1. Monsieur V says

    @Jason, LOL – isn’t it against the religion to tattoo the star of David? or something like that?

  2. thomasina says

    @Monsieur V: It is a widespread misconception, even among some Jewish people, that it is against Jewish law to have a tattoo, or that you can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you are tattooed.
    “…the edict isn’t true. The eight rabbinical scholars interviewed for this article, from institutions like the Jewish Theological Seminary and Yeshiva University, said it’s an urban legend, most likely started because a specific cemetery had a policy against tattoos. Jewish parents and grandparents picked up on it and over time, their distaste for tattoos was presented as scriptural doctrine.”

  3. dancobbb says

    I agree with the comment about the nips. AWESOME! Bod is hot all around. Looks like he’s packing some serious meat in those shorts too.
    As for the tat, there is a Biblical proscription against tattoos. They’re an abomination or some such nonsense.

  4. Miss Piggy says

    I luv the tattoo’s mixed message. I’m jewish, but not all that jewish.

    He might even eat pork! OMG!!

  5. Keith says

    I’m sorry, but being attracted to a grown up child star makes me feel like a dirty old man…and I’m still in my twenties.

  6. antisaint says

    Heh, I saw that movie once, fleetingly, about 5 years ago, so I’m just gonna enjoy this. 😀

  7. ScottyP. says

    I never watched the movie and I’m 50 years old. I would have absolutely no problem doing any number of things to this young man . Some things more than once. It doesn’t matter if he’s Jewish, I wanna pork him. And yes he does have excellent nips. I’ll even overlook that he doesn’t have any body hair.

  8. theotherlee says

    Yeah, he’s definitely grown into being a little hottie!

    I know I’m way too old for him, but I sure hope he plays for our team, as some lucky young lad could grab him. lol

    For those interested, those pics and a lot more can be found here:

  9. ravewulf says

    Pass. I’m not into twinky or boy-ish looking guys. No offense to those that do like him, of course, just not my thing.

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  11. Jeff in NC says

    @Monsieur V & Thomasina:
    According to a book that I have, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning by Maurice Lamm, a Jew is not allowed to be tatooed because as Jews, we are supposed to leave the world the way we entered it. Technically, we should not even have our ears pierced, let alone nipples and cocks. As a matter of fact, if a Jew loses a limb, the limb is suppossed to be saved until the person dies so they are buried together and the person can be buried as a whole. If there is an accident where blood is spilled, the blood should be sopped up and also buried with the person.

    According to the book, the way tatooing was originally done was by breaking under the skin. The modern way of tatooing does not involve the same method; therefore, this technicality makes it “allowed” for some Jews to get tatoos. Hence, my brother has three.

    So Thomasina, I don’t really know which is correct; but, the book’s reason makes a lot of sense to me.

    Either way, JL looks mighty HOT and if he asked nicely I would lick the the lines of his tatoo as long as he wanted me to.

    (Sorry if this posts twice, something weird is going on with the posting system.)