1. Cris says

    Good God! A background check was done, he has done nothing wrong or illegal. Why would they do this to someone? They have effectively ruined this man’s life for having sex.

    Jesus. That’s just…. unconscionable.

  2. Nate says

    If this had been a female stripper turned teacher the news station would have been doing a fluff piece on how wonderful it was she had turned her life around. They are firing him because he is gay, and using the porn as an excuse.

  3. JWL says

    way to go Fox Boston. You really blew the lid off whats wrong with America today by trying to get someone fired for nothing. Kudos, gang on some great exploitative ratings driven garbage. And that title PORN STAR TEACHER is so desperate that I cant believe it. Can you imagine how many students will be googling his porn pics and movies now to terrorize him with?

  4. Cris says

    Okay, I just noticed that these movies were within the last year, not from a more distant past. While I still think the news station was egregiously wrong to screw with the man’s career over this LEGAL activity, I also think he was pretty stupid to do it.

    The students were bound to find out about it, it’s what they do. And it’s not that it was porn or gay, it’s that it undermines your authority with kids if they know you have genitalia.

  5. Adrian says


    The school just placed the guy on administrative leave. His students will surely dig up his porn at pass it around campus. Where do you think this all will lead to?

  6. Paul R says

    I agree with the previous comments, but I also don’t really understand why any men (gay or straight) do porn. It doesn’t pay much, apparently is physically unpleasant and difficult (because the 15-minute scenes take hours to film and often require, umm, injections), and will come back to haunt anyone who wants to move beyond it.

    I’m not moralizing at all—I have zero problem with porn. I couldn’t care less what people do. But you could make as much money working at a Starbucks. New performers make about $400 a movie, which is worth nothing given the tradeoffs.

    I will moralize about the name Hytch Cawke. It’s just awful. And no, he shouldn’t lose his job over this, but of course Fox has no shame.

  7. JEFF says

    Nate, are you kidding? There have been several instances–in the past couple of years alone–of women who had been strippers losing their teaching jobs. While homophobia is certainly an issue here, the primary problem is one of sex phobia.

  8. JWL says

    Eugene you are a moron. They gave the guys porn name, they surely didnt have to do that. Every kid in school will have seen his pics and video clips before the end of the day and that will be the end of his career. YOU are the problem. Liberals will not stand up for each other the way conservatives do. I dont agree with him making porn as a teacher, but really really dont agree with FoxBoston making their ratings out of destroying his career.

  9. endo says

    OMG, “Hytch Cawke” … ahahahahaha!! Please tell me that he appeared in porn films titled:

    The Man Who Blew Too Much
    Hung and Innocent
    Mr. and Mr. Smith
    Straining on a Train
    The Long Man
    Dial O for Oral

  10. Jordan H. says

    I wonder if this would be on the news if Kevin was perhaps a chick…doing straight porn or a lesbian scene. He is an ADULT…point blank…who cares? He obviously is fit to teach ur HIGH SCHOOL kids…and now u gone and ruined his life… talk about “gotcha journalism”…ay yai yai… such a sad and close-minded world we live in. Its sex, Christians, EVEN YOU GUYS HAVE IT.

  11. Gregoire says

    “If this had been a female stripper turned teacher the news station would have been doing a fluff piece on how wonderful it was she had turned her life around. They are firing him because he is gay, and using the porn as an excuse.”

    Quite the opposite. If this were a woman, they would have destroyed her career too, possibly even more gratuitously.

    If it were a straight man, however, that would be a different story. His porn past would have been seen as a thing to be chided about and forgotten.

  12. Rick says

    My God, most of these comments demonstrate just how far out of the social mainstream most of you really are.

    Do you seriously think that it is OK for a schoolteacher to be acting in porno flicks? Seriously? And do you seriously believe that any straight teacher who did the same would not be treated the same way? Especially in liberal Massachusetts.

    Teachers are supposed to demonstrate character and act as role models for their students……and acting in porn flicks is clearly in violation of that expectation.

    If he had done it 20 years ago, that would have been one thing–after all, this is a state one of whose US Senators posed nude for Cosmopolitan in his youth.

    But this was not twenty years ago; it was very recently.

