1. olen says

    And then there’s L.L., keeping African-American Homophobia alive and well, acting like he’s disgusted. What an ass.

  2. Autarchic says

    FINALLY! I’ve always maintained a secret, giggly, “belief” that Justin Beaver is the real, live, reversed-version of The Crying Game. Kinda like Lance Bass is the younger sister of Ellen DeGeneres.

    This ‘mo says, Yay Lesbian Power!

  3. Les says

    Creepy mannish lesbian ogling a boy. Someone put a gag in her/its mouth and a bag over her/its head.

  4. say what says


    LOL, do you even know who KD Lang is?

    Her morning shits have more talent and $ than you ever will

  5. jamesintoronto says

    Australia and Britain seem to have great talk shows where the guests look relaxed, funny and reveal more about themselves than on North American programs. I can’t think of an american talk show where the conversation would veer towards peeing in the shower.

    And on a personal note, I was k.d. lang’s wrangler on an awards show and she really is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

  6. Derrick from Philly says


    And then there’s Olen keeping White Gay racism alive and well.

    And what was particularly homophobic about LL’s reaction? LL has had control over his public homophobic comments over the last decade. Most HipHop/Rock/Country entertainers do that when they become “mainstream”. (He ought to do it considering the fact that he has been the subject of closet-case accusations over the years.)

    Olen, if you think LL’s reaction to K.D.’S comment was offensive (in your own wacky view) –wouldn’t you love to see Justin Bieber’s reaction to being told he looks like a Lesbian? (His private reaction).

    Paranoia at mid-morning…Eastern Standard Time. Jeeez.

  7. J says

    what?! Rove has a new talk show? Didn’t know that!

    Wow! KD Lang is like a MAN! Is she sure she isn’t a transexual? Her whole appearance,posture and mannerisms are exactly like a man.

    Also guys,check out a clip of Rove getting kissed on YouTube by one of his guests.It’s a hot one!