1. jamesintoronto says

    Proud to be an Ontarian today. I’m glad he didn’t skirt the issue but instead identified that it was gay kids who were being bullied. I realize that other kids are being bullied as well but it seems that the gay kids have little recourse because no one wants to deal with the sexual aspect of the bullying. And I agree, we can’t just tell kids it gets better, we have to try and make it better now.

  2. CanuckChris says

    Proud to live in a country where all parties on the political spectrum fully support our rights. It’s also nice to hear a politician talk about making it better now, rather than talking about the abstract future. Go Dalton!

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    While some parts of the US are equal to Canada in this rational and progressive issue toward bullying and equality, it pains me to recognize the regressive and oppressive contingent who happen to be in the political ascendency in my country. I wonder if, with the Occupy movement, my fellow citizens have begun to take action against the long-unrecognized ugliness of my country’s political activities.

  4. Randy says

    As an Ontarian, I’m suspicious of this ad, which could have offered specifics, but was short on detail, and didn’t even refer to the LGBT Youthline (800-268-9688) which deals with bullying.

    One of the key issues that Ontario kids have been fighting the government on is getting Dalton’s government to enforce its own requirement that publicly-funded Catholic schools permit students to form GSAs, in PPM 145. The site refers to PPM 144, but not PPM 145 as far as I could tell.

    Another issue is the health education curriculum, which they cowardly failed to update recently, when some religious conservatives objected.

    Another glaring issue is the continued use of the notoriously homophobic “Pastoral Guideline to Assist Students of Same-Sex Orientation” in Ontario’s publicly-funded Catholic schools.

    I’ll believe the change when I see it.

  5. Jake says


    I don’t get your negative approach at all.
    Dalton McGuinty appointed a gay man as Deputy Premier and he named a lesbian as Minister of Education. He also held a vote calling for recognition of same-sex marriage well before our federal government did. Remembering that the Premier is a very serious Catholic from a very serious Catholic family, here’s a person who took action before any other Governor, Premier or national leader in North America. And your complaint about the Premier touting the best-known help line for kids is really just unfair. More to the point, McGuinty didn’t play the opaque game of opposing bullying without mentioning LGBTQ kids in particular … and the guy has clearly heard the complaint from some LGBTQ teens that they can’t wait for it to get better, they need it to get better now. You come across as someone who thinks Larry Kramer and Barney Frank and Dan Savage are sell-outs. You should learn to stop and smell the roses.

  6. Martin says

    The truth of the matter, Jake, is that Dalton really hasn’t made it better for LGBTQ youth. He has given jobs to LGBTQ adults, yes, but the youth are the individuals we are referring to here.


    Indeed, as Randy points out, he can easily make things better by requiring that Ontario School Boards (both Catholic and Public) NOT place any barriers against the formation of so-called ‘Gay-Straight Alliances’ within their schools. In other words, that he enforce his party’s Policy/Program Memorandum No. 145 (PPM 145), which specifically calls for schools to support LGBTQ students in the formation of gay-straight alliances if they specifically request one (page 6). Instead, he has allowed School Boards to interpret the policy as they please, hoping that they would do so in good faith. This is simply not good enough.

    A succinct summary of this ordeal:

    The official memo:


    He can also easily implement the sex ed curriculum that he retracted because of some ultra-conservative Christian outrage, which would have provided a better representation of LGBTQ issues, including discussions homophobia and transphobia — something that is sorely lacking in today’s Ontario curriculum. Instead, he promised to consult with parents about how best to approach the curriculum and has made absolutely no progress on this whatsoever. This promise was a year and a half ago.–mcguinty-postpones-sex-ed-changes?bn=1

    Indeed, as the above story points out, the development of the new curriculum began in 2007 and involved a year of research and consultation with public and Catholic boards, universities, faculties of education, health groups, public health units, among others.


    And then there are the many instances where he promised to make a public statement about Gay-Straight Alliances — once to Casey Oraa, the Political Action Chair of Queer Ontario, and once via a fellow party Member of Provincial Parliament, Glen Murray, who over the 2011 Pride Toronto weekend announced that McGuinty was going to issue a very important message — only to find that he never came forward to say anything.


    This is not the record a supposed “leader”, in my books.

    I’m not going to pat him on the head for ‘evolving’ on his views on LGBTQ people simply because he came from a Christian background. If you’re going to become the Premier of Ontario, then you better be ready to represent EVERY Ontarian, regardless of your religious background. Otherwise, you should stay home and keep evolving your views until you’re ready to do so.

  7. Joseph says

    “…Daulton bullies Ontarians that do not share his take on morality…”
    Should tax paying families be able to send their children to a publicly funded school without their children being taught subject material that is morally opposed to their religious beliefs? Teaching proper social behaviour is a role of publicly funded schools, so absolutely teach our children that bullying others is not acceptable. This is a very different thing than imposing, via the curriculum, a set of moral beliefs that are in opposition to the religious beliefs of many Canadians. Let us teach our children to live peacefully and productively in the pluralistic society we live in, without infringing on the religious beliefs of others. While we are at it, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals should sit it on the lesson.

  8. Rachel Zane says

    Thanks for the post. Bullying is a definite problem in our society today. It is nice to know that measures are being taken to help stop bullying.

    Rachel Zane | Brant Children’s Center