    How could a teacher be taken seriously in the classroom when his students will have seen him with a hard-on? Much less the parents.

    The man should be fired. Period.

    Poor character. Poor judgment.

    End of discussion.

  13. FreddyMertz says

    If hes done nothing illegal then why report it? I say ’bout time that we start investigating “reporters” about their private lives..who’s with me..we’ll set up a website and publish their private lives…anyone?

  14. D.R.H. says

    Seriously, people? I not saying he isn’t fit to teach children, I’m not saying porn is bad, and I’m not saying that the news agency doesn’t suck for outing someone for something so unrelated to his teaching profession.
    But was he an idiot for thinking he’d be able to shoot porn and a year later be teaching without anyone finding out? When will people learn that every action has a consequence? Whether we agree with it or not.

  15. Larry says

    But how did someone find out? Is Fox News so desperate to stir up more hatred and fear about dreaded gay people teaching vulnerable children that they have a researcher cross-referencing gay porn actors with teachers’ names? Or did someone at the school or in his life tip the media off? Because it’s not like this guy was in a high profile position. Probably some closeted father got caught with his hands down his pants and threw old Hytch under the proverbial bus…

  16. Fahd says

    The headline on this story seems grammatically wrong. Are they questioning his career or are they questioning him about his career? Seems like they are exposing not questioning.

    Teachers shouldn’t do porn, in my opinion — but the word “witchhunt” comes to mind.

  17. says

    I feel for the guy, but many of the comments here are delusional. No woman with the same porn past would get a pass, nor would any straight man. Period. I don’t think any school (save for some universities) would in any way associate themselves with people with porn in their past, let alone their very recent past.

    I think FOX’s vigor in pursuing this might be considered homophobic, but I don’t think the results are.

    From an employer’s perspective, it would be annoying to hire someone to teach kids and find out they’d deliberately left out a porn career, no?

    All that said, I wish we lived in a society that were not so quick to judge. People who have not done porn are just as likely to be bad influences on kids for a host of non-public reasons.

  18. brent says

    You know, it really begs the question here: Their story conveniently leaves out just exactly HOW these revelations came to light in their newsroom. I want to know which reporter is trolling the internet for gay porn stars.

    Nothing illegal happened, no one has come forward with any claims of impropriety (although I bet some asshat will come forward with fake accusations now). I don’t see how anyone connected to this story can sleep at night.

  19. Kirby says

    While he did nothing “illegal,” as part of his application he had to a. disclose all of his past employers and b. sign the application, which in effect said that he could be fired for giving false information or withholding information. It is the same legally-binding document that anyone signs when applying for a job.

    So clearly he withheld his porn past, and now, the school has every right to fire him – if they choose to.

    Any employer who discovers a lie on an application (again, lie = withholding information) has the right to do this.

    The idea that his predicament is the fault of Fox News (or anyone else for that matter) is rather silly. If you take risks in life (and yes, doing porn knowing that it can come back to haunt you is clearly a risk), you have to be able to suffer the consequences.

  20. ESA says

    I don’t know about Rick’s other alleged posts, but he has a few valid points.

    At what point did this man believe that his recent porn past would not become a hindrance to his ability to teach a classroom full of students at a charter school? And in a nation of xtianist zealots, did he find that their influence would be simply irrelevant?

    Rather than attempting to focus on anyone’s moral compass, I find it more relevant to question his rational decision-making process. Internet porn is easily accessible and sooner or later, he was surely going to be found out. Anything you post or have posted of you and your body becomes fair game to the viewing public, so if you take it all off, don’t whine about being exposed. He’s an idiot and delusional.

    For readers to say “so what” to porn is unrealistic. Sure, we don’t care. We all (don’t lie!) look at porn and have pornographic thoughts – unless you’re just *so* different and *enlightened* that you don’t function on a physiological level that the majority of humans do. Sure, in (a non-existant) utopia, we’d all be just fine with sex because it’s part of human nature…BUT WE DON’T LIVE IN UTOPIA. People are judgmental and quick to associate apples with oranges, no matter how irrational it may be. So, to gasp in horror and find the exposé so contemptuous is naive and indeed, out of touch with reality. Fox News is one of the biggest sh*t stirrers in the business, but the “how dare they?!” attitude here is, quite frankly, out of touch with reality.

