News: Tyler Posey, Joan Crawford, Mitt Romney, SLDN and DOMA

RoadDavid Mixner: Newt Gingrich's positions on LGBT equality. Why the Newt hype can't last.

RoadRomney adviser on Obama ad quote: "He did say the words. That's his voice."

PoseyRoadTeen Wolf's Tyler Posey plays in a shirtless band called Lost in Kostko.

RoadHow to make a spiral wiener.

RoadSLDN appears in court against DOMA: "…lawyers for Servicemembers Legal Defense Network took the next step in their lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of unequal spousal benefits granted to servicemembers in same-sex marriages, arguing in federal court in Massachusetts that 'American service members and their families are among [the Defense of Marriage Act]'s victims, and our national security may suffer as a result.'"

RoadRahm Emanuel and Barack Obama get mic checked by the 99 Percent Movement: "Obama asked the protesters to let him move on, saying 'I'll listen to you, and you listen to me. Families like yours, young people like the ones here today — including the ones who were just chanting at me — you’re the reason that I ran for office in the first place.''

RoadLISTEN: Taio Cruz covers Adele's  'Someone Like You'.

RoadThe high-profile gay celebs did not miss out on Lady Gaga's Workshop.

BillboardRoadOffensive billboard removed from NYC's West Side Highway.

RoadHRC launches Jewish Organization Equality Index.

RoadGay BYU employee Kendall Wilcox says he wasn't fired because of homophobia: "I do not regard my dismissal as a case of direct or institutional homophobia," he said in a Facebook post. " [BYU Broadcasting] cited certain tasks and communications that I had not performed to their liking, I cited an increasingly hostile work environment over the last several months with which I refused to continue to engage."

RoadHollywood Reporter: Taylor Lautner has a male fan.

RoadMichael Fassbender hits the Paris premiere of Shame.

VmkRoadVery Mary Kate and its hunky bodyguard are returning for another season.

RoadItems from Joan Crawford's estate to be auctioned, although we hear that there will be no wire hangers.

RoadLady Gaga sings 'White Christmas'.

RoadCaroline Rhea joins Nathan Lane and Cheyenne Jackson for TV pilot: "The single-camera comedy, which McGrath wrote and will direct, centers on Jasper (Lane), an unlucky actor whose Broadway aspirations must be put on hold when his father’s (Jenkins) health takes a turn for worse, forcing him to return to his Texas hometown."

RoadMichelangelo Signorile on Mitt Romney's pandering: "He's done a stunning public turnaround on LGBT issues – as with many other issues – from claiming he was better than Ted Kennedy on gays and supporting partner rights back in the 90s (when he unsuccessfully challenged Kennedy in a Senate race) to signing a pledge written by the National Organization for Marriage this year 'to appoint federal judges who don't see a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.' But no matter how much Romney joins in the bullying of gays, he continues to get bullied himself by the same gang of thugs for being a Mormon."


  1. mike128 says

    I’ve been disappointed by Obama as well. Though I think that people’s expectations of what could be done by ANYONE trying to work against blatant obstructionism from the Republican party — it’s a bit unrealistic to expect too much, or to place too much of the blame on Obama directly. I do believe that Obama had the right intentions, but that even he overestimated his abilities. The system is a mess – and there’s a segment of American culture that seems intent on holding back any potential this country has for change and progress. It’s much easier to be a progressive on the streets than a progressive in public office. Sadly…

  2. gregory brown says

    Didn’t Nathan Lane learn anything from his last icky assault of the TV audience? This sounds suspiciously like the plot line of the earlier mess–he’s always going “home”. I don’t see the Hallmark Channel fans falling for it, nor anybody else.

  3. Eric26 says

    Uggh I’m not normally in to barely legal boys (although I have been buttsexing one recently… it is the season of giving, after all) but I would do TERRIBLE things to Tyler Posey.

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