1. bamjaya says

    Looks like a trailer for a new hit hour drama, hope the leads get lots of work from this; they’re adorable. And the smart band that placed their song as the music bed should get a hit single from this. Better than that “Da, Da, Da” car TV ad because it’s openly emotional and not coded. Well done, youse.

  2. Ben in Oakland says

    That was not only awesome and beautiful, but that is what we need to start showing. real people. Real lives. Real families.

    Everytime i think of those fialed videos currently being touted by the maine people, I want to fwow up. As long as they hide us in the closet, a strategy that has failed onsistently all times but one, I will not be odnating time, energy, or money to Maine.

  3. enough already says

    Without exception, every gay blog says the same thing: This is the sort of ad we need.
    So Maine, of course, will stick with the nice lesbians and straight people.
    There’s a real need to show that gay men love and commit. This ad shows it. Pity Maine isn’t listening.

  4. tinhouston says

    Really. what can you say. well-done and should be broadcast in the U.S.
    thanks for sharing!

  5. Silas says

    US needs to make one but it seems we are to afraid..don’t know why…maybe because then it might just show that we are human beings and not second class citizens??????

  6. Mike says

    I’m sharing that all over Facebook. It shows the kind of relationships anyone could want, gay or straight. What a lovely, lovely video.

  7. says

    That was so beautiful ,inspiring, constructive and every other adverb/adjective that I could dream of….

    However, the positivity of men’s relationships is not confined to the new orthodoxy of marriage. But I absolutely support the right to marry.
    It’s just that I’ve seen other men hold each other with the same love and dedication.
    I guess it has to be a matter of choice; and that choice must be there for all of us.

  8. Josh says

    That ad really spoke to me. I am totally in tears now. Is it because my (Aussie) husband and I got married 3 months ago? Is it because we went through all the same things (including each of us losing a parent) before we married? Is it because we met on a boat cruise? (OK, that last one didn’t really happen). Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ad, and I hope our US organizations can put together something similar!

  9. jason says

    Australia is a very anti-gay country. I wouldn’t even bother going there.

    As for the ad, it won’t achieve anything. Australia’s politicians on both sides of the fence are extremely homophobic. The Labor Party, which is supposed to be more gay-friendly than the Conservative Party, is very homophobic.

  10. Bobby says

    Oh God! I wasn’t prepared for that. I’m going to have to collect myself and try watching it again. That was just damn beautiful.

  11. ShawntheSheep says


    You are truly just one giant turd in the punch bowl. I can’t figure out if you’re a very dedicated troll or just a really horrible person.

    I’m typing this from Australia. I’m an American that has been here for months, and to say that Australia is “very homophobic” is ridiculous. They are way less homophobic than the US. Sure, there are homophobes around, and they have yet to achieve anything like full LGBT equality, but the majority of Aussies have a very “live and let live” mentality.

    If you’ve never been here and never intend to come here, perhaps you should not speak like you are some kind of authority on the place.

  12. ct says

    Τhe guy is too cute for this to be “realistic” and he overacts in the two momments he is overwhelmed with emotion.

    The whole ad has the look and feel of an hetero relationship, deliberately playing down the sex part. In the end they don’t even kiss. They hug, like “buddies”

  13. Mike says

    Part of the reason this kind of ad works is because it reframes the argument. “Ending marriage discrimination” and “marriage equality” focus on the discrimination and inquality, while “same-sex marriage” makes people think immediately of sex, and same-sex sex at that. Many of the people that are still against marriage equality immediately throw up barriers when thinking about sex, and same-sex sex.

  14. jason says


    If you live in gay enclaves, you won’t get a true picture of Australia. Beyond one or two streets in central Sydney or Melbourne, Australia is a very homophobic place. Perhaps you need to get out of your insulated little enclave.

    Keep in mind that Australia has a federal law which prohibits recognition of gay marriage. This means that no state can enact gay marriage even if it wanted to.

    Our Aussie friends are not as open-minded or progressive as you imagine them to be.

  15. Kenneth H. says

    Wow, a marriage equality ad not populated by ugly trolls or people getting ready to die. Beautiful.

  16. uffda says

    CT is the kind of guy who thinks that wagging your bare leather-thonged ass on a parade float during downtown Pride celebration is an appropriate way to declare your sexual preference and win support from the TV news public. Indeed, what an ass.

    In fact this Aussie ad is the way to do it. Flush the toilet you live in CT.