  21. Sean says

    Stuff like this should be grounds for a lawsuit. It’s hard to imagine him returning to his job. Even if he’s allowed I doubt anyone would want to be in that situation.

  22. says

    …….and who would have known this man had been in these films if ADULTS hadn’t gone out of their way to talk about it, eh?

    the kids wouldn’t have known.

    what’s wrong with porn? we have politicians, on both side of the aisle, who constantly are photographed glorifying the use of GUNS. America has a gunviolence problem. Young people die from gunviolence every year. Google online and you can see photos of all the GOP candidates brandishing guns.

    Shouldn’t we worry about what THAT does to children? But no. Let’s worry about SEX!
    America, you make no sense.

    Now, I understand where RICK is coming from, though. it’s the same excuses RICK gives every day for still being Closeted. RICK, as we all know, lives with both balls in the closet. no wonder he thinks this man is to blame.

    hey RICK how’s your dad? :-)

  23. TyN says

    Recently there was backlash from parents over a female waitress at Hooters that came to talk to an elementary school class. I’m going to assume that if the person was male or female, they’d still be upset about their porno past.

  24. Adrian says


    I disagree with your opinion. We’re not delusional for sympathizing for this man. He is not a celebrity or public figure. With so much porn littered online, you’ll have to dig through a haystack the size of Midwest to find and recognize that particular employee who had done porn. Even if you did spot him, details of his porn is not worth airing on local TV or sharing with your office workers. It only makes you a contemptuous fool for doing so.

    What Fox News has accomplished was making his privates blatantly accessible to his peers and students, making his private life unnecessarily public. It’s nothing but a predatory rating’s stunt. Utterly reprehensible.

  25. AG says

    Let’s put the blame for discriminating against this teacher on the people who deserve it — the good people of Massachusetts. He suffers because of them, not because of a local TV station. And, by the way, it’s not a Fox News channel, it’s a local FOX25 station.

  26. Caliban says

    “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

    “If a teacher has a past in gay porn but no one knows about it, does it really matter?”

    To me it depends on how the Fox station came by this information. I’m not a porn obsessionado but I read some porn blogs and I’ve never heard of “Hytch Cawke” or any of the titles listed. I’d think they must be at least somewhat obscure, therefore less likely for a student to stumble upon. So how did Fox find out about this? If a student or parent DID discover this it’s one thing. If this station went out of their way to destroy this man’s teaching career in service of their anti-gay political agenda, it’s another thing entirely.

    If it’s him it’s spilt milk now.

    But so far at least he’s denying it. The best case scenarion would be if the Fox station is wrong and he sues them to hell and back.

  27. namarc says

    Seriously… he was my 8th grade english teacher and this is absolutely ridiculous. Sure maybe he should have been more discreet, but it is his life and since when was having sex a crime. He was a wonderful teacher, the type that you don’t come across often and this is just terrible that FOX decided to do this to a man that has done nothing wrong.

  28. Jeff Kurtti says

    Many years ago I had a 22-year-old friend who had an opportunity and desire to do gay porn. He asked my thoughts. I asked if he was willing to have that media follow him the rest of his life. When he got married, or became a father, or decided to run for City Council, or wherever his young life would progress; someone, somewhere, would present with copies of the video and photos. Not a moral question, not a legal question, just a question of good sense. (He decided not to do it.)

  29. John says

    WAIT A MINUTE!! We all know that we are accountable for the choices we make. If you don’t know that, then your to young to be reading this. I would not want my 14-15 yr old kid Googleing his teacher to see him having sex with some guy he just shook hands with. Not to mention the situations he’s in.
    He has a certain responsibility to not only the children but there parents, who should have a say in who teachers their children.
    The gay/news issue aside. It’s hard enough for kids now a days,
    why make it harder for them. He should have stayed an actor.

  30. DJSauvage says

    I have a friend who works as a school teacher, and her school even puts restrictions on what she can post on her private facebook page. No posts about drinking, having sex, etc. I think it’s a fact of life that some rolls are mutually exclusive, porn star and teacher would be 2. On the other hand, I had a porn star friend in the 80’s who was having trouble getting or keeping any job outside of porn because of his past, so we’ve come a long way since then.

