‘Days of Our Lives’ Character to Come Out of the Closet [Spoiler]


Days of Our Lives is set to introduce a (not that new) gay character, EW reports:

EW has learned exclusively that Will Horton (Chandler Massey, above right) will come out on the show, which introduced its first gay character last summer. Freddie Smith joined the show in June to play Sonny, a good-natured young man who returns home to join his family.

Massey, who earned his first Emmy nomination last year for his work on Days, released this statement: “I’m thrilled to be able to portray my character in an empowering way that will show his struggle to accept who he is. It is my hope that this storyline will inspire others to be true to themselves as well.”

Will’s sexual orientation will become obvious to the viewers as well as family and friends but his journey toward self-acceptance is expected to unfold over the next few weeks, the show says.

I posted about the developing gay storyline here back in July


  1. says

    FINALLY!… the one thing I loath about DOOL is that it takes for ever for them to build up a storyline I guess its part of building suspense as Soaps are want to do, but I am excited that we’ll be seeing Will’s story arch unfold in the coming weeks.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Started watching this show over the summer. It’s my Luke and Noah-As the World Turns replacement. However, I fast forward through most of the other story lines. Not interested in going full deep into another soap, but will watch for this story line.

  3. says

    I’ve watched it since birth and my mom for over 40 years. She stopped cold turkey when Sonny came on the show and I overheard her telling someone on the phone that she had to stop because she’s tired of “that gay mess being pushed in everybody’s face.”

    She spent 40 years watching babies being stolen, husbands cheating on wives, murders, kidnappings, satanic possessions, and a host of other anti-Christian things, but one gay character and she quit.

    Even though I came out 12 years ago, I always had hope that she’d change and accept me until that moment.

    See? Soap operas aren’t useless.

  4. zeddy says

    If I just looked at the picture and didn’t read the headline/article, I would have for sure thought you were posting about a porn. Yeah my mind is in the gutter. :)

  5. bsmart2 says

    The people who are so anti-gay regarding Will Horton should stop and think; if Alice Horton were alive today she would go grandmama tigeress if anyone caused problems for Will. She would accept him for the young man he is and hell would be too good for anyone who slighted one of her family for being themselves. So tell that to your mother Rafid’Angelo.

    Just my not so humble opinion.

  6. David says

    Will’s “surprisingly youthful” grandmother just turned 63 in real life…not so “youthful” :)

  7. BreckRoy says

    Diedre Hall who plays her is very youthful looking, but its having Alison Sweeny (who also hosts THE BIGGEST LOSER) as his Mom that throws me. Yes, Sami (her character) had Will at 15, but since he has also been aged via SORAS, she would now have had to have had him at 12. They look like siblings next to each other on the show. I am interested to see if DAYS subverts the stereotypical reactions from its male characters, especially, as they did with Holden on ATWT (he was a simple, conservative farmhand, but accepted his stepson Luke before Luke’s biological parents or even Luke himself did). Rafe, Will’s stepfather, and Will’s grandfathers/step-grandfathers (Roman, John, and Stephano) are all traditional alphamale characters. It will be interesting to see what reactions are from them. His friends, especially straight and hot Chad, have been amazing about Sonny, but what of the older generation?