  17. ct says

    @ uffda

    No actually I don’t believe that riding with your ass out on a is the way to do it. Going in the completely opposite direction and emasculating two guys in a relationship is the wrong approach as well.

    You look at this ad and you think it’s a girl holding the camera. All the corny hetero-courtship rituals are there: from the merry-go rounds to the family pic-nics, playing ballgames at the beach and what have you. And everywhere they are they seem surrounded by straight people.

    I know this is meant to show “see? we’re just like you!”. But we are not like them and it is not because we are like them that we deserve equal rights.

  18. John says

    Well, there was no Skype and I never throw popcorn or play cricket. Otherwise I could have been on one side of the camera or the other, maybe.

  19. OberonOZ says

    @ Jason I live in Australia, and not in a gay enclave by any means. Shawn is much closer to what its like to live here than you are.

    Saying that because we have a law that prevents recognition of gay marriage means we are a homophobic nation as a whole is ridiculous. Just because you have DOMA doesnt mean all of the US is homophobic… altho I would make a bet that its worse off than we are.

    Ive lived here almost all my life in a relatively small and isolated city and Ive never had any problems. Through my work and friends I know a wide range of people from all backgrounds and as a general rule Ive found that its true, Aussies are pretty much live and let live.

    Sure, there are homophobes, but generally nothing as nasty as the Westboro Baptist Church. Since youve never been here, and have no intention of visiting [thankfully] you really have no accurate basis for your nasty hateful comments.

  20. John says


    I am more like them than I am like you. Thank God.

    And while I am on the subject of thanking God: thank God that people like you aren’t running the effort to procure marriage equality.

  21. uffda says

    CT@ Glad to hear you keep your pants on during the parades.

    However, that “we are not like them” is self-precious nonsense. We are exactly like them and ought to be, including all the sweet, corny rituals of ordinary life. Tell me, what is it that is different about gay people? Other than putting too much emphasis on our sex lives -and allowing others to do the same along with- I see nothing.

    Along with lots of good positive stuff about people generally this wonderful website makes it abundantly clear that we can be just as banal, tiresome, silly, intemperate and confused as everyone else. Read Shakespeare on Shylock and you’ve got the picture.

  22. Clif3012 says

    @CT- that is ridiculous that you think they de-sexualise the ad. I think one of the cleverest things they do is provide this quick little glimpses of an evolution of a couple- which bedroom aside, is pretty much the same as any couple. I particularly love the hint of the first time they sleep over as they get into the same cab together- just as the playful physical touches at the beach are much more realistic (and, yes, photogenic) than a rimjob. Just because they don’t show the couple trying fisting or discussing whether to have a 3rd join in for the first time doesn’t make it any less powerful.

    Out of curiousity, what ‘corny hetero-courtship’ antics are not found in gay relationships? I suppose they could’ve found each other on Grindr rather than the meet-cute on the boat, but that wouldn’t have been very interesting TV.

  23. ShawntheSheep says

    Insulated little enclave? So far I’ve traveled all the way down the coast of Queensland, spending time in such “gay enclaves” as Townsville, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg and Gympie. I’ve met gay farmers. I’ve met their straight friends and neighbors.

    What parts of Oz have you been to, oh wise Jason? You said you would not travel here, which sort of suggests you have not been here.

    Australia has a ways to go on the marriage equality front. But on the whole, they are light years ahead of the US on gay rights.

  24. Rob says

    Great texture to include the spat and the hospital bed / grief. Yes, they hug where straight people kiss, but it’s still beautiful from top to bottom.

  25. Bobby says

    Having traveled extensively in and out of Aus, I have to say it’s WAY more open than the US and way more accepting. Live and let live is definitely the predominant attitude there, which is a large part of why I like going there so much.

    As to the hug, that was totally believable to me. It never occured to me think of a kiss first. If it had been me, I would have hugged and squeezed the life almost out of that boy first before settling in for a long passionate kiss.

    This ad was beautiful, and perfectly done.

  26. Mike says

    Could we stop pointing fingers and just appreciate this fantastic video, which encourages unity and love, not pissy fights?

  27. bruce says

    WOW that was moving…in less than two minutes it had me well up with big, wet tears! Hope this one win some awards.