  31. KP says

    Um… I don’t believe this man was FORCED to be in the porn film, right? Whether it was Fox News or some student digging up his past, the possibility of it being “discovered” was there due to this man’s decision to do pornography. I don’t doubt that its been sensationalized because he is gay. Or that the repercussions might be greater because he is gay. But does he bear no responsibility for his past actions?

  32. ESA says


    Acknowedging this pig for what it is, a ratings stunt, I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. They’ve succeeded brilliantly. As I said, Fox News is a sh*t stirrer, nothing more. And again, I certainly don’t personally care about this man’s past and I don’t have children attending this school, but in that haystack you reference, someone obviously found this brightly shining needle. And most certainly, as a supposed news source, Fox is definitively contemptuous, but if that is the defining characteristic of your argument, then the whole issue is null and void. To your point then, Fox News certainly wields no power over the viewing public.

    To repeat, I said that Kevin Hogan is an idiot and delusional. And for him to obfuscate facts on camera deliberately also shows his lack of character. If his career past is so grand and acceptable, then why not simply state it as such?! “Yep! That’s me! You forgot to include my special fetish collection! Would you like me to sign that for you?”

    It is most certainly my valid opinion that readers that gasp in disbelief and indignancy over this purportedly un-newsworthy story are out of touch with reality.

  33. Caliban says

    John, it’s only NOW in the aftermath of this “news” report that a student Googling this teacher’s real name would come up with anything other than his teaching credentials, perhaps his Facebook page, and maybe a few mentions for his coaching work. His name isn’t really “Hytch Cawke,” you know.

    IF this is really him I’d love to know who made this connection and how they did it. Somebody had to look through a LOT of gay porn to find it.

  34. Andalusian Dog says

    This poor man. He should move as far away as he can from faux-liberal MA (Boston and Cambridge, some of the wealthy MetroWest, and Holyoke and Northampton, are liberal; the rest of the commonwealth, socially, tends right. Places like Malden have small gay communities, but are overwhelmingly blue-collar white Catholic and socially very right (or at least anti-gay).).

    He did nothing wrong. He wasn’t showing porn in the classroom. Whether it is “inevitable” the kids would find out is conjecture; but they certainly will be googling his name after this “news” report.

    Whether a woman would be treated the same way in the same circumstances is a pointless argument. Even if a woman would have treated the same way, that doesn’t mean this particular occurrence wasn’t motivated by homophobia. I think this man has been witchhunted for homophobic purposes; and a woman, under the same circumstances, would have been witchhunted for sexist reasons. (Homophobia and sexism are part of the same psychology. Homophobia and sexism are both reactions to straight (white) males’ perception of sex and power, and both have to do with the hatred of women/womanliness.)

    This Fox affiliate’s “report” was pure sensationalism. I hope they have not totally ruined this man’s career, but they have certainly damaged it terribly for the foreseeable future. He should sue them for all they are worth – in very practical terms, he’ll need the money. (Teaching does not pay very well to begin with.) I hope the ACLU steps in.

    Finally: it seems we are really a country that (still) conducts witchhunts. We are really a country that feels the right to intrude on, and judge, what people do in their private lives. We are really still a country that judges what people do sexually, and will “make ’em pay” if we don’t like it. Finally, we are still a country that hates and fears sex so much that it is okay as long as it is fake and disembodied (tv, movies); but as soon as it becomes part of reality, it is shameful and deserves to be dealt with in more or less violent ways. As much as we hate sex, we hate the acknowledgement that sex happens in reality even more.

  35. says

    what “responsibility” are you people talking about?

    explain with logic and reason why a man should lose his job because he previously had another completely LEGAL job?

    “what about the children?”

    what are you TALKING about? “the children” wouldn’t have known about this if ADULTS hadn’t gone out of their way to break this non-story story. you can’t say “hey, this man named ________ used to do porn under the name ________” and then worry about ‘the children’ – you don’t care about the children. you just informed them. this is stupid beyond words.

    just because an american culture of puritanical ninnies has a problem with sex and sexuality doesn’t mean that any of the heat on this guy is justified.

    seriously. this whole situation makes america look stupid. a culture that punishes those for their sexualities and sex lives and yet has no problem with people being photographed glorifying the use of GUNS.

    tens of thousands of young americans die every year from gun violence. as far as i can tell, none are dying from watching porn.

