1. Stephen says

    I don’t see anything wrong with the joke. He was obviously pointing out the absurdity of Marcus Bachmann and his “clinic”.

    On a side note, I always assumed Paul Shaffer was gay. I guess not.

  2. woodroad34d says

    Oh-Bachman! Love it. Her followers would be so dumb that they’d look to find Oh-Bachman on the ballot, but couldn’t. And, honestly, that pig-faced pansy of a husband is just Halloween icky scary.

  3. Paul R says

    Who suggested there was a problem? He’s mocking the guy.

    And Paul Shaffer most certainly is gay.

  4. corvidae says

    Yes, he will *certainly* “take care” of you. Bravo! The whole ex-gay thing is ridiculous, and I can see comics getting a lot of material out of it.
    Black guy: “I know what you’re thinking, I look black, but I’m actually ex-black.”

  5. Q says

    Yes this is political censorship pure and simple, and CBS owes an explanation of exactly why this is out of bounds for reasons completely unrelated to sexual orientation. That oughta be a whopper.

  6. mike says

    Paul Shaffer is not gay. In fact, if you Google “It’s Raining Men” and “Shaffer” or check his wikipedia profile, you’ll find that 1) he wrote the lyrics to “It’s Raining Men” and 2) his wife didn’t think it was a good idea to do something that would promote a gay following.

  7. billmiller says

    The republicant race is beginning to look like whack-a-mole. One pops up for 5 minures or less, then another as numero uno.

  8. Gigi says

    @MIKE Just because one is married to a woman it doesn’t mean that he’s not gay. Hence Mr. Bachmann. Shaffer’s wife didn’t wand to promote “more” of a gay following you mean. But who would follow him? A star-f#cker maybe. I guess that’s possible.

    The Letterman bit was very funny. Doubt Mrs. O’Bachmann will be demanding for an apology lest she draws attention to the fact that her hubby’s an “ex-gay” type. Looks good on ’em. Where’s they apology from her for saying that gay people are “of Satan” or from him saying that we’re barbarians and need to be educated? Fair is fair!

  9. ginger says

    Paul Shaffer is an extremely closeted gay man. He is an Orthodox Jew, so he has the religious crap going on. This is common knowledge in show biz.

    Dave, OTOH, is the love of my life…

  10. yellowrocket says

    I LOVE DAVID LETTERMAN! He has been blasting the O’bachmans over this for months, with most of the jokes being much more offensive (to them) than this one. Letterman doesn’t get the credit he deserves for being one of our more subtly outspoken allies.

  11. Paul R says

    CBS would offer a mealy-mouthed explanation that they can’t “slander” people or seem to prefer certain candidates. Utter crap.