoney complaints from dan diego to san francisco.

  19. Logical says

    First of all there was absolutely nothing anti-gay about it, and it was not a police raid. The bar was just plainly WAY over capacity. The owners have been warned before on many occasions. How did the firemen know to check? Who knows, maybe a patron got mad because he had to wait too long to get a drink, maybe the FD has it on their radar to check on busy days, maybe the wicked witch flew by on her broom and wanted to cause trouble, but it is NOT anti-gay, one of their code enforcement officers IS gay and patronizes the bar. And I sincerely doubt it was another bar owner. There used to be one who would do it but he’s thankfully long gone.

    I’ll stand up for our rights at the drop of hat, but let’s not cry wolf every time a safety officer is just doing their job, politely, as they certainly were in this instance, especially because some assholes in the crowd were NOT being very polite to them and were clearly drunk. Who gives a rats ass if they were smiling? If someone was calling me names I wouldn’t be smiling either…

  20. Hollywood, CA says

    LOVE the PORN on the walls. The Barracks is not a spot for High-Tea, ladies. It’s a bunch of sweaty, leather clad, hairy chested, studs that are there to drink and have a good time. So keep the porn on.

    As a matter of how many people inside, they should adhere to that at all times. That’s for their safety. If you have outgrown that space, then you should look into a bigger location.

    Also, you shouldn’t have to “tip” your local law agency, that’s BS. Stay within your legal bounds, and have someone at the door with counters so they can dispute any problems.


  21. jaragon says

    You can’t show porn inside a gay bar?! Are they expecting some kids to stroll in?!! The cops look like the would fit right in with this crowd.

  22. SRJP says

    The porn is not the problem.
    The bar owners have been trying to work with police & fire dept. officials on the occupancy issue & there was a person counting at the door.
    This is the 1st time in the bars history that the police actually moved everyone out of the bar & the number that they let back in was 49…by the time they did that, there was less than 49 that wanted to come back in.
    You may not like the bar but how do you feel about the wasted money spent to send 5 police cars & a fire truck on a Sunday night (Overtime?) to kill a busy night that visitors from all over the world participate in? Cathedral City tends to shoot itself in the foot when it comes to gay men spending money.

  23. says

    Yeah, what is that”suggested donation” about?
    They can cut that out. There were people manning the door last weekend for pride, there was never much of a line for a drink, only to get in the door. What happened last night. I wrote 3 news stations and the desert sun…haven’t seen anything yet.

  24. SRJP says

    The suggested donation was for the Tom Of Finland foundation. They are there every Leather Pride Sunday. No chance of that not happening. It’s better than trying to sell raffle tickets when it is that busy & it’s not required to get in. If you remember, Gay Pride weekend, The Bare Chest Calendar men from SF were there raising money by selling raffle tickets. This is fund raising season.

  25. says

    But is it suggested or mandatory? I know some folks on a budget. Some people were crying in their beer when bust price went up by 50 cents. But I’m sure the bartenders took the brunt of that decision in their tip jar.

  26. curiousgeorge says

    As for overcrowding, The Cathedral City police Department, was only doing their jobs.
    To Serve & Protect.
    They were protceting the lives of the BARRACKS PATRONS.
    When will bar owners of ANY bar learn. What will it take ?
    Do we need to have pile of dead people at the exits.
    We have all seen on the news about a bar where the patrons panic, run for the doors & pile up and trample each other to death.
    These bar owners, put the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR first, and their patrons LAST! Whats it going to take…… to see your friends dead because they could not safely exit a bar.I say have a person at the door counting, and stop letting people in when it’s unsafely overcrowed. Problem solved!The Barracks always cries discrimation, but if they were not breaking the LAW!, They would not be watched by the police. The Barracks thinks its above the LAW.Always seeing how far & what they can get away with.
    I was there one WED. nite and they were letting a patron walk back & forth to his car . He was only wearing boots & or a jacket. IT was hot ! But against the LAW! The bar is in front of a gas station.The front door faces the gas station. They were lucky no one called the police. Its a wonder they have not been closed down premanetly.Follow the LAW, and think about the safety of your patrons…………… DEAD PATRONS EQUAL NO PATRONS!!!!

  27. says


  28. Justinswords says

    I go to Barracks and most weekends it is packed. The owners (who are not very friendly and kink of stuck up, especially John) have been warned several times. They don’t care as they are raking in big bucks on Sundays (told by their staff).

    I read all the comments below and it really gets to me how caddy you all are to each other. The whole bar scene is falling apart, in fact with the presence of al these stupid phone apps where everyone sits and home and pretends they are in a relationship with a phone screen is pathetic. Gay men (most) no longer care about the values, they only care about filling their faces with booze and cock. The bars get greedy (as in the case of the Baracks) and the gay men, looking for anything that moves, jump on that opportunity, Look at CCBC, run by a straight guy who is making money on us. He doesn’t care about the community, he and his son, just take the dollars as we pay each day to find a f**k buddy to fulfill a need that will satisfy us for the day.

    And for all of you who will bash me, it’s now a “Gay Thing” to put each other down, instead of supporting each other. You wonder why straights hate us? Because we hate ourselves. Stop supporting the greedy bars and start banding together as a community again. The video looks like something I remember seeing in the 70s and for the owners of the Barracks, SHAME ON THEM.. THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING.. PURE GREED!

  29. Eric says

    I guess the police don’t have any murders, assaults, rapes, or property crimes that remain unsolved in that city?

    The residents of Cathedral City should be outraged at this waste of taxpayers money!

  30. G says

    Hank hates a place that promotes bad stereotypes????

    Ummm the place is pack for a reason! If it oinks like a pig, it must be a pig.