  36. Chuck Mielke says

    I wonder what political things are happening in the Boston area, or Massachusettes generally, that Fox Boston needed a distraction for? Looks a lot like more Rupert Murdoch media stench.

  37. Adrian says


    “It is most certainly my valid opinion that readers that gasp in disbelief and indignancy over this purportedly un-newsworthy story are out of touch with reality.”

    Or, you are now faced with this new reality:

    Readers DO gasp with indignant disbelief over this purportedly un-newsworthy story. Our sympathies for this man are REAL and as valid as your own opinion to which I disagree.

  38. Sargon Bighorn says

    What we have here again is the American public’s fascination with, repulsion of, constant interest in, dysfunction with, and lack of understanding of SEX.

    NO teachers are NOT role models, PARENTS are. Period full stop. Of course a student will look up to a teacher, that happens. But for society to expect all teachers all times in all places be pure is once again showing the low level of critical thinking Americans do.

    As others have said, he really played this all wrong. His private life is his private life until such time as he strips and has sex IN FRONT OF A CAMERA. Really teach, how dumb can you be?

  39. Kirby says

    Some amazing comments on this one.

    To all the men who feel that there is nothing wrong with a former porn actor teaching children — how many of you would DATE a man who did porn? I know men who won’t even CHAT with men who post suggestive photos on dating sites!

  40. endo says

    “I think it’s a fact of life that some rolls are mutually exclusive”

    I know, dear, you don’t wanna mix up your common hamburger buns with a French loaf. How awful!

  41. pdxblueyes says

    Fox News. Unconscionable – Why would you do this to someone? nice way to ruin someone. Is that what you guys do for fun? hope all of you have crystal clear pasts…

  42. dms says

    To those who think this is a problem just because it’s gay porn, you’re wrong.

    Herman Cain is being vilified for harassing women and having an affair. It’ll be the end of his run for office. Women with porn pasts are fired. Tera Myers and Tericka Dye were fired for porn in their pasts. Google them if you need to know more.

    People are terrified their kids will be exposed to sex, gay or otherwise.

    And while I think it is wrong and stupid to think that you can’t do porn and teach, one knows the ramifications of doing so. In the world of the internet, you are just a click away from being exposed. So to speak. So while it is not illegal, you will be punished by the court of public opinion. It’s that simple. So where’s the personal responsibility? I say these people are just plain stupid for taking a risk for so little and jeopardizing their careers. So let’s not victimize ourselves, let’s blame these folks for doing something stupid.

    I hate it when gays blurt out homophobia without thinking. save it for when it really matters like marriage INequality.

  43. luminum says

    I just wrote a letter to the assistant directors of the school and the BOE asking that they support Mr. Hogan during this investigation and take a stand against Mike Beaudet’s shoddy and unethical journalism.

    You can write to the BOE of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education here:

    Contact email for Board of Education for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

    Contact email for Mystic Valley Regional Charter School Assistant Directors:

    As for these arguments about whether teachers can be taken seriously if discovered, it’s one thing if a student magically has the idea to Google their teacher and do an image match to recognize that he or she has been in a an adult film. It’s an entirely different thing if a news agency tries to argue that same reason and then goes on to inform everyone, including those students, who were basically all unaware and unlikely to seek this sort of information, about it.

    “The teacher-student relationship would never work if you 7th graders ever knew that one of your teachers WAS a FORMER adult film star. It would just ruin your ability to learn from him. So let me tell you which one it is, what his name was, and what films he was in. I don’t want you kids to have your educational experience destroyed by you finding out about this.”

  44. chad says

    This feels like a witch hunt being justified to “protect the children”. Although porn star teacher has shown some poor judgement here, I don’t think he deserves to lose his job.

  45. Adrian says


    Then early polling suggests that the court of public opinion has sided against FOX25. Even former students are crying foul. Read the comments:

    While doing porn is arguably stupid if you happen to be an English teacher, taking it too far, such as using your vast media resources to expose the private sexual life of a low-key working class individual who has done no harm to society and his students at large, thereby painting him as a sexual deviant untouchable to children, potentially resulting in public outrage which is far stupider-er.