  28. George M says

    You are right Jason, they shouldn’t try waist of time. But since we’re talking about it what should they do differently? I’m sure you have that worked out. What should we do here in the US?
    God man WTF

  29. Cameron says

    CT- you’re the guy who makes it tough for a guy like me to be gay in this country. Don’t further marginalize me because I’m not interested in a “different” kind of relationship simply because I’m guy. Do you want the truth? I’d rather spend every day alone, searching for something that feels like this video, than spend one night in a stranger’s bed. Best of luck to you.

  30. Moony says

    I can’t believe the range of emotions this inspired within me in such a short span of time.

  31. ct says

    “thank God that people like you aren’t running the effort to procure marriage equality”

    Yeah, I’m sure bullying fellow gay commenters will get you there for sure.

  32. Erik P says

    Anyone else feel as though saying this ad is too “heterosexual” is offensive to heterosexual people? No two people regardless of sexual orientation fall in love quite the same. I know many heterosexuals that have fallen in love in very odd/unhealthy ways, but I would never think to stereotype their entire sexuality by those examples, so why would you do that to gays?

    I fell in love with my boyfriend through I guess some of you would call it more ‘heteronormative’ ways, because thats how it happened. A friend set us up, we went on dates, traveled, met the parents. etc. And yes we have sex, monogamously and nothing too crazy (though there is nothing wrong with open relationships/fetishs). This ad perfectly describes my life as a gay man.

    And Cameron^ you’ll find him!

  33. ct says

    @ cameron

    I think it’s great that you search for a real romance. I applaud that.

    What I’m saying is that the dynamics of a relationship between 2 men, is different from the dynamic of a relationship between 2 women or between a man and a woman. I don’t think this is reflected in the video at all. I think this happens on purpose and although perhaps well-intentioned, it is misguided. I am not saying it should show them having a threesome. A real artist could find a subtle way of showing how things are different but this artist is not interested in this at all.

    So stop reading things I haven’t said. And put the attack dogs back in the kernel people.

  34. Mike in the Tundra says

    @CT – You say the dynamics are different between two men than the dynamics between two women or a heterosexual couple. Maybe you’re right. I’ve never been in a relationship between two women or a heterosexual relationship. However, I can identify with many parts of the film clip. Okay, we didn’t have that cute little meeting. We met in a bar, and we were just looking for sex. Somehow we ended up in a relationship that lasted almost 28 years until my husband’s death.

    It’s been almost two years since I lost him, and I miss him every day. For the last couple of months, I’ve been with someone else. We did have a meet cute, so who knows.

  35. Brian says

    Shaunthesheep: Don’t bother with Jason, I’ve already had run-ins with him in the past on his homophobic Australia. I lived in Australia for three years and if I recall from our back and forth Jason has a friend that went there once or something minimal like that that makes him feel like an expert.

    And don’t take it personally, he hates all countries other than the US, as well as women. And he thinks everyone is bisexual. No amount of facts or argument will change his mind on his three obsessions.

  36. Cameron says

    @CT I apologize. I’ve been called out one too many times for having a “hetero approach” to my homosexual lifestyle… I assumed that’s what the context of your comments were.

    There should be no question as to why our culture is so sexually charged. For years, people have been rationalizing a gay man’s voracious, sexual appetite with his instincts; propagate often and populate the world. Yes, it’s true, men have a greater need to “get off,” but GAY men aren’t doing much to help populate the world, are they? Hah.

    As a group, homosexuals have had to hide the fact that they are… what they are. The reality is: it’s easier to hide sex than it is to hide a relationship. As long as “being gay” continues to be part of an ongoing debate related to EQUALITY in this country, closeted gays everywhere will feel the need to stay closeted. While they can silence their desires for a relationship- to establish a true connection with another person… they have a hard time not experiencing what makes them different from the rest of the world in the first place. Sex.

    The goal isn’t just marriage equality, people. The goal is to normalize the ENTIRETY of gay culture- respect for everyone… When we reach that point, you’ll see more and more of what’s depicted in this short-film. As a 23 year old gay man in KANSAS- I can’t WAIT for that day.

  37. Lexxvs says

    Beautiful ad. Sadly I guess it would’ve appealed more to the general indifferent chauvinist male by showing a pretty girl instead of a handsome guy. But in the end I guess –generally- women always are the first in the idea of gay acceptance, so I get it’s useful too.

  38. Keithy says

    Jason posted exactly the same comment on the Queerty site – what a boring troll.

    Come on Jason – you’ll have to do better than this. It’s looking lazy if you’re just going to copy and paste.

    We expect more from our trolls on here. Can’t you say something which compares Australia to Nazi Germany or something?

