Maine Republicans Try to Defeat Voter Registration Measure by Scaring Public Over Gay Marriage


Maine Republicans singled out Equality Maine's involvement in an effort to retain Election Day registration because they thought Mainers might not support it if they knew gay people did.

The Sun-Journal reports:

GOP Chairman Charlie Webster said the ad, which was circulated by more than 25 community newspapers, was designed to "educate" the public about EqualityMaine, one of the advocacy groups involved in the coalition that wants to retain the state's 38-year-old EDR law. However, members of the coalition say the ad is designed to mobilize opponents of same-sex marriage and marks yet another example of Webster and EDR opponents' attempts to distract voters from the real issue of Question 1.

A "yes" vote on Question 1 would retain the EDR law. A "no" vote would uphold the Legislature's controversial decision last spring to eliminate EDR.

Webster said the ad isn't "gay-bashing." However, he acknowledged several Republican lawmakers had contacted him to complain about the ad and that it cast the party in negative light.

Webster says gay rights group ad designed to educate voters [sun journal]


  1. ian says

    “he acknowledged several Republican lawmakers had contacted him to complain about the ad and that it cast the party in negative light.”

    Yup, for the GOP it all about image, not the people they are trying to harm.

  2. Westenn says

    This may seem rather remarkable to request- but what is EDR? What is question 1 about? Yes, they are linking it to gay folk- but for people who don’t live in Maine can we get an explanation on what this referencing??

  3. Ken says

    And this ad didn’t work.

    Maine has allowed voters to register on voting day for the past 40 years. A Republican majority changed that this year and Question 1 was to veto that Republican law. They tried to link it to gay marriage, but the law was vetoed in a landslide.

    Not all the the precincts have reported, but a majority have and so far the results are 60% to veto the Republican law.

  4. LincolnLounger says

    If an individual cannot be bothered to register prior to election day, he or she has no business voting.

    Election Day registration is a short cut for election fraud.

  5. Rarely Guppert says

    Herp a derp a derp, voting fraud. That ever present rightwing bugaboo that is factually nonexistent. We have to make it as difficult as possible to vote after all, can’t just let any citizen do it, they might not vote for the RIGHT people.

    Now fraud on the level of an entire election being stolen, we’ve had mounting examples of that *cough Bush 2nd term cough Wisconsin elections cough* but it’s not like every single case of election fraud happened in the favor of republicans or anything.

  6. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    Pathologicals and Prejudice

    In The Anatomy of Prejudices Elizabeth Young-Bruehl looks at such “primary prejudices” as sexism, racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. She argues that they fall into one or another combination of categories: obsessional, hysterical, or narcissistic.

    Obsessional (Malcontent) prejudice, by her definition, sees its objects as omnipresent conspirators or enemies set on one’s destruction, who therefore must be eliminated.

    Hysterical (Histrionic) prejudice interprets the hated individuals as “other, as inferior, and as sexually threatening”. Racism is the best example of hysterical prejudice.

    Narcissistic prejudice “cannot tolerate the idea that there exist people who are not like them”. She argues that homophobia alone fits all these categories, and this might help account for its persistence and prevalence.
    –Vannessa Baird, The No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity, pg 72

  7. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    The Anatomy of Prejudices – Elizabeth Young Bruehl:

    All prejudiced people have a basic need to give up their freedom, to make a choice not to be free, and thus to choose life on the plane of passion. The prejudiced are unchanging, impenetrable, and impervious to experience.

    They are like stones, while the free and reasoning ones are open, flexible, welcoming to new experience. The prejudiced one refuse to examine themselves, to thing about themselves, and they identity with the crowd of their likenesses while they are busy inspiring fear in the crowds of the other’s.

  8. Redebbm says

    The flyer alone shows that they are unstable in their views.

    The point is, there is one party in this country afraid of voting, its the Republicans. They see the tide turning so they know its time to restrict as many people as possible. They have been so contradictory on this subject in order to secure votes in their favor. If you can’t beat em, change the rules after all. I just can’t wait to defy them when i go to the polls next year to vote against their anti-voting agenda. Not acceptable!

  9. says

    It’s a tried and true tactic that has worked numerous times in the past, and since Republicans have no boundaries, why not trot it out again?

    Difference this time is that people, due to exposure and family members coming out of the closet in droves thus humanizing us in a personal and valued way, are rapidly losing their fear of homosexuals, and the big bad boogie man caricature of the past doesn’t work as effectively as before.

    Their tactic backfired, as this referendum to restore same day voting registratiion, passed with overwhelming support.

    Back to the drawing board bigots and homophobes!

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