    I do not absolve this teacher of personal responsibility, but his part is miniscule compared to the damage FOX25 inflicted.

  46. Paul R says

    Clearly Fox didn’t stumble on this or search for it. A local station wouldn’t have the resources. Someone obviously gave the station the information.

    But as I said before, I just don’t understand why a person would do porn (perhaps it’s a fetish or simple exhibitionism? because it’s not money). And I had no idea it was so recent, which makes it even less logical and reflects bad decisions for someone his age. And unlike some have claimed, it wasn’t really his private life. He put it all out in a publicly available setting and had to be aware that risks were involved—fair or not. It’s hardly news that the US remains highly (hypocritically) puritanical about sex.

  47. Paul R says

    I don’t know how these “reporters” (and they fall far short of being journalists) can look at themselves in the mirror. At the end of the clip they cover themselves by admitting that nothing the guy did was illegal and they’re basically stirring up trouble and ruining the career of a well-regarded teacher with their tabloid “news.”

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if they interviewed some parents who said, “I don’t give a crap what he does in his private life—the kids love him and he’s a good teacher.” But that wouldn’t be as dramatic.

  48. TJ says

    LITTLE KIWI is my hero, again.

    Seriously, what this reporter and news station did had nothing whatsoever to do with protecting children. It was character assassination for ratings, the outcome of which is exposing children to exactly what they presumably were protecting them from.

    Do I think it is a wise move, however legal it may be, to do porn if you ever expect to be taken seriously? No. However successful she may be (crying on the way to the bank and all that), Kim Kardashian is trashed and judged on messages boards as being a “celebrity” because of doing a porn (not that I don’t agree). The reality is, if the news gets out, you’re toast, no matter how unfair that is.

    But the truly reprehensible thing here, the truly immoral thing, is what Fox news and its reporter did to this man. Because of public attitudes toward pornography (not the private ones, because, hey, even Osoma Bin Laden couldn’t resist watching), this man’s career as a teacher is likely destroyed. Had no one ever found out, it never would have mattered. We can speculate and assume that it was bound to come out, one way or another, but what we know as fact is that this story came out because of Fox and the reporter’s efforts and desire to run a sensational story.

    Did anyone click on the link and read the story on the Boston affiliate’s page? The comments – hundreds of them – are quite interesting. They call not for the firing of the teacher, but of the reporter.

  49. Rick says

    “But the truly reprehensible thing here, the truly immoral thing, is what Fox news and its reporter did to this man. Because of public attitudes toward pornography (not the private ones, because, hey, even Osoma Bin Laden couldn’t resist watching), this man’s career as a teacher is likely destroyed. Had no one ever found out, it never would have mattered. We can speculate and assume that it was bound to come out, one way or another, but what we know as fact is that this story came out because of Fox and the reporter’s efforts and desire to run a sensational story”

    Ah, yes, evil Fox News. So tell me, TJ, couldn’t you say everything you just said about the Larry Craig case? Poor guy; just a victim of the evil news media, right? If they had just left it alone, it never would have damaged his career….and what is wrong, after all, with getting a little T-room action from time to time?

    Hey, so what if he is a US Senator–it’s not like that means there are any standards of behavior he should be held to, any more than a schoolteacher should be, right?

    What is the difference in principle between his case and this one? And yet I certainly don’t recall any of you people defending this guy coming to the defense of poor, innocent Larry Craig, victim of media sensationalism……

  50. Adrian says

    @Paul R,

    That local station has the resources to employ a sleazy reporter, ambush interview said teacher, and broadcast it on air for the whole of Boston to see.

    From what I perused online, he did indie porn targeted to a niche audience. What FOX25 did was publicize it to a much larger, unintended audience for the purposes of fear mongering. We could debate what constitutes “private” or “public” viewing, but seriously, if FOX25 kept their mouths shut, me and many others of the general public would’ve remained blissfully unaware. He’ll continue imparting great education to kids while catering to the needs of grown men on the side.

    So who overstepped their professional boundaries here? Clearly not the teach.

    Why would a person do porn? Ask a porn star. I just watch.