    Keep this up, and we’ll have to send you to remedial Troll School for emergency reschooling.

  39. Hass says

    I live in Sydney. I have been on dates to Luna Park. I have played cricket on the beach. I have thrown popcorn into my boyfriend’s mouth. I’ve had heated arguments in the car. And none of that makes me straight.

    This clip looks a lot like my life. But that’s not particularly important. The key to this clip is that most people – gay or straight – can identify with it at some level. It’s a beautiful thing.

  40. married says

    @ CT: what is the dynamic that’s supposed to happen between 2 men? Not trolling you, but asking you to explain.

    I’m married, but many things I/we do will be frowned upon by the straights if they found out – hell, even many gays wouldn’t be so comfortable … But like many commenters have said: we also love going on roller coasters, lying lazily next to each other on the beach, banal things like that. And that shot of the parent passing … the utter loss of control in the moment of grief, or anger, or despair – the things you do that only your lover would see, and afterwards you realize that he is still there for you. I hope most people (straight, gay, bi, whatever) will get to experience that.

  41. Drew says

    Can’t some rich gays run ads on their own like this. Say on CNN or something (it’s a start and all my fuddy-duddy relatives watch it).

    Seems nobody wants to just step up and pay for it. Otherwise, it IS allowed on US televisions.

  42. Alan Arthur Chiras says

    Let’s see if a network here in The States (FOX??) would develop this into a series. I’d just LOVE it.

  43. Gregoire says

    I hate to be the negative nellie here, but by design of this ad, the two men are barely physical with each other, and at the end, we get — a hug? This is the kind of gay relationship you get on TV already. It should have ended with a big fat beautiful kiss and worked to get people acclimated to the beauty of two same sex people smooching.

  44. Roberto says

    they forgot the part where they show how they cheat on each other, have 3somes, fiht bcs one of them doesnt work or does anything…really things he can be a super model… etc etc.

  45. M@ says

    SERIOUSLY!!! WHO IS THAT GUY? Adorable – and I hope he gets tons of work from this because he went through every emotion with sincerity.

  46. ATLJason says

    I can appreciate what CT is saying, but can’t we agree that gay relationships are both the same AND different than straights? I’m 37 and my partner and I have been together for 11 years. We’ve watched the sun rise while snuggled up on the beach in Miami on New Years Day and we’ve watched the sun rise while stumbling back to the hotel after a raunchy night in a bathhouse in Montreal. We’ve gotten in drunken screaming matches at our house and we’ve made out on the dance floor while rolling our ass off. We’ve played catch with my nephew in the backyard and we’ve had six naked guys going at it in the hot tub in the same backyard (on a different night…shut it pervs.). I held him when he cried after his father died. He held me when I cried after finding out I had a health problem that forced me to give up my childhood dream of being a pilot. We held each other once we realized we were OK after getting tied up and robbed in our own house during a horrible home invasion. We’ve had tender sweet sex with just the two of us, hot nasty sex with just the two of us, and crazy freaky sex with more than just the two of us.

    When compared to a straight couple our relationship is the same AND it’s different. But no one should ever stand there and tell me I can’t marry my soulmate. Our relationship is just as deep as anyone else’s.

  47. MT says

    I just want everyone who’s complaining about the lack of physicality in this video to remember it’s about love – not sex. Sex is only a small part of love. This video is absolutely beautiful in that it points out how gay people experience many facets of love just like everyone else. Everyone already thinks we’re all about sex when most of us just want exactly what this video communicates so eloquently.

  48. Basil Brush says

    @OberonOz: I live with my partner in a tiny town in Australia. We were a little apprehensive before moving from our previous ‘gay enclave’ in Sydney, but have experienced nothing but friendliness. We love living here.

  49. Zber says

    I am a gay man in a committed relationship and this is what that relationship looks like. I understand the argument that gays have been subjugated for a very log time, and as a result have developed a subculture that deserves to be protected. However, my life doesn’t look like that subculture (although I respect it), and I appreciate videos like this, which show that gays can and deserve the right to participate in the traditions that straight couples enjoy.

  50. chuck says

    I am sure that Maine LGBT would reject this
    ad as being unrealistic. The ad shows guys
    outside without a shirt on. Whoever heard
    of such a thing up there in Maine?

  51. Will says

    I seriously watch this video like once a week, sometimes more. and it always gets to me. One can only hope!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Washington !