Herman Cain to Drop Out of Presidential Race?

After breaking the news on yesterday's The Situation Room that yet another accuser was set to come after him for having an affair, Herman Cain is "reassessing" his candidacy, the Washington Post reports:

Libya_cainOne adviser said that Cain will ponder his prospects over the the next few days and will make a decision by the end of the week. Cain will keep his current campaign schedule.

Spokesman J.D. Gordon did not immediately return e-mails seeking comments on the reassessment, but Cain’s Iowa campaign manager, Steve Grubbs, confirmed the re-examination to the Associated Press.

Herman Cain re-assessing presidential candidacy [washington post]


  1. endo says

    The great thing about Herman Cain is you can recycle all your Tiger Woods jokes…

    What is Herman Cain’s favorite Christmas carol?
    “I’m Dreaming of a White Mistress”

  2. says

    Personally, I think a consensual affair (if that’s what this was), unlike sexual harassment accusations, should be nobody’s business, but his candidacy was over before this and wasn’t real to begin with. He’s a salesman, not presidential material. And his brand is slipping along with any political delusions.

  3. anon says

    His campaign would have some historical value if it lasted until Iowa, as he is a black man running as a Republican. However, he is very much the wrong black man.

  4. Eaves says

    As a true conservative, he should be held liable to reimburse the federal government for all costs associated with the Secret Service detail that he requested and was assigned to him. Government has no place providing individualized bodyguard services for “ordinary” civilian citizens and, as such, he should pay for it himself. (Right, Herman?)

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