  51. TJ says

    Um, re: Larry Craig – I seem to recall that he was caught by an undercover law officer doing something illegal in public. I seem to recall that he was criticized for being publicly, hypocritically, antigay. Why this has anything to do with a good teacher being outed by a sleazy reporter for doing something legal in his past (however imprudent) is beyond me, but then, RICK never makes sense to me anyway.

  52. Brian in Texas says

    This is a local Boston station that is affiliated with the Fox network. It has nothing to do with the Fox News Channel.

    I feel somewhat sympathetic to this guy, but really who says “Hmmm I’ll do fetish porn in 2010 and then in 2011 I’ll be a school teacher!”??

    This wasn’t something he did 30 yrs ago, it was last year.

    He’s now become a distraction in the class room and people will question his judgement. He made his choices.

  53. says

    larry craig was exposed as a pious hypocrite, RICK. of course you don’t understand the details.

    larry craig was anti-gay in public and a lover of pole-smoking in private.

    not remotely comparable. no “Children” would be aware of this had a bunch of adults not decided to expose this. if they cared about the children they wouldn’t have broken this irrelevant story.

    and RICK, i’m still waiting for you to provide the URL to your own page or video you’ve made where you show us all what a strong upstanding masculine and empowered gay man you are.

    URL, please?

  54. Rick says

    @TJ Oh, I see, it was “illegal” and that is the key difference, right? Because we all know that law enforcement can be trusted not to entrap or otherwise treat gay men (or men seeking sex with other men) unfairly, right? And we all know that all those “lewd and lascivious conduct” laws are perfectly reasonable to begin with, right?

    The point is that those of you defending this guy are doing so out of political motives, not because of the merits of the case.

    Surprise, surprise.

  55. says

    RICK, please share the URL to your video/webpage where you show us all how strong you are as an Out, Masculine and Empowered gay man who doesn’t hide with his balls in the Closet.

    for real. URL, please.

    Larry Craig was courting anti-gay bigots for votes, fueling anti-gay bigotry for his own gain, and chowing down on cock in private.

    not remotely comparable.

    so, why not show us YOU, eh? you’re so strong and manly after all……right?


  56. says

    are some of you saying that if one does pornography they are therefore deserving of never getting out of that world?

    really? what, specifically, is the issue with adult entertainment?

    heck, if the videos he’s in feature condom use why not champion him as a safe-sex proponent? 😉

    “the children” everyone’s rambling on about wouldnt’ even know about this had these grown-ass adults decided to stoop to the low-level of sensationalism that this story is.

    Dear Children, your own parents perform oral sex on each other. doesn’t mean you have to picture it.

  57. Francis says

    A-lot of sex negativity in these posts.

    Based on the poll I saw on the school putting this teacher on administrative leave, this decision hasn’t been received well. The man’s career and living are being railroaded for sex on a camera. We are not talking about murder, people. Let’s show some perspective here.

    With that said, although homophobia is probably partially at play here, it seems the main motivation is a “OMG, this guy did something salacious, we will get a lot of attention by busting him!!” mentality. Sensationalism. These suburban, white-collar type cities/towns will react differently than a Boston or Cambridge would. It’s a reflection of a culture that something like this would be a problem.

  58. Hollywood, CA says

    Sign of the times, man. if I was in High School right now, and knew my teacher was in porn, I would def. look it up. And, once you’ve seen your teacher having sex, the classroom is thrown off balance. It’s still a hot button issue (porn, no matter what variation), and if you have that in your past, it’s going to be tough for you to get a teaching job.

    Now, maybe if he had told the school in advance, this might not be an issue… but then again, I’m 99% sure they wouldn’t have hired him, so it’s a catch 22 as well.

    His porn movies were released last year, so it’s not like his “past” is coming back to haunt him…

  59. Kevin B says

    Food for thoguht:

    The prevailing argument here is:
    “why should we care what he is doing outside the classroom as long as it is legal?”

    This is coming from the same people that recently called for a NJ teacher to be fired for comments she made on Facebook.

  60. Mike says

    We need good moral leaders teaching our kids. What he does in private is his business. What he does on film is everyone’s business and a distraction to the students. We don’t need sleazy teachers in our schools.

