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Christian University Forces Employees to Sign 'Personal Lifestyle Statement' Rejecting Homosexuality

The 200 employees at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia have been asked to sign a statement (read it HERE) rejecting homosexuality, among other things, or be fired, the AJC reports:

DowlessDon Dowless (pictured), president of the Christian university in Rome, said anyone not signing the statement, which also requires staffers to reject premarital sex and adultery, faces termination.

“I think that anybody who adheres to a lifestyle that is outside of what the biblical mandate is and of what the board has passed, including the president, would not be allowed to continue here,” Dowless told Channel 2 Action News.

The Georgia Voice says gay employees are now in fear of "witch hunts":

"We now will live in fear that someone who doesn't like us personally or someone who has had a bad day will report that we've been drinking or that we are suspected of being gay," said the employee, who declined to reveal his name due to the policy.

Those who sign the policy vow: "I have read and agree with the Personal Lifestyle Statement and will adhere to it in its entirety while employed at Shorter University. I understand that failure to adhere to this statement may result in disciplinary action against me, up to and including immediate termination."

Watch a report on the new policy from WSBTV and interview with Dowless, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Wonder how they are with blacks and Jews. I think I know.

    Shows the danger and lunacy of religious fundamentalism- whether it's the Taliban or Jerry Falwell. Yeesh. Sign me up as an atheist- as far as possible from these people in any form of thought.

    Posted by: Rob | Nov 1, 2011 7:58:39 PM

  2. Well, one Rome has burned in the past. Perhaps, this one needs to, also.

    Posted by: CarlottaVonFunkenhowzer | Nov 1, 2011 9:45:13 PM

  3. Shorter University (formerly Shorter College) is my alma mater. I was a piano performance major there from 2001-2005. While it is a Baptist college from its foundation, it used to exist as the majority of religiously-affiliated liberal arts colleges do. That is, it was a well-rounded educational institution that encouraged free thinking and exploration of ideas in its students. The faculty was made up of Christians of all sects as well as Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, and even at one point a Muslim. In 2005, near the end of my time there, the college entered into a lawsuit with its affiliate institution, the Georgia Baptist Convention, over control of the board of trustees. The GBC was looking to take more power in appointing trustees than it ever had. Unfortunately the GBC won the lawsuit and in awakened-sleeping-giant fashion began to overhaul the school, its faculty, and its very mission.

    I loved this school dearly when I was there. I was given excellent training and grew into a mature free-thinking adult. The students there now (I know many) want the same thing. What the college is doing may be legal, but it is not in the best interest of its students, faculty, or alumni; and more importantly, the majority don't want it this way.

    I am proud to be a part of a large group of alums doing all they can to get publicity and to let the administration know that this is unacceptable. If it is of relevance to the Towleroad readership, I am happy to provide updates.

    Posted by: Patrick | Nov 2, 2011 2:07:39 AM

  4. But, they DO receive federal funds!
    Shorter students receive Federal and State funds to pay their tuition, which supports the school.
    Can we say Federal Pell Grants, Federal Work Study jobs, State HOPE Grants???

    Posted by: Joan | Nov 2, 2011 9:38:00 PM

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