1. Justin in Oaklawn, Dallas, TX says

    So what’s the surprise?
    A. – She’s African-American, and
    B. – They’re NASCAR fans.
    “It was a setup.”

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    Honoring those that do violence to innocent Iraqis is disgusting. The crowd is disgusting. America is becoming a nation of filth.

  3. say what says

    same types who booed the military guy at the repub debate

    the same types who cheered about letting a person die who didn’t have insurance

    the same types who probably scream “don’t socialize my medicare .”

  4. says

    this is to be expected. i don’t know what it is about watching cars drive in a circle that makes them hate black people so much, but there’s a direct correlation – one’s ability to enjoy NASCAR, which is enjoyment in watching cars drive in a circle, is determined by how racist one is. The less racist you are the more asininely boring NASCAR is.

  5. Take off your Race Glasses says

    I don’t think this anything to do with Michelle Obama’s race. They don’t like her because she is a modern Michelle Antoinette with her high-spending ways and her well documented dislike of America.

  6. callum says

    So this is a blog about gay issues and people. Have we not been victim to needless stereotyping? You’d think we would know better.

    I’m a NASCAR fan. And also a gay liberal democrat atheist. Put the broad brushes away, guys. They don’t work for NASCAR fans any better than they work for us.

  7. say what says

    Take off


    marie antoinete?? really?

    Marie would have said let the military guys eat cake while she sat in a well secured comfy room somewhere eating cake

    Michele and dr Biden were out stumping for veterans finding employment

    Reality really is as simple as that vs your delusions

  8. says

    Marie Antoinette? Please can you point that out from any source other than Rush Limbaugh, Michele Malkin, or any other right-wing spin miester. It’s crap. Having said that, I didn’t really hear any booing.

  9. Jeremy says

    Lol, Marie Antoinette?

    What high spending ways?

    They’re booing her because they hate Democrats and in particular President Obama. Whether out of purely partisan fervor or racism, or a mix of both, is the question. We know it isn’t real ideological opposition because they don’t know what that is.

  10. says

    NASCAR fans are predominently Southern. The South is predominently Republican Christian Conservatives. The Good-Ole Boys. Therefore, this is no surprise.

  11. ShawntheSheep says

    Hey Take Off the Rush Glasses-

    You are completely full of crap. Apply that same “high-spending” logic to any of your Republican crushes. As for Michelle’s “well-documented dislike of America,” the McCain Campaign called, they want their failed 2008 meme back.

  12. macmantoo says

    I agree with CB. Just a bunch of republican rednecks. Even Herman Cain would have gotten booed. This is why Cain never would have won the South and he needed that to beat Obama.

    Now put out hateful, lying, idiot Michelle Bachmann and the crowd would have roared. That’s their type of people.

  13. LuckyLinden says

    How can a first lady who’s primary source for clothing is J. Crew be called a Marie Antoinette? She is a millionaire in her own right and has every designer in the world at her disposal, but says she finds their clothes comfortable while still being of sufficient quality for her job and profile’s daily requirements, and wants to set a good example for her daughters that just because you have money doesn’t mean you spend it on unnecessary luxury. I admire that.

    Dr. Biden has taught at a community college for decades, despite (as a PhD and the “name” wife of a high profile Senator for most of that time) the fact that she could easily get a position as a professor at a higher profile and more expensive school, public or private.

    These are not fancy, haughty women. Disagree with the politics of their husbands all you want, but to characterize them as anything other than they are shows more about the critic than the women.

  14. Brains says

    I ran this through my voice identification and discrimination software, and there was simply no booing!

  15. Brian says

    Can we really expect better from a bunch of mouth breathers who spend hours watching cars turn left and hoping to witness spectacularly violent car crashes?

  16. stevenelliot says

    those two women have big cojones. U wouldnt see one of those right wing thugs running for prez showing up at a greenpeace rally…..they dont have the guts to be booed.

  17. callum says


    I meant what I said earlier. Apparently none of you care. Keep stereotyping, and keep trashing things you don’t understand. That’s a sure way to advance our efforts to stop people from stereotyping gays and trashing them because they don’t understand them.

  18. says

    People traditionally give a lot of respect to the First Lady, but traditionally the First lady avoids being partisan. And Michelle Obama gives stump speeches now, for goodness sake.

    It’s unreasonable to pretend people shouldn’t be treating her as just another politician, when that’s what she’s made herself.

  19. Chris Bauman says

    Not surprising,Nascar fans are southern hick losers who want to blame a black man for their miserable lives.

  20. say what says


    yeah like supporting their repub husbands cutting VA funding, cutting GI benefits, schooling etc

    dems are always the ones trying to get more $ for GI schooling health care etc while repubs are always cutting the same

    Who actually cares about the troops?

    The ones who only like to send them off to die or the ones who try to get them help when they return

  21. gus says


  22. Jerry6 says

    Frankly, what would you expect of a crowd of people who pay to sit in the hot sun watching a bunch of other people driving around a course and go home disappointed if someone does not crash and get killed?