  61. TJ says

    As far as we know, this man did not bring his past, however recent (although, just because the movies were released last year, it doesn’t mean that they were made last year), or an agenda into the classroom. He just did a good job. For those condemning him, I hope you are without sin, and have no reason to find a reporter waving a microphone in your face, ever. Because no one is perfect, and we all fall short, and many of us could be publicly condemned and thought to have poor judgement and suspect morals for one reason or another. And our jobs could be on the line.

    I don’t recommend porn as training ground for a career as a public school teacher, or anything for that matter. In my opinion, he ought to have known better, and has some fault through his choices. As I stated previously, the fact is, if it gets out, you are toast. No kid in that school is likely unaware of the story at this point. This guy’s credibility is shot. What I object to is the unnecessary exposure and subsequent loss of face and career caused by a salacious report that served no good purpose, that protected no one.

  62. TNardi says

    Our Fox affiliate in Philly ran a segment on it. I wrote a livid email to them complaining. Unless that guy is filming porn in the classroom, I don’t see how it matters. The ONLY thing that matters is if he’s a good teacher, and that’s something that FOX doesn’t seem to answer.

  63. says

    Since we don’t know when the videos were made, it’s hard to say how bad his judgment is. But I don’t think he should be suspended or fired. When I was in High School we knew somewhat unsavory things about one of our favorite teachers and it was no biggie. We cared about the fact that he was a great teacher. The guy who headed the SAT study company (big now, just starting then) had posed in Playgirl. No biggie (really).

    This guy should not be treated like Hester Prynne. It’s not like the videos were about raping little boys, right? Relax, it’s just sex.

  64. says

    P.S. I have a son in elementary school. If I found out that one of his teachers had done a porno (gay, straight or other), I wouldn’t really care as long as he or she was a good teacher. Child porn? Very different story of course.

  65. Steve says

    Just to be clear – this station is a FOX TELEVISION affiliate, NOT a FOX NEWS affiliate. There’s a big difference.

    This TV station is an affiliate of the FOX TV NETWORK – the network that brings you Glee, New Girl, COPS, NFL Football, The Simpsons, etc. They are a local TV station that has its own news team, like every other local TV station.

    FOX NEWS is a network. Like ABC News, CBS News, CNN, etc. The station may or may not use their material – but this station is no more Fox News Network than your other local stations are ABC, CBS, or NBC. They simply have an affiliation with the ENTERTAINMENT division of the network.

    This story has nothing – zero – to do with Fox News.

  66. Rick says

    @KevinB Great point, which sums all this up really nicely.

    These people supporting him are just political animals who circle the wagons when someone who is gay comes into conflict with the authorities, regardless of the facts, just as they attack anyone who is homophobic and would be fine with them being denied their basic rights, including the right to free speech.

    What they don’t seem to understand is that they shred the credibility of the gay community by taking these stances.

    People respect principle, but they don’t respect what they rightly see as nothing other than political posturing and false victimization.

    And that is especially true in a case like this, where the activity in question reinforces the image of gay men as general sleazebags with no sense of ethics, at all, who will drop their pants for any reason whatsoever, regardless of how much it conflicts with their societal responsibilities.

  67. TJ says

    The facts of this case include that a reportedly good teacher unnecessarily has been overexposed beyond his obvious, arguably poor choice. No one has benefited. No good was acheived. Can’t speak to anyone else’s “political” agenda, but I was just as annoyed when a female porn star recently volunteered to read to children and all hell broke loose. She didn’t bring her career into the classroom. The children, as far as they knew at the time, were just enjoying the experience in the moment. The only agenda was that of those who chose to make a big, scary deal out of it. Let he who has never watched porn cast the first stone.

  68. tomas says

    The only inmoral issue is what Fox has done to this guy, and if you consider his gay porn activity as inmoral then you are really sick. He hasn’t done nothing wrong, has he done somthing to the children? you are just scaring people, inducing them to think so, you are disgusting FOX=WHORE

  69. Eddie says

    fox news is the beast 666.
    however, i just wanna ask kevin, why? i mean, obviously this guy is intelligent, etc… educated. so why do gay porn if you’re aiming for a teaching career?
    i mean, d’oh!
    ya shoulda known betta pal.

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