1. Danny says

    prison for gays who marry. well, how the devil can they marry if the law doesn’t license…i mean, uh isn’t this kinda like making a law against clubbing seals in the Sahara or stealing citrus fruit in the Northwest Territories?

  2. Rob says

    President Goodluck Johnson…OK, I figure he is going to need a LOT of good luck to have a positive cash flow into his country after this. It is one thing to say, no you can’t do that here and we won’t recognize your marriage. It is quite anotehr thing to have harsh criminal sentences for the married couples and even for witnesses or anyone who helps them. It all stinks of extreme facism. I fully expect tourism dollars, corporate investments, and international financial aide to plummet.

    These people are a lost cause. I think we should publicize and urge boycotts of any groups or indivduals who invest, visit, or in anyway support this hate-filled regime.

  3. Upsetter says

    What a sick joke. Instead of passing laws that addresses genocide and daily uncivil unrest, they are going after the “mythical” married gay couples! How can gay couples marry when being gay is already ILLEGAL!

  4. Strepsi says

    Wow, country after country in Africa.

    We always knew the right wing and corporations just wanted Africans to die of AIDS already, so we can take their resources. The only people to care about Africans were progressives.

    Now country after country is pissing off progressives in a religious scorched-earth tactic of “f*** everyone and your first world values (except your Christian values… oh yeah, and your dollars and Euros. Keep those coming!)

    Sympathy is done.

    I’m giving my money to a local LGBT youth shelter this year.

  5. D.R.H. says

    We, as a species, will cease to evolve until we shed our subjugation to the celestial imaginings, in whose names, we seek to destroy one another. I find it utterly perplexing that anyone could be so convinced of something so unprovable that they would permit, and even commit, the killings of fellow human beings.

  6. Drew says

    THIS is starting your boycott of Nigeria??? Ive been boycotting their bigotry for years. Good to know the gay community relies on Towleroad to spoonfeed them whats going on. So sad guys.

  7. says

    this is great news because as everyone knows the biggest issue facing Nigeria for years is the appalling number of gay people who want to get married and the non-gay people who support them.

    didn’t you all know? Nigeria is a veritable Utopia of peace, equality, financial success. There’s no violence, everyone makes a good wage and had access to fantastic medical care and education and food and clean water. The only thing making it less than peachy are those darn gays who want to marry. and the straights that support them.

    and today is opposite day.

    amazingly, this isn’t that different from Prop 6 from a few decades ago in the US. notice how once again they’re trying to scare straight people with their hatred – punishing those who stick up for what is right.


  8. Paul R says

    Little Kiwi, you make me laugh.

    This law is a joke that makes no sense. The problem is that it empowers antigay forces and essentially condones government hate of gay relationships. Of course, we’ve NEVER had such a thing in the US and certainly don’t have any homophobic politicians.

    Nigeria is huge and its leaders are rich thanks to corruption. They’ll pander to the lowest common view while exploiting natural resources to fatten their bank accounts. Sort of like here.

  9. Gbenga says

    Firstly Nigeria is a totally different country and its ideology and values are not in line with what you know or think you know about them or the world as a whole.Every country sees society from its respective point of view with regards to personality, culture and lifestyle.Africa can never be like the West no matter how much you want to put it that way.Nigeria from my own point of view is one of the best countries on the planet irrespective of what people say.

  10. Yinka says

    This just goes to show that our “lawmakers” are all disturbed. How is it possible to have a gay marriage when being gay is illegal. They’ve put themselves in an impossible situation.
    I’m seriously hoping one of their kids comes out as being gay. Wonder if they’d try and pray away the gay or send their kid to jail. They need to focus on important things instead of what goes in peoples houses. That’s just all kinds of wrong when u’ve got ridiculously high levels of unemployment and everything that could go wrong is wrong.

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